Haru Casting Adori Discussion

Jan 27, 2016

    1. I'm so excited that all the babies with faceups are ready to be shipped now! They're all super cute, and I'm pretty sure that I saw my boy in one of the photos from Haru's IG story yesterday! I'm trying to resist the urge to buy more outfits until he comes (he's already got three outfits...more than any of my other dolls, lol!) but by the time he arrives the weather here will probably be much warmer, and he doesn't have any t-shirts. Surely it's reasonable to make sure his clothes are seasonally-appropriate...right? :evilplot: lol.
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    2. Seems reasonable to me! I'm planning to make swimsuits for my littles... someday. lol.
    3. I got my shipping notice for Willow this morning! After six long months, she's finally coming home. Yay!
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    4. Is this where we discuss the other tinies as well? I just got a Eorin in yesterday and his posing in PHENOMENAL!
    5. Yup we talk about them all here. Congrats on your new Eorin!
    6. [​IMG]Adori by Angel Davies, on Flickr

      Here's my baby boy! I absolutely love him. I first really got into the hobby in 2016 when I saw an Adori, and even though it was love at first sight, I thought he'd never be mine. It took five years, but I finally have him in my hands. He's even more adorable than I thought he would be; he's definitely going to be the most spoiled of my bjds. If my phone weren't broken and I weren't so busy I'd probably have taken over 1000 photos of him by now. So far this one is the best I've got. I'm trying to resist the urge to buy him at least ten more outfits, haha.

      I'm still trying to decide on a name for him. So far I have the name Seong-jae; I tried researching Korean names, and I know that it is an actual name, but I'm not sure if it fits him (Apparently it can mean many different things depending on what hanja are used!) I want him to have a sort of timeless name, one that works for both a modern and a historical character, but unfortunately I don't know enough about Korean names to know if a name is trendy or outdated.
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    7. Very cute Adori boy, congrats! I hope to see some of the other new arrivals as well.

      My Willow girl finally chose a wig and eyes, meet Ella.
      by clochette62, on Flickr
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    8. Guys, how much Adori usually is (directly from harucasting, no faceup)?
    9. I got my Geuru twins back in January, but they just arrived in after getting faceups. I normally do my faceups myself, but I wanted to treat them to something special. <3

      So let me introduce you to Lily and Lucy!

      [​IMG]Untitled by Nikki Kelly, on Flickr
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    10. Congratulations, they look very cute!
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    11. Thank you so much! This mean I can only get her on second hand Market or get Geuru in her place, im fine with both (although I like Adori eyes better)
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    12. @flornosertao Adori, Geuru, and Nanni are all discontinued. Yes, second hand market is the only way to purchase them now.
    13. OMG TT_TT I'm always late
    14. Realized I never actually posted a photo of my Eorin. Seems I'm the only one here with one of these cuties. I've been calling them Gumi but am not really sure who they are yet, nor even if they have a gender. I really like the non-gendered body but it's a bit slimmer than most of my other yosd (except for the actual slim 1/6 one).

      Also I mentioned the phenomenonal posing before. This doll is so fun to pose and play with! :lol:
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    15. @Cap'n I LOVE Eorin, and I'm still beating myself up for skipping out on last september's preorder. I keep bugging poor Haru about the next one. Thank you for sharing!! I cannot get enough of that body's posing ability, it's the cutest. I wish this sculpt got more love!

      Would you mind sharing if 12mm or 14mm eyes fit them best? (Sorry, I know I just asked this same question about another doll in the DV forum, hahaha... hi again... :sweat)

      I was also wondering about how small/thin eorin would be compared to other yosds. if you ever felt like it/had the energy and time, i'd personally love to see them next to any other yosd for a size comparison! Is finding well fitted yosd shoes/pants a serious issue, or is it just everything a bit baggy/oversized on them?
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    16. @Beedalee
      Eorin wears 12mm eyes. 14 are too big for the eye wells tbh. As for clothes, they can wear barbie clothes pretty well actually. Most yosd outfits end up being baggy, which I personally don't mind. Shoes is the hard one because all my yosd shoes are actually pretty massive on them, but again I don't mind the larger shoe look on a tiny. And the head is actually on the smaller end of yosd. Wears a 5-6" wig. But they're also taller than most of my other yosd. It's kind of an odd size.
      Here's a pic I snapped of Eorin compared to a Dollsbe/Pipos hybrid that is pretty much the same size as a Littlefee. I have some "chunkier" yosd I can snap a pic with tomorrow. They all have massive heads in comparison. :lol:
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    17. @Cap'n thank you!! Also you are a livesaver. 5-6 wig?! I have had their measurements on my phone for months and completely forgot. I'm so glad I hadn't bought anything yet lol. *promptly deletes all 6/7 wigs off list* I thankfully have another 5/6 yosd that also fits into barbie things and several 27-30cm range yosds, so hopefully they won't look too out of place. The tininess just makes me fall even harder... :chibi

      Thank you for answering again! I'm on a hunt for essential accessories to fend off the urge to put whole new dolls on layaway.. :sweat Hopefully Haru will put up a preorder for his yosds in december/early 2022...:eusa_pray I would love to see chunky yosd-lineups, but no rush!
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    18. She reminds me of the Momocolor Momo29 bodies.

      I love your Dollsbe/Pipos hybrid, btw. The Pipos 3-part torso body is one of my all-time favorites.