Gothic styled dolls

Feb 4, 2019

    1. VK! Oh man, that's a style I'd love to see make a comeback! I miss all the unique ways and styles people used to dress their dolls! Now it seems like everyone's trying to make them look as "normal" as possible. Honestly, I find it quite dull. If I wanted "normal," I'd just go to the mall and look at the people there. :|

      I've not heard of that happening, although many darker colors can stain, but its often the dye coming off and soaking into your doll than anything. But like it was suggested before, you could use a body suit, or dress them in whatever outfit, take pics or go to the meetup or whatever you were planning to do, and then take them out of their clothes when you get back home.

      Honestly, some of the rock stars in my Crew have been in vinyl for months at a time, with no staining, but usually its clothes made for BJDs. I have 17 full dolls, so I don't change their clothes very often.



      I hand-sew some of my Crew's clothes, but I get it. I taught myself how to sew using the tutorials here on DoA. Its a good thing I'm stubborn and determined!

      Post your dolls! Post ALL the dolls! I love looking at other people's goth/Visual Kei/different looking dolls, and what they dress them in. :love Everyone's ideas are often so unique, and fun, I can't wait to see them!

      Oh man, I LOVE vampires! I have two so far, and a werewolf that is currently bodiless. My lolita girl has a craptastic faceup by me, but one day I'm going to send her out to get a proper one. The one she currently has is to give the faceup artist a basic idea of what I wanted...and poor Chiyoko has had it since then. :barf:(:doh

      Eventually she'll get a proper one from someone that's not me, but I need the money first.:chomp:

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    2. I suppose I've just become used to how selective social media is these days haha. Thank you though!

      While I can appreciate the lengths some will go through to have their dolls look like your average, nicely dressed modern person... I agree haha.

      I wonder what it would take to stage a "comeback" of the fashion hahaha.
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    3. @Enzyme @Ryuichi Sakuma 13 Thank you! That helps a lot. I think the body stocking/body suit idea ought to work. I'll try it out when I get my dolls! :)
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    4. He wasn't happy, but I managed to convince Manfred to wear some of his regular clothes instead of the pikachu kigurumi. Here he is, wearing a pair of goggles so his eyes and earrings can be seen.

      Manfred in regular clothes 2
      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

      He definitely needs a more Goth-styled faceup.

    5. I wont be getting to it for a very long time, but I do have plans to make a pair of cat girl twins that I will be dressing in gothic lolita style. I don't have any solid plans for exactly what they will wear, but they will be adorable.
    6. All my dolls are gothic. It's a style I've always loved, though I am myself an old red neck lady and I'm sure my personal style doesn't hide it too much. Though I do have a touch of a witchy kind of Victorian country goth in me ;) .
      I have recently ventured off into a bit off a bubble gum goth look for my ladies, and my first doll to really have that style is still on layaway, so I'm excited to see her in my group, with another one I plan to put on layaway this month. While all my dolls are different variations of this, it's the true theme among them.
      I feel like the BJD hobby is pretty much a safe place to do whatever style suits you, and I don't feel like the goth look is too far off from the dolly mainstream. I only collect non human dolls, elves, vampires, or demons so the gothic look is a natural.
      I think the new range of resin colors helps add a depth to this look, all my first dolls were white skin, then I loved the grey skin. Now there are soooo many options. My "pinky" goth girl is a lavender/pink vampire girl from Peakswoods, and I'm hoping to do a gray/mint or mint from Luts when they have their event on Monday. My Peakswoods girl has a bubble gum pink wig and a steam punk outfit waiting for her. Someday my poor daughter will have several curio cabinets full of spooky little resin lovelies to re-home LOL.
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    7. [​IMG]



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    8. Well, none of my dolls are Goth, but here are a few photos of them anyway (not all, but a few of the ones I found on my external-drive). I don't sew much these days, so most of these outfits are older than dust (:

      My first "BJD," a Volks Dollfie Dream I; my first all resin BJD, a SoulDoll Paris; my floating SD Chu head on my Limhwa Mano's body:

      My Limhwa Mano throughout out different additive and subtractive mods:


      Two out of three versions of my FFVII Sephiroth fanart dolls:


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    9. Such beautiful dolls! I really need to step up my game for poor Manfred. :sweat Well, like I said before, he's a WIP.

      But, everyone's dolls are giving me ideas as to what to do for him. Thank you all for the pics! Keep posting! In the meantime, I'm going to keep my eyes open for more Goth-styled clothes for him.

    10. I love gothic/gothic styled clothing! I remember when I entered the hobby it was all the rage, everywhere. Platform shoes/boots/heels, black outfits of every kind, punk styled ones, lolita dresses everywhere (not that you can't still get them, but a whole lot more people would dress their dolls up in it than today). I'm kind of reverting back to that, with ever so slowly sewing Victorian inspired dresses and outfits for my entire crew.
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    11. I'm all for this style of dressing! I'm actually waiting on a big girl now that I intend to dress in more punk/goth leaning fashions and I'm really excited to start. :love

      I'm loving the photos in this thread. Everyone has such lovely dolls
    12. Sorry for the delay in answering.

      Full lining or a body stocking between the doll and whatever part of the leather/vinyl might touch the doll's skin should be sufficient to protect it. Cotton or linen lining would be best rather than polyester because it would be more protective from any oils actual leather might give off. (Most PVC "leather" is self-lined, although a bit of thin cotton lining might still not go amiss to be safe.)
    13. I love visual kei! Still assembling such outfits for all my dolls, but my boy Dumah has it down pat. <3

    14. Wow, such beautiful dolls! :o

      @Emby Quinn Thanks so much for the advice. Lining the leather/PVC sounds like a fantastic idea. :)
    15. I started to fall in love with bjd because of the vk looks and punk/emo style. Sometimes I came across bjds in lolita fashion and it's absolutely gorgeous! Now it's hard to find clothes like that ... or maybe I overlook it.
      I want to dress my bjd in those styles. Such nostalgic to finally be able to have my own bjd with my dreamed fashion because I know I myself am not suitable to wear it :sweat
    16. Tata's Paradise still has some Goth clothes, but you may have to really search for them. So far, I've only checked out the SD boys and 1/4th girls sections, since those are what Goth dolls I have. The same goes for Dollmore, I've seen lolita outfits on their site. And, of course, there's etsy, Dollheart and Sadol.

      It seems that there are still Goth clothes out there, you just have to search for them.

    17. I had a glimpse of Tata's Paradise as what you told. Thank you so much! Some already caught my eyes :D Will look deeper when I reached home hehe
    18. I personally dress goth. I have been into the style for a long time and I like a lot of a 90s goth style but I also enjoy a lot of streetwear brands and I wear Lolita sometimes too. I absolutely adore a kind of very 80s glam look which is definitely evident in my dolls. For me dressing my dolls in these clothes is a nostalgia trip for me because the BJDs I remember seeing as a teenager were often dressed in Lolita or Goth style and would be in Japanese magazines like Gothic & Lolita Bible or Kera. I find it interesting to see how much the trends have shifted over the years and how peoples tastes have changed.
      I really want to be able to find some more of these style clothes for my dolls because I love it. Makes me want to dig up some of my old magazines for some inspo!
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    19. And if not lining you can sew pantyhose and a t-shirt/longsleeve to have them wear underneath in some thin stretch fabric. I have seen such sets up at AlicesCollections, but why not sew yourself if you can instead of spending that money.
    20. Loves goth dolls and is planning a couple of my own.
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