Granado Minis

Apr 19, 2013

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    2. My Napoleon arrived and his head seems really small. I don't have photos yet but has anyone else received their doll?
    3. Granado boys tend to have more human like proportions, so it may seem like the head is too small but in human terms it is appropriate.
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    4. Congrats on the arrival! I haven't gotten a shipping notice yet (but , i saw in the 1/6 thread that people werent getting notices until after they'd already received their boys) so I can't comment on Napoleon, but I agree with what SteamWitch said, based on my 1/3 Granado boys.

      Can't wait to see pictures!
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    5. I asked on the QnA board, and they say mine will be ship within this month...
      I'm looking forward to see your pics too. Which size did you order?
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    6. Thanks everyone! After a bit of a play with him I still like him paired with my minifee, even though she has a bobble head XD

      I got the 43cm.

      I hope everyone's dolls ship soon!
    7. Ahhhhh! I am so on edge, excitedly waiting on him, so when the doorbell rang this afternoon and I hoped it was him but it wasn't darn it.
    8. Me too! I haven't even gotten a shipping notice, but I've been checking all my various carrier accounts (USPS, FedEx, DHL, etc) for new packages just in case. :lol:
      I should probably just ask for an update on their Q&A. Mine will probably be last since I opted for a weird skin tone. Hopefully, they'll be with us soon.
    9. Argh mine was only NS so I should have gotten him, Yes???? I am panicked because there were no shipping notices and I was gone for a week. I didn't get a tried to deliver note from anyone. What if they left him at the door and he was stolen??? Okay I have totally freaked my self out. I can't use the Q&A board because I wrote 'penis' in one of my notes and they banned me *_*. I guess I'll just email them.
    10. He looks good!
      I think the way you posted the link to the image is the only way from Instagram. The BBCode for Flickr or insert image from the menu doesn't work with Instagram.

      EDIT: My Napoleon is inbound customs in SanFran!!!
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    11. :x Mine is stuck in customs cause lack of documents... :...( I hope I will resolve this issue soon.
    12. Oh no!!!! I hope they fix it soon.

      EDIT: So I don't double post. After playing all afternoon this is what he has to wear, to bed anyway. I can't find the new clothes I bought. I put them in the safe place where things disappear. I hope I find them soon. :sweat He complained that a hoodie was too hot and I agreed so this is what happened.
      [​IMG]Superman? nah just pjs by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    13. Oh I like his slanty eyes very much! What size eye does yours take? I assume much smaller than similar Lucifer's but I could be wrong
    14. I believe they are 8mm I have two pair but this pair had a smaller iris. The 6mm is way to small (huge gap) and the 10mm, unless super small iris, fill up the eye though they do fit into the socket.
      Thanks, I think he is great.
      The wig is borrowed from another doll, it's a 5" (stretched to the limit, the only one I had) so I think he needs a 5-6. I like him as a blond but I'm going to get a couple other shades of blond with another style and see what we he thinks about them.
    15. I guess I'm going to keep him. I just ordered 4 wigs, two styles in two different colors each to try out on him and I only have 1 other doll they might fit. :o
      He is still sitting here next to me in his superman shirt, looking the other way. The shoes I tried on him rubbed off on his feet but magic eraser fixed that and he will wear socks with them next time.
      Still haven't found the clothes I bought. Where, oh where, are you?:?*_*
      Time to go sew some pants for him.

      Edit: He said the hoodie was hot, yet he agreed to lay on the layers of this mess. Guess he likes Ragman cosplay? I hope this isn't his idea of every day wear... He's got pants and a head covering :roll:
      [​IMG]Ragman by SteamWitch, on Flickr

      More clothing found but not what I was looking for. He has new friends. Last one today, I promise. I'm just having so much fun with him.
      [​IMG]More clothing and new friends by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    16. Interesting, he seems to take the same eyes as a similar sized Lucifer. That's good, I like that these guys take slightly larger eyes than there fashionbjd alternatives.

      Lol I should probably go on a shopping spree too for my poor near nude guy
    17. Hi still no name guy.
      Wigs came in and I'm liking these two. Is he a prince with a street fighter alter ego or just a redhead? I can't make up my mind, though I did have more fun with the red wig.

      [​IMG]Wig time by SteamWitch, on Flickr
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    18. Even though @Araeyla are in the same city and we both got NS, I only received my boy on Friday (Thursday for everyone else). I’m pretty impressed that I got him to do forward splits!

      However, Napoleon looks a bit cartoonish next to my Menagerie Doll Venus, so I need to rehome this Granado cutie. I knew it was a long shot and I really ordered him to make the 42cm order work and as a consolation prize since the 53cm didn’t happen.

      I’ve had a lot of fun seeing what clothes and wigs he can wear, though. I actually managed to get him into a Momonita wig. It looked beautifully ridiculous.
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