Half-lidded Eyes

Aug 9, 2017

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. It depends on the sculpt

    1. I'm fond of them... In general I prefer "dreaming/romantic" type head sculpts over completely closed-eyed "sleeping" versions.
    2. I absolutely love the "romantic" Peaks Woods sculpts, but in general it heavily depends on the sculpt for me. I'm definitely not a fan of closed eyes; less room for customization.
    3. Yes! I love "dreaming"/half-lidded/romantic sculpts so much, most of my dolls are this style! I think it gives them an intense, striking expression :)
    4. In general, I really like them, but I picked "depends on the sculpt" because I've seen some that are too squinty for me.
    5. I agree! I think that they have a great range of possibility for expression and emotion, it really depends on the faceup and styling. I love it when people make their half-lidded dolls look perpetually annoyed or pissed off, it makes me so happy, haha.
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    6. I like "dreaming" or "romantic" eyed dolls for the thoughtful look it gives them. I have two, and one of them seems to be looking at something everone else is missing. Some of my favorite sculpts I don't own have half closed eyes. A couple of them are DC's Bella & Colin. Though Colin looks more cynical than thoughful.
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    7. I like them, the half closed, they can seem very realistic on some sculpts. It does depend on the sculpt for me and I've never bought a closed eye head. DIM had Bellosse with sleeping eyes and I thought about it then.. And I have seen some beautiful pictures of sleeping dolls with romantic face ups. If a doll came with a free sleeping head then that would be a different story.
    8. I prefer separately sculpted eyelids on dolls in general. That means even for dolls with epicanthic folds, I like the creases to have some definition.

      I think this makes the doll look more realistic, and, in the case of my UniverseDoll De'Ath, read more Arab--especially once dyed tan.

      Most of my dolls with separately sculpted eyelids (even if they take up half of the eyewell) aren't dreaming (as that look, in my opinion, has more limited versatility), but I have quite a few:

      1/2 of eyewell:
      LLT Roderich
      Dollclans Vezeto

      1/3 of eyewell:
      UniverseDoll De'Ath
      Granado V-07
      Granado Mads

      Sculpted Lids:
      Dollshe Arsene
      Dollshe David Kunnci
      Dollshe Amanda
      Dollshe Grant Philippe
      Granado Uriel
      Simply Divine Harlequin
    9. I generally like half-lidded eyes sculpt, and I own two twins who share the same expression :)

      Like many other posts mention, many half-lidded sculpts give a romantic/dreamy looking expression (lol, some were even labeled romantic ver.). I think face-up plays an important role in making and breaking a sculpt, so there is no exception to half-lidded sculpts. So if I see a half-lidded sculpt with soft and warm looking face-up, it usuallly is a thumbs up for me.
    10. I think it depends on the specific sculpt. Some half-lidded eyes are really nice and they have a dreamy aura to them and some kind of look weird. It depends on the character too.
    11. It depends on the sculpt for me. One of my dolls has half-lidded eyes and he looks great. It also helped me figure out a personality for him, which was no easy task. But it depends on the sculpt; I've seen some half-lidded dolls that were so heavily lidded one couldn't see their eyes.
    12. Not usually, but my Soom Marl has lidded eyes. I find it really hard to find eyes that really pop in lidded eyes... they just tend to look so dark...
    13. I think that they are okay but it totally depends on the sculpt.
    14. Love half-closed eyes. Few of the dolls I am saving my money for have half-closed eyes.
    15. I like them, but only have two in my collection right now. I like the mysterious look they have. I always wonder what they are thinking.
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    16. if the half-lidded too extreme, I'll not like it -- but if it's like romantic head (ex: Soom sculpt) it's still okay <3
    17. It really depends...
    18. I prefer open eyes but I love it when some dolls have a half lidded or closed eye variation of the SAME sculpt; then it's cool. Sometimes cynical versions when modded (with a knife and a bucketload of courage) look AMAZING
    19. Dreaming sculpts are my absolute favorite, so yes..half lids all the way.
    20. I am an absolute dreamer addict. Dreamers or half lidded dolls are my favorites they have such a fantastic expression. Even on tiny's I love it. I also love close eyed dolls too.
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