Has a particular doll sculpt ever scared you or creeped you out?

Dec 22, 2016

    1. AoD's Yang has a rather unsettling smile. I also find open mouth dolls with wide grins pretty creepy in general. I don't mind somewhat open mouthed dolls though.:nowords:

      Also, I'm not sure what it is about his face in particular, but there is something unsettling about Gen of Doll's Bat to me. :sweat
    2. Most of Nefer Kane's dolls are a little eerie to me, but Kameko is the one that really gets me. I appreciate that Nefer Kane puts a lot of work into their dolls and makes them very unique, but they are not for me!

      Another is the Cerise Dolls/Lillycat Cartoon body. The heads are beautiful, but the proportions on that body give me a very unsettled feeling that I can't quite explain.
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    3. While I am not "scared" by inanimate objects, I find any of the ones with their tongues stuck out really off-putting (IOS Infernale and Grell, Iplehouse's vampires, etc). They are lovely dolls, sure, but I wouldn't want to own one. Kind of like owning a perpetually teary Mona, it would gross me out to think of their tongues going all dry and pebbly after having them stuck out for years.
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    4. I second that. Those creep me out. Especially when coupled with an improper body in size (a common problem with Minimees as far as I know). But good exceptions in the world of Minimees exist, and such make me happy!
      And I do like Mona face for some reason))
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    5. Ha ha! You'd hate my lot then! Luckily, their heads do fit, which is something at least. It might be less creepy if I say I don't really role play or map character to them. As far as I'm concerned, they're sculptures or toys of people, and not too different to the toys that are already in the market of the same people (except for much better sculpt quality). I think most celebrities are aware they exist in toy form.

      Personally, I find the 'sickly' look quite disturbing. I like to buy bodies that are robust and not all bony, and paint healthy looking face ups. I don't find the other dolls creepy so much as ugly (sorry!). Especially the really, really thin ones with heavy makeup around the eyes (red, brown or black). I always wondered what the appeal was in the aesthetic of unhealthiness.

      I know it's off topic, but reborns... *shudder*
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    6. On the second thought some well fitted Minimees came to my mind. But I've seen really weird ones, like a Minimee head on a super thin Doll Chateau body... That thing was really scary, and it comes to my mind whenever I read the word "Minimee" (((
    7. Yeah, that'd freak me out too. Not a fan of doll chateau! None of my sculpts are actually minimees, they're Modoll, or customs, but they're similar. XD I can see how people using dolls as sort of creepy analogues of real people might be disturbing too! I think for role play etc, fictional sculpts are better than minimee sculpts.
    8. Miso used to unsettle me, but I think I've gotten used to her now (which is good, because hubby loves her, so she will come to live with us someday). Now it's really the Minimees, the more they're styled after the actual celeb, the worse it gets. I also really can't look at the demonic embryo baby things Dollzone had in an event recently, no idea why, but there's just something about them that irks me...
    9. Here I completely agree!
    10. ok i've seen one that's only the top body and then a dangling spine. so creepy!!
    11. A lot of the Impldoll sculpts wig me out. I like a lot of them, but some of them just seem... bizarre. Specifically their older sculpts like Mark and Karen. They seem very Barbie-esque to me or their eyes are very closely set toward their nose that make them seem a little less anatomically aesthetic. It tends to throw off the overall ethereal vibe that a lot of BJDs possess. I've never liked narrowly-placed eyes on any humanoid character, so it might just be personal preference. But it's very off-putting to me.

      On the other hand I love most DC sculpts. And especially love the Circus Kane Kameko and Ringdoll's Mona. Her hyper-realistic appearance is so creepy that it's a draw to me. I'd love to own one some day.
    12. Dolls with smiles that don't quite have the right sculpting on the rest of the face, so it just looks like a grin was stuck on a neutral face look creepy to me.
      I also find Dollmore Lusion dolls unsettling because I can't figure out how old they are supposed to be and therefore how ok/not ok I feels about some of the erotic sales pictures...
    13. Ringdoll Mona. I guess it's a bit of a different "scary" than gory or something like that... but it's the first sculpt I thought of when I saw this ToT it makes me so... upset? She looks like she just had a tragedy happen to her, it freaks me out >_<
      Then, some bodies that are sculpted uh.... interestingly? I'm talking about Angel Fantasy bodies. The 43cm and 63cm girl bodies just give me the spooks. :XD:
    14. @TheBodyVolcanic I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds the Angel Fantasy bodies to be really "off" I think it's mainly the odd shape of the breasts that makes me uncomfortable.
    15. every time i see one i wonder why someone would want it but i don't want to be rude by asking someone that!
    16. Some of the artist dolls with the tiny, wide-set eyes weird me out.
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    17. yes >_< me too! The 63cm body has such an oddly long torso too hahah
    18. They do have some oddly structured bodies, especially the 43cm girl. Her breasts are too far up and oddly...perky?:nowords:

      Yeah, same for me. It's hard for me to look at them when they pop up. I can appreciate that they meet somebody's aesthetic, but me...not my thing:shudder. And I usually like creepy things.

      I kind of forgot about it, but something about 70cm Boy Body [70cm Boy Body] - $150.00 : Miro Doll Shop has this uncanny valley feel to me. It's...oddly proportioned?:ablink:

      Also, I was browsing Tata's Paradise recently, and one of the dolls modelling an outfit of theirs has an expression that unsettles me. I don't know what sculpt or company it is though http://www.tatabjd.com/en/goods.php?id=3395:nowords:
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    19. I'm surprised no one has mentioned ElfDoll Barbara (smiling version). She makes me shudder. I admit she can be an amazing portrait doll, but..... :shudder

      Linda S.
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