Gothic styled dolls

Feb 4, 2019

    1. You would be better off finding a doll you love and turning them into a Goth. That's what I did with mine, except for Tielo, being a vampire, he was Goth from Day One. :3nodding::lol: I have pics of him earlier in this thread.

      Manfred will eventually have a Gothic faceup. This faceup was free back in 2014 when I first got him. I have other dolls that I'm currently working on, so a new faceup for him is of lower priority right now.

      Here is Manfred showing off the new wig he got for Yule. I put it in a ponytail after taking this pic.

      Manfred's new wig 1
      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

    2. [​IMG]
      Finally managed a halfway decent photo of Cuinn! Now to completely redo his faceup because his eyebrows are far too "kicked puppy" for his bastard of a character.
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    3. Goth and goth dolls haven't gone anywhere. ;) I myself am an adult goth. My doll is styled with a more punk aesthetic but my OTs are little goths. The style for dolls is, in my opinion, just as DIY as it is for a human being but I've found some pretty nice pieces here and there.
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    4. Nice to meet another adult Goth! :3nodding:

      Here's my newest boy, Hraban using a borrowed wig and eyes. I need to get him his own soon, along with a nice Gothic-style wardrobe. With the faceup Hraban came with, he's a definite Goth!

      My newest Luts/CP Dreaming Shiwoo 2
      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

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    5. I like it sometimes, though can't say I'm a fan(despite my taste in music), but I have a couple of vampire ocs so. My vampire Maddie is more of a white and pink corset/platform boots fan though, she was inspired by Emilie Autumn who was inspired by gothic lolitas lol.( Already bought corset+bloomers+boots but it'll be a while before she is done). Also I know it's not the usual but I love the look of dark skinned goth!
    6. How many goth/gothic dolls are there that have tan/dark skin or non-human skin tones like grey, green and etc?
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    7. I have a Doll Chateau Nicola that is more than likely going to be goth once I get them out of layaway, so I suppose that counts. :3nodding: I love the idea of having chains and whatnot on them, like in the pics.

      Either way, I have plenty of time to work on their character. ;)

    8. Good question! Must be pretty rare. I think a violet-skin doll would make a wonderful pastel goth ^^ Grey also seems like it would be a great color!
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    9. Anybody know of any good style combinations when it comes to goth fashion styles and Asian fashion styles ( particularly Japanese, Korean & Chinese)?

      I know goth & Lolita goes together but what else with goth and Asian fashion styles would work? Like I'm not sure if bubble goth and shiro Lolita could be combined or if guro Lolita and goth Lolita could be combined and etc.

      I don't know that many but i just found out that pastel goth & uchuu kei make a good combo , as well as pastel goth & fairy kei.
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    10. I'm also goth myself and got my first bjd in 2007 I've recently gotten back into bjds after years of not doing anything with mine and even had them stored away I feel like I've been asleep for 50 years as soooooo much has changed. Pretty much all my dolls are alternative, goth, VK I've been looking around and I think to myself where have all the goth dolls gone?
      I haven't been to a meet in around 6 years or more and late last year went back to one and the first thing someone said to me when I took out one of my boys was "wow proper big goth boots I've not seen those in awhile" I didnt think anything of it until I started looking around on here again this year and it's like they have disappeared.
      One of the worse things is when I was going through getting all my dolls and clothes out of storage was seeing what's happened to all my fake leather clothes which are now just peeling away I'm just gutted, although a few have survived and are still looking good.
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    11. I know, right? Quite a few of my fake leather jackets and pants for my Crew have also peeled and cracked. :...(

      After having to temporarily leave the hobby due to health reasons, I just went looking through my Crew's coats. I refound a pleather jacket that was perfect for one of my goth(ish) boys, and its peeled and cracked so badly that I might as well toss it out. :vein:nowords::huh?::atremblin:chomp: I'm now considering trying to re-create his jacket using tablecloth vinyl instead of whatever they had used before to make jackets. I've already started one jacket to see how it will work with one of my non-goth boys as an experiment.

      I have quite a few big stompy boots for a few of my guys, I'm glad I got them when they were easier to find. I'm still going to keep my eyes open for them as well as goth clothes. I have a new goth boy coming in, and I want him to have some nice outfits.

      @Mayflower, I'm more gothic Otaku (anime fan) these days, so I can't help you much with your doll. Human goth clothes are too expensive nowadays. My goth Lolita girl has clothes that I got back in the day. The only thing I can suggest is for you to get the clothes styles you wanted to try, try them on your doll and see if they work. If you don't think they do, then you can always turn around and sell them. After all, "its not what others think about your doll's style, its what you think works together that counts." Face it, if we went by what others think, many people wouldn't be goth, right? :aninja:

    12. Wants to do a cute nurse girl in nearly all-white, combined with guro lolita. But i need to figure out how to make her outfit more goth so it can look really nice with some anime dead fish eyes.
    13. What if her outfit was fashionably distressed? Ragged chunks taken from the skirt and sleeves, holes or runs in thigh-high stockings, those iconic chunky platforms but in white, and then a nice two-toned splatter of burgundy and crimson over bits of everything. Banshee chic.
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    14. You could also throw in the occasional black item, like black fishnet stockings (with rips, of course) on her arms as arm warmers, or a black cross on her nurse's hat. Even a chunky Gothic-style necklace would work.

    15. Are their other clothing/fashion styles besides goth , emo , dark mori and kuro lolita that usually have a lot of dark colors or black in the wardrobe? I feel their are other dark fashion styles but i don't know what they are so this is why i ask.
    16. Has anyone found anything yet about my previous comment regarding dark clothing styles besides goth?
    17. I have to admit, I myself dress in what I call "Gothic Otaku." That means a lot of t-shirts with anime or anime-related graphics, bondage pants, red, purple, dark blue or black skinny jeans, anime-styled converses (I found One Piece and Pokémon ones) , motorcycle boots or sometimes combat boots. I don't see why a doll couldn't also dress that way.

      To add to this, Hraban, one of my newer dolls wears more early 1980s-style Goth/Punk clothes, like Siouxie and the Banshees-type outfits. I made this one for him. He's going to eventually get more classic Goth- style clothes as I find them or make them.

      [​IMG]20200510_023105 by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

      I don't really do the "my doll wears blank-style clothes," but if what they wear falls into a category, I suppose I can say that. They usually wear what they like, and I just kind of go along with it. :3nodding:

    18. I used to want to have a gothic themed doll when i first found the hobby about 10 or so years ago, now im much more into japanese street fashion or big bright colours even though im more into blacks and the goth style myself haha. in saying that im currently waiting on the doll zone Wen head with the factory faceup which i fell in love with because of the gothic style
    19. There are not so many dolls (with full sets) with these kinds of Gothic outfits available, like it has been a few years ago.
      But it isn't completly gone. A lot of fashion outfits you can still find and I'm glad for it. :chibi
      I like Gothic outfits. But I really love the variety of Japanese Visual Kei styling and fashion. And with it the whole J-Rock, Gothic Lolita (Moi-même-Moitié: Elegant Gothic Lolita & Elegant Gothic Aristocrat), crossdressing and even the Host Club Member outfit thing. :kitty2
    20. Some punk styles have a lot of dark clothing.