Granado 45-48cm Boy (Lucifer for now)

May 11, 2018

    1. This is for discussion and photos of the Granado Lucifer in the 45-48 cm size.
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    2. I don't think we had a chat for this . Admins delete if there's another.
    3. I ordered Lucifer in the 45-48 cm size from Granado on the 20th of April. His Layaway will be paid off in June and I hope he'll look good with my Luts Model Delf Leo. I can't wait til we can get some actual measurements and see some production going on. Not knowing about clothes size and wig /eye size makes me a little crazy. Okay a lot crazy. :D
    4. Congrats on the order! It'll be interesting to see then when they start to arrive.
    5. There is a thread for Granado mini's! It is HERE
    6. As there are two mini sizes of Lucifer (40-43 and 45-48 cm) I decided to go with specifics. If admins want to remove this it's fine.
    7. Am I the only person on DoA who ordered this size? I know they needed a certain amount of orders to but wow, everyone has been silent.
    8. No you are not alone. I ordered this 45 cm size on 28th March. I later ordered whr 31.5 boy too but am still waiting on him. Granado told me they were still busy with the smaller orders so heaven knows when we will see our 45 cm guys. I thought he would work well with my rather large collection of Dollshe Fashion dolls.
    9. I ordered one as well. I'm hoping he'll go well with my FID and Lumedoll mini. Maybe it'll even get me inspired to do more with my realistic guys!

      ...Still haven't thought up what to do with ol' Lucy once he gets here, though. XD
    10. I ordered the 40-43 cm Lucifer. I thought there were only a total of 5 made in this size so there may not be other folks discussing the specific size I ordered? I received notice to pay shipping a few days ago. I paid the same day, so, I guess the next step is to wait for tracking information. I wish there was more information about the measurements. Looking at the smaller sized version of this doll. The feet and hands seemed a bit larger in proportion to the head and body. I wonder if that will be the case for the dolls in the 40-43 and 45-48 cm ranges. I look forward to seeing these boys arriving at their owner's homes.
    11. I also ordered a 40-43cm Lucifer. I'm also waiting for him to ship. I am so excited!!! I didn't know there were so few made in this size. That's interesting.
    12. Oh that's why! I was sure he was approved second, and got confused when they went straight to 40-43 cm boys.
      I honestly can't wait!
    13. I got this reply from Granado on 22nd September. It seems Tracking Nos. have been issued for both the 45 and 51 cm dolls already. I wait an email for the money for shipping. It seems if you pay up on the first day and order in more expensive resin you may just have to wait. Granado Customer Service is slipping. Crocus used to send me hand written notes with my previous dolls. I have 10 Granados here already.

      Granado Hello, The next size we will ship is 43cm and 53cm. So yours order is still preparing. But we will make your order fast. We are very sorry for the wait! Regards, GRANADO

      Meantime I am having a great time with my 31 cm boy. He wears Hot Toy clothes and props. I have a toy Doberman on order for him. He loves his guitar.

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    14. Oooh, he looks great with that horse, @charon ! Very cool that he fits Hot Toys clothes and props. Lots of variety there.
    15. Hello Granado Doll Lovers:love
      Today I received my Lucifer in size 45-48 cm!
      Beautiful boy - but from the sole of the foot to the vertex he has a size of 49 cm!
      First snapshot:
      China vs South Korea
      Dolly hugs
    16. Congrats on getting your boy!
      When you get a chance, would you be open to measuring the rest of his body? Like his chest and how long his arms are. Only if you're willing!
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    17. Belló,
      I like to measure the Vigor body a bit.
      The chest circumference is 24.5 cm.
      The waist 16.5 cm.
      The hip 20.5 cm.
      Shoulder width 13 cm.
      Arm length 16 cm.
      Circumference biceps 8.5 cm
      Circumference wrist 5 cm.
      Neck circumference 9 cm.
      Leg length 21 cm.
      Circumference thigh 12 cm.
      Circumference knee 7.5 cm.
      Circumference ankle 7 cm.
      The length of the feet 6 cm, width 2 cm.

      Dolly hugs;)
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    18. You are a life saver! Thank you so much!
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    19. Congratulations! Thank you so much!
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    20. I ordered 45-48 Lucifer, still waiting waiting :...(