Granado Minis

Apr 19, 2013

    1. @charon yours looks fantastic! Maybe I’ll feel differently after I have a faceup on mine. Haha I forgot that this thread has two different mini Lucifer’s in it- I should specify mine is the 47cm!
    2. Contact Granado about this. With what is going on with the trade war, there is not much they can do. If it is truly lost and not just held up in customs, Granado would send you a new doll or refund. They are a great company. Right now all we can do is wait and hope customs releases our dolls. It sucks because before this my dolls would be in and out of customs in like an hour.
    3. @chrstphrl mine sat in China for two weeks as well. But yes contact Granado. They were very responsive to my emails.
    4. Thank you that gives me hope. I already did contact Granado about a week ago and they were very quick to respond. They said the trade war is slowing their shipments to the US down
    5. It shouldn't affect Australia but I think the whole world is feeling the trade war. Mine is 9 days waitin now.
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    6. My guy finally made it out of customs and is set to arrive tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I don't have anything that he can wear. Though I do have one doll I could possibly strip. hmm...
      Does the 45cm one fit into Ken clothes?
    7. Congrats on his arrival. I doubt that he can wear Ken clothes if for no other reason than length. I have a 44 cm boy and Ken clothes won't even go on him. Ken is around 30cm.

      I started a mail search for my boy today. It's been two weeks since he processed through the export office in Shanghai and he hasn't moved. Granado has been awesome, supplying copies of the shipping labels and checking on their end. Hopefully he'll show up soon.
    8. Well. It's been just over an hour since I started a search with the Post Office and the tracking updated. I'll have him within the week. *breathes a sigh of relief
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    9. Glad to hear the good news!
    10. The mailman just dropped off my Lucifer. I can't open him until I get home from work though. A few more hours to go.
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    11. Oh! Congrats!!!
    12. So I am so happy that Lucifer looks perfect with Takeshi! (lumedoll Tyl). They even have the same size feet.

      I got lucky and have a pair of pants that fit him perfectly. Regular msd tops are too small. SD too big. This top is baggy but works for now. He's wearing the only pair of eyes that would fit him. I don't have any tiny wigs (even Takeshi's is too big for him). I need to find some good wigs for them.

      [​IMG]2018-10-30 19.11.45 by Heather, on Flickr
    13. Congratulations! I'm interested to see what fits him. I'll be making clothes for mine mostly but it's good to know sizes. Shoes ands eyes are my biggest concerns atm.
    14. I have a few Iplehouse JID boy shirts, and they fit my boy well. I think his hips and waist are too narrow for the pants tho.

      I only have a few clothes straight from Iplehouse that another doll came with. It seems I only like boys in odd sizes...
    15. Well my Lucifer arrived today. I thought I ordered the 43 cm boy but this one is 47 cm tall. With all the varying sizes I have from Dollshe this one is out there on his own. Dollshe Arsene is 43 cm, Grant, etc, are all 44 cm, my two Khans are 45 cm and now Lucifer at 47 cm. I have three FID males at 49 cm and I won't mention my Soom Vitos and Idealian 51's

      I'm wondering if there ever was a 43 cm Lucifer on sale and should I check with Granado? I have measurements for 43 cm but not 47 cm. I have my 31 cm guy in tan and this new one is in glorious sunshine. Such a warm resin and slightly darker than my old Granado sunshine dolls.
    16. When I placed my order it was for 45-48cm. I measured him and he's 48cm. I know there was another step down in size and then the yosd size one. I think it may have been 40-42cm? but not sure.
    17. @charon yes there was a 40-43 cm option (or something close to that) and he shipped about a month ago. He came out right at 43 cm.