Granado Minis

Apr 19, 2013

    1. Elion , mu 47 cm Lucifer got a faceup and body blushing. Being colorblind makes it tough. I ask my bf to help me with the colors but I never really know. It's not great but I'm happy enough . Damn restringing him was hard. The elastic barely fits through his channels and on the arms it's so close that you have to really work to get it to unstretch. I Will say that he's an amazing poser and stands pretty much however you try with almost no fiddling. My phone camera sucks so excuse the crappy photo.
      [​IMG]IMG_20190124_131505_094_resized by Kit Lioncourt, on Flickr
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    2. @chrstphrl - Nice photo. I originally wasn't interested in the vigor body but seeing how good the sculpting looks in your photo I may have to get one of these crowd funded size if they ever shrink down the Raguel sculpt or release a new similar sculpt. How do the thigh cut joints work? What is your review of those? And what is his head circumference?
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    3. @SteamWitch - Thanks for the photos. Interesting the thigh cut goes back very well. Does it not hold forward at all?
    4. Thanks for the photos. I'll definitely have to keep an eye on what future sculpts are released with the crowd funding sizes.
    5. I think I’ll wipe my guys faceup. I’m having a hard time loving him :sorry
    6. Are there any videos of handling a 30cm Granado doll? I'd really to get a better idea of his size, and I think seeing him move in hands would really help. Thanks.
    7. It doesn't look like either of the mini sized guys are going to make the crowdfunding targets. :atremblin

      I love that there are two options in this range, but since they're so close in size, it splits the pool of people that would probably settle for the other one, if only one option was available.

      I really want a Napoleon in a mini size... but I'm going to ask if I can put my crowdfunding deposit toward the 31 cm if the 43cm is a no-go.
    8. Good idea. I wish they would put the number that had been 'voted' for a size so there is more chance that one of the minis gets made.
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    9. Nooooooo!!! I need him in 43cm! *sobs*
    10. It would be great if they had some sort of regularly updated status bar! If it doesn't get to the minimum of 5, Granado said they would ask me if I want to apply my deposit to another size before they return it, so, there is that, at least. If that's the case, my tiny 26/27 cm girls might get a tall new friend...

      @Araeyla I know! There's always a chance he could get funded before the deadline though. I almost wish I could afford 3 additional dolls to push through funding for the 43cm. :pout:
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    11. I make the deposit for the 43 cm yesterday :whee::eusa_pray
    12. I joined the 43cm Napoleon too. I hope he makes his 5.
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    13. Did you put a deposit on one?
    14. I did! As soon as it was listed! *crossing everything*
    15. That make 4 of us just here on DoA. So hopefully we will get a positive response soon.
    16. If I had the funds I still would not of been helpful as I want him in the 47cm size to go with my other one. but I can't get him in either case. I hope it goes through so we can see more of these guys around. Though my poor Lucifer still does not have hair yet (or a face due to the weather).
    17. It looks so... I did see someone considering switching from the 53cm to the 43cm on one of the instagram posts... but it looks like they're sticking with 53cm, for now.

      If it doesn't look like we'll get a 5th person to deposit at the deadline, I would be willing to put in for a second one. I think it would be neat to have him in Syringa in addition to a more traditional skin tone. :sweat

      I see his end day is 2/11- does anyone know if that means I would have to order by Sunday (2/10), or will it still be open to order Monday (2/11)? Waiting until the last minute makes me antsy...
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