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Granado Minis

Apr 19, 2013

    1. Probably by Sunday the 10th since it is about 7am on Saturday right now in China (5PM US CST) doesn't leave much time.
    2. Gotcha! Good to know
    3. @Araeyla and I live in the same city (even if she is out in the wopwops/boonies) and were talking about this last night.

      I’m u4bik on Instagram and I’m trying to get the 53cm! However, I told Granado that if 53cm doesn’t happen, I will get the 43cm instead. Granado came back and told me that the 53cm appears “impossible” and told me if I switched, 43cm will be funded. So the likelihood of the 43cm going forward is pretty good. It’s a little bittersweet tbh, but I hope this reassures you to some degree.

      Heh heh heh! (In dramatic voice) Please plant your dreams in the grave of my 53cm Napoleon and my tears will water them!
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    4. I will sing a sorrowful dirge just for him and a song of joy for the 43 you will be getting. :XD:
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    5. @xylene you will have an honour place in our very private "43" club :whee:
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    6. Just a quick note: I have asked Granado to switch me from 53cm over to 43cm. Congratulations, friends! It’s still bittersweet but it’s far better that one person is disappointed than five. I have a 42cm Menagerie Venus Boy shipping soon that I hope 43cm Napoleon will look good with.

      Any recommendations on Granado resin colours?
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    7. Does anyone know what size clothes fit a Lillycat colline bjd?
    8. You may want to post in a Lillycat thread.
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    9. Thank you, sorry, I’m new
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    10. @xylene Sorry about you 53cm guy (for now)! Thanks, for joining the 43cm club, though!

      I got the remainder request email this morning, and I'm having much more difficulty choosing a skintone that I thought I would. (I usually instantly know what I want for any given sculpt.) So, I just did a (very quick, rough) skintone comparison with Napoleon's head. Aaaand I'm still having trouble deciding.
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    11. I quite understand the dilemma, their resin colors are amazing. I went with Normal because I love my tiny Lucifer in normal.
    12. I’m not overly fond of my Lucifer in tan so if I had a do over I’d do bronze. Good luck choosing!
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    13. Oh man, resin colours are the next hurdle I’ll likely just go for normal because a) I’m boring and b) the character is a pasty ginger Celt-type.

      I’m really sorry for those who missed out
    14. After fully intending on going for white or normal, I went off the wall and opted for Syringa because I just kept coming back to it. :blush
    15. Syringa is a very pretty purple-grey color. I'm waiting for a Lads body in that color for my Enoch head <3
    16. Is it strange that us 5 on DoA made this happen? Yay us! and many thanks @xylene.
    17. I was not original and went for new normal resin :roll:
      Also asked Granado if I could purchase additional head (also Napoleon) with my doll and it was possible:thumbup (the character I have in mind has two distinct face-ups, I hope I will stay motivated to do it :sweat)
    18. No problem! Though if he doesn't match up with my incoming Menagerie Venus boy, you are all contractually bound to help me find Napoleon a new home. (Not really, heh heh!)

      @Kayka Thank you for the resin comparisons. Do you guys find those resin colours to be true to life? If the 53cm had gone through, I was going to get Syringa! But now I don't know, because this character will be human, but I have no idea at all who he is.
    19. I can only comment on Bronze and Tan, and not any of the other colors, unfortunately! I have two vindolls and a bronze resin head, but from what I can tell, the vinyl is quite close to the resin colors as my bronze vindoll and resin head are a near-perfect match. In person, the bronze is a few shades lighter than the above picture (It's close in color to Dollshe pale tan, if that's of any help). The tan looks fairly close-ish to the above though.
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