Haru Casting Mini Dolls - Part 2

Feb 17, 2020

    1. My Neul arrived yesterday after some ridiculousness from USPS*, he made it home and I was able to take him apart to restring (Haru stringshis dolls so tiiiiight Dx), and then got him all dressed up and plopped a spare wig I had on him. Here he is with his boyfriend, Jin-ho (my Neul’s name is Zack :)).


      He is just so lovely and I can’t wait to eventually get him painted (likely will wait until the 3 dolls I have out currently get back home though, so it’ll likely be a few months...).

      * The package was marked as “Delivery attempted - no access to delivery location” around 3pm on the tracking page, which was total BS since both the mailbox and the front door were easy to access (plus there were no tire tracks by our mailbox anyway so...), and then an hour later the delivery person showed up ffffffs...

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    2. Ahhhh I love seeing everyone’s Neuls and Joas. I’m also interested in the new one Haru has been sculpting, Morae! Curious to see how she’ll turn out.

      Meanwhile I made my Maji dress in unfinished cosplay for a small anime convention over the weekend, and she didn’t seem thrilled with the idea :sweat


      I did snap a few pics with the real camera but it’s my boyfriend’s so I gotta wait till I get a chance to nab the images for editing :)
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    3. Hey all! My Joa is currently waiting for me at work. I’ve been sick so haven’t been able to get my hands on her yet.
      I’m in the middle of making another wig cap for a Maji and noticed that she’s strung so tight it’s bent the S hook... I’ve read many times that Haru strings his dolls extremely tight, has this happened to anyone before? It’s stuffed my S hook. She’s always been very very kicky, due to being strung so tight, but I have never encountered this. One of her leg joints is also rubbing so tight against each other is slowly filing down the resin. I have to say I’m pretty disappointed. I’m about to restring her, I’m a bit nervous to see if Joa is strung just as tightly.
    4. My Joa came on Saturday and I don't think she's strung excessively tightly! I sprayed a couple of base coats of MSC on her head, just need to find time to actually give her a faceup now. :)

      She's beautiful, but she definitely has tiny feet! A pair of moccasins that are roomy but basically workable on my Narae classic are way too big on her. I'm guessing standard MSD shoes are totally out for her.
    5. There are some AMAZING shoe makers on Etsy. I've ordered a whole bunch form JenyaTeplaya - her work is incredible! I Highly suggest looking into her shoes. They fit Haru dolls perfectly (even my Souldoll Kid), but otherwise I'm struggling to find shoes that fit as well.
    6. @Kentarin D'Ley I had to cut the elastic in my Neul in order to unstring his arms ‘cause I couldn’t get a good enough hold on the elastic to unhook the hands, so I wouldn’t be surprised if plenty of other Neuls and Joas were sent in similar condition. My boy was more creaking than squeaking when i moved his parts around. X-x; Glad I had extra elastic to work with to restring him! But yeah, woof, your girl sounds like she was impossibly tight if it bent the S-hook. I don’t know how Haru manages to string them like this.

      @cherryghost Yeah the Haru girls got some delicate feet. They’re a little slimmer than Minifee feet, but any shoes that fit Minifee will fit these girls and look fine. :) You might need to stuff the toes of some shoes with tissue paper or something to make sure they don’t possibly slip off (I do that with some flats I have for my minis).
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    7. She fits my A line minifee shoes without any problems. Her feet are almost the same size (less than 1 mm difference)

      These sandals are a tad big on my minifee too. There is a slight difference but its not much as you can see from the side to side comparison
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    8. My Joa/Neul couple arrived this week. The funny thing is, I posted on insta and another Dutch bjd collector bought them in exactly the same resin color combination. You just can’t get enough of a great thing LOL
      Meet Priya and Daniel (don’t mind the stolen hair, they won’t keep it) [​IMG]
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    9. Lovely couple!

      Does anyone here have haru's dolls in tan for a while? I wonder how it holds up in terms of color change
    10. Does Haru only open preorders for new dolls or does he go back and offer new preorders for previously released dolls? She's not my usual style but I've now seen enough of E-Minor on Instagram to think I want one ...
    11. I’m sorry I missed out on Joa’s preorder. I can’t wait until she’s available again. Gorgeous dolls everyone!
    12. he usually offers other preorders for already released dolls yes, gladly!
    13. Did I miss the pre order on Joa and Neul? It says they're available on his website and I'm going to be heartbroken if I did... I have known about Harucasting for a while but have never ordered from them or known much about them aside from loving the pictures they take. Neul and Joa stole me
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    14. I was very confused about it because on his website it says orders were open and some of the comments on Instagram about pre orders and such (comments/questions that would make me think it was still open) were from last month. Like I said, I don't know how this company in particular works, so I wondered if he had re-opened them or something since Nov was such a long time ago now.
    15. Orders actually are closed for them. The website is just out of date. In fact, my November preorder was just put in the mail to me on Monday.
      So with the November orders soon to be off Haru’s to-do list, maybe we’ll see another opportunity pretty soon.
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    16. Next preorder will be for all of Haru's MSDs (Maji, Eminor, Joa, Neul, Big Geuru, and Somsatang) and run April 1 to 30! More info to come but here it is on Haru's Instagram: @harucasting on Instagram: “#2020AprilHaruPreOrder April 1st to 30th. . #HarucastingMaji #HarucastingEminor #HarucastingJOA #HarucastingNeul #HarucastingBigGeuru…”

      Can't wait to order a Maji! Meanwhile, I haven't finished my Joa's faceup yet because I keep being unhappy with the eyebrows and starting over... SIGH. I'll get it eventually I hope.
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    17. I pre ordered a Neul, at least i think i did. How long does it take to get a confirmation?
    18. Communication from Haru is a bit slow. I think I was left hanging for about a week at one point. If you sent the email and got his email address correct, just sit tight!

      My Neul just arrived. He is strung so unbelievably tightly I can’t get his hands off to dress him so I can’t even get him dressed for a decent photo. Is this how Haru dolls are? Is there a trick to loosening him up enough to unhook a hand without breaking anything?