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Mar 31, 2018

    1. [​IMG]

      Happy Fools day!

      Besides our different size Vigor body crowdfunding, we have also invented to make vigor body by using different materials.
      Did you ever try to taste your doll because of their irresistibly meaty thighs or juicy bumps?
      By joining this crowd funding you can make this wish come true!
      You can order Jello, spaghetti or even Galaxy ice cream Vigor body! Yummy! [​IMG]

      In addition, have you ever worried dropping your doll on floor? No more worries!
      Turn Vigor body into metal! 24K gold is your exclusive option.
      Join our cwordfunding on 31st April, 2018. This is a ONE DAY ONLY offer. Don't miss out![​IMG]

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    2. Does the spaghetti version come with sauce or is that an extra charge?
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    3. It is come with sauce. But meatball will cost $4.1 (per one). We will put it inside the hips!
      Extra cheese is free! <3
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    4. Will there be an option to get sprinkles on the Galaxy Ice Cream body?
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    5. You will need to add $41 for the sprinkles. And Handy will have a extra big twinkle star on it. [​IMG]
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    6. I was wondering about a solid milk chocolate option...:aangel::fangirl:
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    7. Or a milk chocolate shell with cream on the inside?
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    8. Being swiss, I hope for a chocolate option one day, but nice try, Granado, nice try! :XD:
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    9. How will you ship the ice cream variant? Is it possible to get a mix of chocolate and strawberry (my favorite ones)? And maybe add a whipped cream wig to top it off?
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    10. Which flavours of Jello are available to choose from?
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    11. I was just wondering if the 24k was solid? Annnd, what would the shipping cost for it? I bet it’s heavy, so how long of a layaway could I get? Thanks!
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    12. Can I get the edible versions in the different sizes, or is it just the usual size? ;)
    13. Do any of them come with optional baked beans?
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    14. Is there a green tea jello option?
    15. Could I get a strawberry or caramel face-up on the galaxy ice cream? Or do they come blank? :aheartbea
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    16. Will you offer a 10-year layaway on the 24k gold option?
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    17. Can we possibly get an authentic meat option for those who prefer savory? Meaty thighs call for good red meat.
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    18. I hope there is a whipped cream handy option for the jello body!
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    19. Chocolate and milk chocolate are also available! Also it is a best gift for 2019's Valentine's day :thumbup

      We will use UFO-express to send your ice cream Vigor body. Please don't be afraid, aliens are friendly. They might also take you to the space and check your body tho.
      Whipped cream wig is available, and also a cherry will be on top too!

      You can choose any Jello flavors you want! "Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Jello"!

      It is solid! Wonderful, right? We offer 41 years layaway period <3

      You can order it like our different size Vigor body crowdfunding, thers's a six sizes you can choose from <3

      Beans is not easy to make into a doll, so we might add caramel to hold the beans together.

      Face-up is a bit hard to provide. But we can try our best. Add a strawberry or caramel face-up would cost extra $414. :thumbup
      (Including body blushing!)

      Sure. It is possible. But don't show it to kids. It is like a horror movie when you cut it.

      Sure, why not? Everyone likes whipped cream, and Handy also likes it. <3
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