Gothic styled dolls

Feb 4, 2019

    1. I know that Doll Chateau recently came out with Ceilia and Nicola-A, for example, that both really have a Gothic feel to them, so much so that when I saw Nicola-A, I had to get one! I'm sure that there are going to be people that might sell the fullset outfits if you keep your eyes open.

      Honestly, I do keep my eyes open for Goth or black or anything that my Goth dolls could use. Sure, there are a LOT of pastels, muted colored and "old navy"- style clothes out there, but there are still some who still sell clothes and items that could be adopted into a Goth doll's wardrobe. It just means that we have to do what humans did before it became an aesthetic, adapt current items and jewelry to fit what you feel is Goth.

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    2. Thanks , maybe I'll ask around on a goth site or something to see if someone would be able to respond to my question since DA isn't as helpful as i thought it would be regarding this matter.
    3. Style is what you make of it. I’m not goth, but I wear almost exclusively black with the occasional grey. A lot of alternative styles of dress are attached to a music genre. Goths listen to goth music, punks to punk, etc. I’m personally a metalhead.

      however, a lot of goths and punks piece together their wardrobes from clothing they find in all kinds of shops. Some shop exclusively at stores that cater to their style, but a lot thrift or buy at standard stores. Asian dark styles tend to have a very specific trend in the clothing and style, such as Lolita and visual kei, but for alternative styles in general, it tends to be linked back to music. Not all of it does, plenty people who prefer pop or rap wear all black too, but it sounds like what you are looking for is something dark with a label. Ultimately, western alternative dress usually doesn’t have a recipe for how to dress, but a lot of Asian subcultures do. There’s plenty of categories out there that dress dark, but you’ll have to explore places like Pinterest or instagram to define what you are looking for.
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    4. It does seem like nowadays, "unless it has a style name/label/some famous person attached to it/etc," a lot of people nowadays don't see the way someone dresses as an "official" fashion style.

      But then again, I could be old-fashioned, or even just old. :lol:

      I suppose what I'm saying is that, "unless you create it yourself, you are simply copying someone else's ideas."

      Fashion is what you make of it...or what you make. I made Hraban's outfit in my one previous post. Sure, I got the idea from someone else, but I got tired of "waiting for someone to come out with Goth clothes." The last time I waited for a style to make a comeback, it took almost 40 years. I'll just make do with what I find, or make it myself instead of waiting. Next, I'm going to find some chains and maybe add some more embellishments to it before I make him another outfit.

      I second the idea of going to pinterest or IG if you're looking for "official" fashion styles that use black clothes, @Mayflower. Many of us Goths, Punks, Metalheads and the like create our own fashion styles. I hope you find whatever it is you are looking for.

    5. @Mayflower I remember back in the days when goth fashion was still big, there was lots of different types of goths. I remember Cyber gothic style and White goth style. Maybe do a Google search for 'Different types of goths' and you will see some different styles that you maybe didn't know of? Best of luck in your seach :3

      @Ryuichi Sakuma 13 I like that you have named you style Gothic Otaku^^ I call my fashion style 'Omotesando chic Goth' (made it up myself hehee). My style is asymmetric, layered sort of 'grown up' goth- and a bit arty-farty with comfortable but chic black sneakers ;P
    6. You said it. That's exactly what I do. :)
      I'm also looking for things that can be adopted or changed into the fashion style your wishing for yourself and your dolls. ;)
    7. I stated that goth styles are not what i'm looking for, i'm looking for other fashion styles that involve wearing a lot of black of dark colors besides goth , Though i appreciate that you are trying to help. I'm not sure if asking if anyone knows about a site i could get a response to my question would be a good idea or not but I will try to find something that has the response i'm looking for. Maybe i just phrased my question wrong or i need to rephrase it ? I don't know
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    8. What about Goth isnt what you want though? There are so many versions of Goth. You can just be alternative and wear a lot of black too. Or I wear a lot of embroidered clothes (peasant tops) in almost all black so it's not goth but lots of black. You can try aesthetic boards maybe? Like cryptidcore or something that also tends to carry a lot of dark clothing
      Most of the alternative dressing people I know dont really follow a theme to strictly. Most of us resale shop a lot and buy things we like and alter things to fit our look. I was more goth/emo growing up but not traditional goth. Now I tend more pastel goth or just a person in a lot of black clothes lol

      Grunge/soft grunge has a lot of black... and maybe some hipsters... some scene kids wore a lot of black. And I wore a ton of black when I was more skater before I went more full emo... now the whole witch aesthetic is in too. Normcore is basic clothing to get an effortless aesthetic and could easily be done in all black. Health goth is kinda weird to me. I like vaporware stuff though, kinda has an 80s feel but could incorporate more black too.
      You could take common street fashion and just use black clothing for that too.
      And nu goth is popular now too. It's more casual. Probably what I should aim for personally.
      I'd say you would have more luck searching alternative fashion and not fixating on the goth part and then just use black pieces for your look?
    9. The point was that i was trying to find other fashion styles besides goth that have a lot of black or dark colors in the wardrobe. Or fashion styles similar to the goth style but not goth, so other dark fashion styles. Even styles that have a darker version would have been fine, like dark mori or dark seapunk.
    10. I'm happy I found this thread! It makes me sad that the 2000's gothic fashion isn't as big as it used to be. BJD's styled like the early to mid 2000's goth was a big part of my inspiration to get into this hobby. Sadly I don't have any goth dollies yet. I bought a floating head and I already have a character planned for her! I decided to name her Lucy! Her character so far is inspired by a few goth cartoon and video game characters! I already have some gothic style clothes that will look great on her!
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    11. I don't know if you saw my post, but I gave a rundown of how dark styles often look. But to answer your question directly, here are some examples of dark styles:

      Visual Kei
      Gothic Lolita
      Heavy Metal
      Black Metal
    12. Ugh I forgot industrial and I used to love that style. Now I need one lol with the black makeup all over the neck and arms...
    13. One of my favorite bands (not industrial) frequently used black body paint to black out their arms and necks/torso. I was thinking about emulating that on a MSD male someday, since I absolutely crave the aesthetic.
    14. I tended to use google a lot with very specific phrases. Instead of looking for a style, try a garment like "Black high collar dress" or whatever specific piece you know you would want for your doll. It might even lead you to discovering other styles. This thread gave a lot of awesome tips and examples but it is titled "Gothic styled dolls" so you're gonna get a lot Gothic responses.
    15. Yeah, this... Gothic aesthetic is a huge huge part of the draw for me... I had noticed I wasn't drawn to as much of the imagery around BJDs on returning, I didn't realise it was cos there was actually less gothic stuff around. I'm much more casual in my aesthetic now but maybe BJDs will give me more of an outlet. I just have absolutely terrible aesthetic sense. Pretty much limited to "well this is black and red. Therefore gothic. Nailed it."
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    16. I googled "Different kinds of goth" and this is what I found:

      14 different types of goths - which one are you? | Killer Gifts

      About Goth [stereo] Types - All Types

      Like I've mentioned before, my style is "Gothic Otaku," which means I lean towards any color graphic t-shirts with anime-related themes, videogames or Japanese on them, along with bondage pants, skinny jeans of different colors and converses. I also wear the occasional button-down, also with Japanese-related themes. Of course, I also have some shirts that are definitely more gothic in patterning, both in t-shirts and button-downs.

      I'm definitely not into the current BJD style of pastels, casual clothes, or corporate. Hmmm...I have an incoming doll that needs a style, maybe I'll dress them up as Gothic Otaku. I don't have anyone with that style yet. In the meantime, I think I'll start planning Hraban's next outfit. He seems to be leaning towards Trad Goth, but I think he's going to end up with a few other styles of Goth outfits.

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    17. I love love LOVE goth aesthetic especially in dolls, my first doll was a laid back goth but the one I'm in the process of getting is going to be full-blown dripping in chains, straps, and netting goth. I plan to make most of his clothes so it's going to be a challenge but hopefully a fun one at least lol.

      I remember back when I was first getting into bjds and I found Swandzz/pintsizedpalace I fell head over heels in love with her original aesthetic, it was so heavy and unique and just awesome like 90s grunge goth met visual k met well Sarah herself it was truly IMO the golden years of the hobby for me.
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    18. I think I'm going to keep an eye out for a traditional leather jacket for Hraban. I want to drape chains on it and add spikes. Similar to my own jacket. :XD::cool:

      I think I'm going to make Manfred, Hraban's BFF a different kind of Goth. But first, Manfred definitely needs a darker faceup.

      Manfred in regular clothes 2

      Ugh, I'll fix this link when I get to my laptop. Flickr on a phone doesn't work very well to post pics on DoA. :(