General Mecha Angel discussion thread!

Jul 21, 2011

    1. @Bzika
      Ooh, I like this photo a lot. It's very dreamy. :chocoheart

      That would be a great idea! Hehe, I'm not that talented with photo editing either, so paint it is! :lol:

      Ah, I only have MA women so no help here. :sweat
    2. Oh I love the MA women as well! I'm hoping to one day find a Saiph of my own. :)

      Quick question for the thread in general: what size eyes are your MA boys wearing? (14mm seems to be the standard - is that normal or small iris?)

      Also, if anyone here has 5th Motif hands (or Dollshe 70cm boy hands), I'm curious whether or not those fit MA boys. If so, I may try and purchase them through BJDivas and have them blushed to match my Sabik's resin at some future time.

      I love me some hands for photography~
    3. @Nissa
      I know that Universedoll hands look great on the MA male body. I knew someone who used them with a Sabik. Those are very similar in scale to the 5th Motif hands (I have both 5th Motif hands and Universedoll hands).
      So I bet 5th Motif hands would look really good. :3nodding:
      is pretty close to old
      too, so it shouldn't be hard to blush them at all.

      Ah yes, and Saiph is so gorgeous. One of my all time favorite sculpts ever. <3
      I hope you can get your Saiph. :)
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    4. [​IMG]

      Some nice lighting after storms rolled through, with Sabik.
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    5. LyanneNZ, Lady Ravenswood,
      Thank you very much!
      It's still unusual for me ... to see her so warm and relaxed! She is she, as is now clear, is able to please in any way that she tried on!
      Although, I do not plan to retreat from the original style chosen for her!

      I like such philosophical photos very much!
      When a character is immersed in his own small, but very serious thoughts!
      I also like photos of dolls from the back! They come to life on such frames much more strongly for me!

      Can I bring Ruby here again ???

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    6. @Nissa I'm using the 5th Motive hands with my MA boy. The colour match is not perfect as you can see but I like the proportions. With my other boys the hands are looking a bit too big.

      [​IMG]MA Saiph
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    7. Saiyaku, Saiph boy! WoW! He is very cool!!! OMG! :D

      And Ruby again!
      But in new outfit!

      Now she’s the name I’ve always imagined!


      We decided to partially show the pants!(:

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    8. She is a versatile fashion model from her demure neutrals and lace to her brightly coloured streetwear! She looks so the outfit!

      Love the grey coloured wig on your Saiph boy too!
    9. LyanneNZ,
      Thank you very much!
      Now she looks exactly the way I imagined her in my head!
      It remains to sew a down jacket and a hat ... everything is simple with a hat, I really hope to overpower the down jacket and then the planned image will be complete! (:
    10. @Bzika Ruby’s so style savvy! She looks beautiful. :3
      Also, to answer your question from way back, Sabik is my big boy. My only MA (so far). :)

      @Saiyaku I love your Saiph boy! He’s a beauty. I actually think I might prefer him as a boy. X3

      14mm fits my Sabik - to respond to the eye question.
      I love seeing everyone else’s MAs. :) Makes me want to redo my Sabik’s eyebrows and drag him out for a photo... eventually!
    11. *NatTheCat*, Thank You! I like outfits on k-pop style!^^
      Shi is my MA too!(:

      And when you suddenly realize that an ARMY is wound up in your house! :doh

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    12. [dusts thread]

      I return~ to show that I am currently dyeing my Sabik's resin to restore a bit of natural warmth to his somewhat mellowed tone. So far, I am very pleased with the results! Unfortunately, I miscalculated the length of his legs (they don't fit in my stainless steel pot), so I need to get a larger pot to finish dyeing him! :XD:

      However, here is a progress picture (his headcap, dyed, and his torso awaiting its turn).


      It's very surprising how fine the line is between 'a natural skin warmth' and 'a bit sunburned' actually is - by the time I'm done, hopefully all will reflect 'natural warmth', and then I can negotiate a faceup for him. I've also ordered new string, and plan to suede him all over, as well as wire his legs (depending on the sueding and stringing).
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    13. I LOVE seeing older dolls getting an overhaul, and your boy's dezombification process seems to be very successful so far. Do you use your own dyeing recipe? Is it hard to keep the tone even on all those different parts?
      Had to snigger at the pot being too small - sometimes one forgets just how long these guys' limbs are. Now I must go check on my Sabik and Rex to see how far they've mellowed...^^ though I do not know if I had the courage to try dyeing... keep us posted, will you?
    14. Thanks for sharing your dyeing project with us. I love the idea of being able to revive some older dolls. I really don't want to let them go but I have a couple that are still very special to me but also have become very creamy in their skintone and starting to look perhaps a little unnatural compared to my other dolls. I'd love to restore some colour to them. I bought dyes but that's as far as I got. Can't wait to see how your guy turns out!
    15. Looking really good! Please keep us posted!
      I need to bring my two boys into the light again and play with them. It's been so long.
    16. I finished dyeing Sabik! He's now restored to a lovely lifelike pinkish ns, which is precisely what I was going for. Here's some before and after comparison pics~


      Now I can suede him (bought some genuine suede on the thin side) and restring him (when the suede and string arrive). I've never restrung a bjd before, just some vinyl dolls (they were awful to do), so I'm hoping bjds are easier. They certainly look it, so that's encouraging. Once he's all sueded and restrung, I can send his head, hands, and feet for art commission!

      Very thrilled~
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    17. Nice job! Doesn't look sunburned at all!
      I am well acquainted with that mellow yellow skin tone.
      I'm going to try and haul my two Mecha boys out for photos tomorrow. At least one anyway. I was hoping to check them first today to see just how floppy their limbs are by now, and maybe tighten them, but that didn't happen. So we shall see if I can do anything with them.
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    18. Ahh thank you, the second attempt (overall) went much better than the first. He was quite sunburned, after the first go! I adjusted the dye to compensate for that and the second result was much nicer.

      I'd love to see your boys! If you're able to check, I'm curious what size string they have - I bought 4mm and 5mm on a friend's advice (one or both should suit), but I'm curious about the other Mecha Angels out there~
    19. The results look really good! I might need to look into this again. I'd love to revive some of my older (still loved) dolls. Thanks for sharing the results!
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