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Granado Minis

Apr 19, 2013

    1. I agree that the bronze is the color of DS pale tan, I have a resin pt Orijean on my bronze vindoll body.
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    2. @SteamWitch @Kayka Thank you both! I have never seen Dollshe resin 'in the flesh' at it were but I have heard good things about Dollshe resin. Just as soon as the exchange rate is more in my favour, I'll make the decision and throw money at Granado!
    3. Hi! I'va had my Lucifer resting in his box since he arrived back in August :atremblin So I gave him a faceup last week, and fimo eyes, he looks so different now!

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    4. He looks really good! It’ll be a few a few more months before I can retry the faceup on mine. But yours looks so good that I have high hopes!
    5. Hello everyone! I know there are a few Granado owners here who also have dollshe. I am thinking of getting the new upper torso base that Granado has. Does anyone know if White (doesn't look white to me) or New Normal would be closer to Dollshe Oriental?

      eta: Nevermind! I believe I found a decent comparison, so I will probably go with New Normal.
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    6. Finally took photos of my guy the other day. I still plan to wipe his faceup...and make him a new wig...and his own actual clothes....
      He's maybe some sort of sexy assassin right now?
      [​IMG]Lance by Skyealloway, on Flickr
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    7. I'm trying to figure out if normal skintone Granado does that would match Volks. An older Volks that will have yellowed some so not anything brand new from Volks. I want the mini.b body for my Volks Schulze. :)
    8. I just got an email from Granado that now there a preorder crowdfunding for a multisize Jane girl doll. Anybody tempted?
    9. I am tempted! Not sure what size though. I could do 29, 41 or 44 really. Decisions!!
    10. Very tempted! I'll be going for the 29cm version if I do decide to buy. I'm hoping that Granado will post more photos between now and the end of the crowdfunding period - ideally some more posing ability photos, and some of the physical prototype head too.

      Here's a link to the crowdfunding page on Granado's website with more info for those who are curious: Jane Crowdfunding
    11. Finally did something with my Lucifer.


      He's really been a struggle for me. Didn't really do anything for me on arrival so he mostly sat ignored. I eventually tried to do a face up on him given his head was so small I figured it didn't need to be overly detailed, but my skill/dexterity are both too poor to execute something I could live with.

      Then when I cleaned off my failed attempt I discovered there must have been bubbles caught in his casting because even the melamine sponge I used to wipe the sealant was enough to expose pits in the inner corner of one eye. (Never had this problem with any other doll, but I guess bubbles do happen in hand cast things.) I tried to sand it smooth but they were too deep and wouldn't go away even after losing quite some detail in the eye sculpt. Had to sand the other eye to match the loss of detail then have the face up artist work around the remaining pits to draw attention away from them.

      Now finally dressing him and taking photos of him I find his posing to be annoyingly limiting. He holds the poses he can do great but he's so limited. The oblong ankle joints don't let him point his feet at all unless the leg is straight so you can rotate the hip. The elbow peanuts seem like they should be a great design being round but the shape of the pieces they fit into are such that while you can rotate them around the peanut when the arm is straight, you really can't when the arm is bent. Sadly that's when I want to rotate them to achieve poses. Grrrrr.

      I know, these threads are mostly for posting happy things but I had to share my thoughts. Maybe now that he's got a well done face up, eyes, and wig he'll grow on me. I hope so.
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    12. @scripple i completely agree with you in the posing- I really expected more I guess. He seems so stiff. Mine has an air bubble pock on one of his eyelids but I’m not overly bothered by it. The Granado rep here on DOA said I should contact Granado and they’d send me a new head. I don’t know if they’d do the same for you or not since it’s been sanded and it’s been a while

      The grey skin looks great though! I like his outfit too. Who was the faceup artist? They did a good job.

      I’ll eventually get around to repainting and restyling myguy....sometime..... ;)
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    13. @skyealloway I expected more from the posing too. It's actually the reason I ordered one.

      That's a shame that your head had bubbles too. I wonder if it's a common problem with Granado. I figured I waited so long there was no point in complaining and that it could be worked around when painted. If I was going to ask for a replacement I would have done it before I had it painted.

      The face up artist is Vitta Vera. She does a great job and is really nice to work with.
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    14. @scripple Which size Lucifer do you have?
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    15. Thank you for the answer! I would expect better posing from a 42cm bjd. If he didn’t keep the poses, I’d suggest sueding and wires, but if the mobility is the problem it sounds like subtractive modding is the best answer.

      When my Napoleon 42cm bjd gets here (some day), I’ll see what mods I can figure out and let you both know.

      (Though if you guys like 42cm with amazing posing and don’t mind paying $£€¥, there’s Marmite Sue’s Venus boy. I have him and he’s ruined me for posing. He can just about curl up in a fetal position!)
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    16. @xylene yes I have the 48cm and I think subtractive mods is the way to go. I’d like the enhance the movement of his arms so I’d love to hear options on mods to his elbow for instance.
    17. I have no idea when the Napoleons will ship but I’ll definitely give you my thoughts once he gets to me. ♥︎ Depending on the receiving cups for his peanuts and ball joints, he might use heating up instead!
    18. Well I took the plunge! I just put down the deposit for the 41cm Jane. I gotta say though, the body is what sold me. I love how it looks and poses. Now to decide color if that size gets made!
    19. Congrats @redmaiko hope the crowdfund is successful!
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