New Doll Haru Casting 41cm Maji

Jan 3, 2018

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    2. Hello! How does one find preorder information? I looked at your Flicker stream but must have missed something.Thank you!
    3. I’m having a similar dilemma to Jay. Where might I find the preorder info?
    4. @Jay @AnOldSalty

      I was able to find some preorder info by looking at harucasting's instagram.


      At the top, it says the preorder is from January 6th to January 31st, and includes all of harucasting's previous sculpts (Adori, Nanni, and Geuru) as well as the newest sculpt, Maji. However, I don't know if they've yet posted which resin colours you'll be able to order them in.
    5. Thank you @BuildingBridges for providing that info! I am now following on Instagram. Guessing more specific pre order info will be divulged January 6.
    6. Harucasting said they will be releasing all of the information on the 6th!
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    7. Exactly HOW do you order? I clicked on the contact page but it's blank.
    8. You can find the instructions and order form here: HaruCasting Flickr
      You order via email.
    9. I sent an e-mail but I haven't heard back. I did not send payment yet either, are we supposed to send that with the e-mail?
    10. No, he will get back to you and ask you to confirm a few things before you send off the payment.
    11. Thank you AaloriRian! :)
    12. I wonder if we can ask for custom faceup or do we get a default one, and which one is a default one, if so.
    13. He responds to a lot of questions on his instagram post on pre-ordering
      Here's what he said about face-ups
      You can choose one face-up I posted on Flickr or Instagram. And send me an order form with the photo you choose. Or if you want other different face-up, it will be okay to shown me the image or get contact the faceup artist directly.
    14. Thank you for fast reply! Now just to look for money, ugh..
    15. What does the not whole sanding mean? Do I need to sand the doll myself? It says on his Instagram... maybe it's a dumb question but He hasnt replied yet.
      Thx in advance.
    16. It means that dolls will have seam lines, basically like average bjd.

      Haru will remove gates and gate marks left from casting, but will not remove seam lines. He mentioned such a thing, that is not mentioned normally, in the first place, because he has a full sanding option for customers who order the casting of artist dolls.

      If seam lines bother You, You can remove them yourself.