General Mecha Angel discussion thread!

Jul 21, 2011

    1. @Bzika
      Ooh, I like this photo a lot. It's very dreamy. :chocoheart

      That would be a great idea! Hehe, I'm not that talented with photo editing either, so paint it is! :lol:

      Ah, I only have MA women so no help here. :sweat
    2. Oh I love the MA women as well! I'm hoping to one day find a Saiph of my own. :)

      Quick question for the thread in general: what size eyes are your MA boys wearing? (14mm seems to be the standard - is that normal or small iris?)

      Also, if anyone here has 5th Motif hands (or Dollshe 70cm boy hands), I'm curious whether or not those fit MA boys. If so, I may try and purchase them through BJDivas and have them blushed to match my Sabik's resin at some future time.

      I love me some hands for photography~
    3. @Nissa
      I know that Universedoll hands look great on the MA male body. I knew someone who used them with a Sabik. Those are very similar in scale to the 5th Motif hands (I have both 5th Motif hands and Universedoll hands).
      So I bet 5th Motif hands would look really good. :3nodding:
      is pretty close to old
      too, so it shouldn't be hard to blush them at all.

      Ah yes, and Saiph is so gorgeous. One of my all time favorite sculpts ever. <3
      I hope you can get your Saiph. :)
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    4. [​IMG]

      Some nice lighting after storms rolled through, with Sabik.
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    5. LyanneNZ, Lady Ravenswood,
      Thank you very much!
      It's still unusual for me ... to see her so warm and relaxed! She is she, as is now clear, is able to please in any way that she tried on!
      Although, I do not plan to retreat from the original style chosen for her!

      I like such philosophical photos very much!
      When a character is immersed in his own small, but very serious thoughts!
      I also like photos of dolls from the back! They come to life on such frames much more strongly for me!

      Can I bring Ruby here again ???

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    6. @Nissa I'm using the 5th Motive hands with my MA boy. The colour match is not perfect as you can see but I like the proportions. With my other boys the hands are looking a bit too big.

      [​IMG]MA Saiph
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