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Granado Minis

Apr 19, 2013

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    2. My Napoleon arrived and his head seems really small. I don't have photos yet but has anyone else received their doll?
    3. Granado boys tend to have more human like proportions, so it may seem like the head is too small but in human terms it is appropriate.
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    4. Congrats on the arrival! I haven't gotten a shipping notice yet (but , i saw in the 1/6 thread that people werent getting notices until after they'd already received their boys) so I can't comment on Napoleon, but I agree with what SteamWitch said, based on my 1/3 Granado boys.

      Can't wait to see pictures!
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    5. I asked on the QnA board, and they say mine will be ship within this month...
      I'm looking forward to see your pics too. Which size did you order?
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    6. Thanks everyone! After a bit of a play with him I still like him paired with my minifee, even though she has a bobble head XD

      I got the 43cm.

      I hope everyone's dolls ship soon!