Has Fate Ended Up Getting You A Doll

Jan 8, 2018

    1. What’s funny is she was off the radar so much no one even BID for her! Her bidding ended, and I messaged the previous owner with slim hopes she hadn’t been sold elsewhere.
      Needless to say, I just bought her 5 minutes ago in full.
    2. Definitely! That's actually him in my icon, there, from last year's doll con I went to!
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    3. Two of my ringdolls were a bit of luck and fate.I saw Frankenstein on ebay...totally listed in the wrong section. So I go him.He was fullset with all his things. It was about two years or so after the release so I thought I was not going to find him.Dracula I found in parts but all from the same seller so I got the limited outfit with the event head after they were no longer sold.
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    4. That’s insanely awesome! Especially since they’re discontinued models you got. I’m glad they found a home with you!
    5. @boku It is ..I really got lucky with them.
    6. I guess. When I worked at woods of terror on season, I used moat of my .o st I earned and worked for to buy my JID girl.
    7. I've been around BJDs for a long time, so yes, fate has happened...!

      1. First doll--when not many were available. I was looking for THE ONE because who in their right mind would have more than one of these expensive things??? (ha!). Perfect doll happens to be produced: CP Delf Elf El. I'd been looking at an El... but the Elf part was what totally sold me. I love elves! --I was totally a noob. DoA had only just become a forum (I wasn't on the Yahoo Group). I didn't know anyone... BUT, I discovered after I ordered, that two people I know had also ordered an Elf El!

      2. I went with a friend to the Volks L.A. Mansion Tea Party. They had a lot of lovely One-Offs. One was a Shiro Tachibana, which was a doll I had looked at for my First Doll, but was, of course, sold out. Everyone said it would be difficult to get picked in the lottery for a One-Off, so I just had to put my ticket in for it (it's so hard not to get all excited at your first event like this!). Nearly had a heart-attack when my ticket was picked!

      3. I went to a Central CA BJD Con. They had a lot of prizes... nearly everyone's name was picked. But not mine... until the END... and I got picked for the main prize-- One-Off CocoTribe bunny full-set. He's adorable!

      4. A package arrives on my door-step. I open it and it's a Volks Cyndy 2 fullset. A friend sent it to me--she knew I was into bjds and thought it'd be a nice gift!

      5. About 4 years later another doll box arrives at my door--it's another doll, a 1/4 Impl doll, from same friend (fantasy artist Nene Thomas).

      6. About 2 years later, another doll box from same friend: Luts CP Miyu! (big problem... what do you give in return for things like that??? I still don't know!)

      7. Was between jobs, then got hired by a friend... immediately went to hunt down a doll I had been looking for! Took a bit of hunting, but got it!

      8. Being patient... I have found just about every doll I ever wanted for sale at some point--and bought them. Even rare dolls. I say, if you really want a doll--keep looking and you'll find it eventually! (It may take many years, though. Just sayin')
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    8. I've posted this story before, but I fell in love with Asella's Raspberry a few years ago. Unfortunately, she went up for preorder while I was in Istanbul. Once in a lifetime travel opportunity versus doll...even I couldn't pick the doll in that situation. I figured I'd just have to wait for her to go up for sale secondhand, which just was not happening! :lol: Totally understandable, though. Anyway, she just randomly went up for preorder in November, so I get to have a brand new Raspberry now! I am currently waiting for her to arrive! All of that waiting worked out for me. :dance
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    9. Oh, definitely! Three times I have gone looking for discontinued dolls on the marketplace and found them, at a good price, in good condition, just when I had the money available for them. One of those was even the very same doll from the very same owner whose photos had made me want that sculpt in the first place. I feel so lucky to have that guy.
    10. I never go in search of a specific sculpt to buy. I sit and wait for one that peaks my interested....often on the marketplace.

      So when Elfdoll released Twiggy a long time ago I loved her. Just the innocent yet sassy expression but I missed the order period and so I shrugged it off. Several years later I’m selling a mecha angel body (amazing beautiful doll but he was giant and I had trouble finishing clothes for him) anyway I had someone interested in trading the body for something they had. They offered several different dolls and none really said I needed them and I had to be picky with who I brought home. Then she offered twiggy! Yup I want her let’s trade! She’s beautiful, has company faceup and she can stands like a rock on every surface.

      A recent story...I popped onto DOA last year, browsed the marketplace and saw a bishonenhouse Steve which had just been purchased. I thought he was amazing so I started following his Facebook page. He updated it once and then nothing. I eventually dropped it. Recently I started my search for him again, met a wonderful person who said to just email Donn and see what he may have. She’s also helping me get a Vince. Anyway I emailed Donn and he responded he had a display doll for a discount due to imperfections. Fully blushed and painted. Bought him right up.
    11. Just because this popped up again: since updating with the Little Monica doll; I found Batchix's mini machinas on an eBay listing. Fell in love and even messaged Batchix themself to ask if they'd be doing orders this year. I tried to win the bet (300+ for fully custom done Blip). I lost in the last 5 minutes and got really upset. I looked up batchix on eBay just to see if maybe there was some others hiding away that weren't there: two unpainted mini machinas for less than I would've bought the one for (both are legit, carried both CoAs and original eyes).
    12. I was really upset that I couldn't get a doll I wanted due to not having a job nor the money to buy it. I was talking to my friend day later about the doll and turns out she bought the doll for me, this is also going to be my own first doll!
    13. Aww, that’s so sweet! Congrats on your first!