Granado Minis

Apr 19, 2013

    1. I was able to get a face up done on my boy, but it's kinda meh. I need to darken the colors and look at more guy face up tutorials. It doesn't help that the only day warm enough to do it since I got him had intermittent rain showers and he was rained on twice while the Testors was drying.

      I also made a wig! Which came out horrible. I have alpaca out the butt tho, so I'll try again. Eventually. In the meantime, does anyone know where to get a masculine short wig in his size?

      On the plus side, his eyes are on the way! So that's good.
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    2. My boy arrived today! The clothes that fit Kit (My Model Delf Leo) fit him for the most part except for length.Although stretchy pants work fine. the sweater he's wearing is an Iplehouse JID size.He seems to fit general MSD shoes. I was surprised as his feet look huge. The eyes I have for him are glass 6 mm and fit him nicely. His head is small so I'll have to make a wig. His posing is amazing but fiddly to me. He stood right out of the box . Tonight is Halloween and I have too much to do
      [​IMG]20181031_154144_resized by Kit Lioncourt, on Flickr
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    3. Congrats! He looks great in those clothes.
    4. Thanks to you both. I definitely ordered the smaller size 40 - 43 cm. In that one I paid the first $100 deposit on 28th March which was about the time of the Granado inquiry. I'm going to let Granado know although I have already given him a face and body blush.
    5. That’s so weird you got the wrong size, I wonder what Granado will say.

      I’m still working on my guys faceup, then I’ll move to wig making. Finding masculine wigs is like impossible, even my 65cm guy suffers from girly hair.
    6. We remember you have ask us to make your deposit as 45 - 48 cm Vigor doll with Lucifer head.
      You can check your post below:
      Also we have refunded your $100 in the order #2534. Maybe you forgot about that.
      We are turly thankful for your support.
    7. Sorry - way back in April. This doll has been in the pipeline so long I totally forgot. He is a beautiful doll in sunshine so it looks as though he will need his own new wardrobe.
    8. Here is Byron in sunshine. I have given him a face up, manicure, body blush and a hard cap wig. No he is going to need his own special wardrobe. I think we are going to get along OK. The silicon washers in joints make posing a dream.

    9. His wig is perfect! You did a great job.
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    10. Congrats! I think I’ll put the finishing spray on mines faceup tomorro. I ordered eyes today from an Etsy story out of Russia so hopefully that doesn’t take forever. In the meantime, pretty sure my doll is singing:

      you ordered me in april
      I know you are able
      You’ve had plenty of time..”:x:|

      But also I saw this pic of a buff kilted guy on my Flickr feed and now I know what his first outfit will be! Halloween 2018
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    11. Here is the faceup and yarn wig for my guy. I ordered him different eyes...but they kind of suck so I put back the yellow ones. Maybe he'll hang on to these for a while yet. I wonder if I should have made his eyebrows darker...
      [​IMG]Lance's Faceup & Wig by Skyealloway, on Flickr
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    12. I'm surprised not to see any buzz over the 43cm Napoleon crowdfunding!

      After dithering between the 32cm and 43cm, I thought 43cm would go better with the majority of my other dolls. I entered in for the crowdfunding deposit this morning. I hope enough people put in for him! If not, I'll have to get a little guy!

      On a related note, does anyone have pictures of a size comparison of 43cm Lucifer next to the Dollshe Fashion Maxi (M or F) or the Unoa 2nd?
    13. I'm tempted by a 48cm Napoleon to go with my Lucifer, but there is another doll I've been waiting to be released so I don't have the funds for him. When I asked Granado about that size they said so far only one other person had put in an order for one. Either way, I'll look forward to seeing the guys in all sizes. It's cool that Granado is doing that now. I know a lot of people were asking about them doing smaller dolls even though they already had Terra. They didn't make any other heads that size (and no girl). Now most people can be happy at least! Certainly gives more hybrid options.
    14. Given the choice, I think I would have preferred a Napoleon to Lucifer, but alas. It's encouraging that they're testing the waters with the other head sculpts. If they ever do Neptune, my wallet is doomed.

      Hopefully this round gets enough buyers to go to production! I can't afford to toss my hat in this time, but Napoleon is beautiful, and now that I know Iplehouse FID heads fit on that body...
    15. @sugarbeta which body does the FID heads fit on? Do any of the colors match?
    16. @skyealloway my FID guy's head fits great on the 48cm body. No gapping, good range of motion, looks proportional despite the cranium being a little deeper. Not sure about resin match as my FID is Special Real and my Lucifer is in normal, because I didn't think about hybridizing until way too late. My hope would be that Special Real and tan would be a decent match, but I don't have a tan Granado to check, or a normal Iple to compare normals, lol.

      Actually, does anyone in the thread have "matching" Iplehouse and Granado to check? I think I'll have to look through the forum and see what we've got for resin comparison pics.
    17. That’s good to know! Thanks!
    18. I'm very tempted by Napoleon, but I don't know between 43 and .. I would like to choose the one which will fits best with my Dollshe Fashion Rey Lewis so I guess 43 cm ... but really I don't know given the other measurments....Does anyone have comparison pics to share?
      Does someone can give the head circumference of 43 and/or 48 cm boys?
      Thank you for your help!