Have you ever found a doll at a thrift store?

Apr 4, 2016

    1. This is my dream, I want to find one. I have found allot of BJD props at our local Goodwill and what I think was a pair of BJD eyes but I couldn't find any brand on them to make sure so I didn't grab them.
    2. More likely than not someone would buy it for their kids while having no idea what it was (this would definitely happen if the thrift store underpriced it -- what parent wouldn't want an extra-large doll/action figure at a bargain price?), and they would never know what an unusual find it was unless they happened to hear about weird giant expensive asian dolls someday :P
    3. Most eyes don't have any marked brand on them and often the eyes are made for more than just BJDs - these dolls are just one of their uses

      Years ago someone on DoA found a doll in a consignment shop. I think it was a Delf El? I don't remember what they got him for and I'm not 100% sure on the sculpt but I know it was a Delf male.
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    4. I live in a town that thrives on the antique tourist market, so we have a lot of thrift stores and the like. I frequent them because both of my major hobbies (this one included) benefit quite a bit from the things I find there.

      Just off the top of my head, from thrift and antique stores (as well as flea markets) I've found: an MSD violin (there were other instruments, but that's the one I bought), a lovely cavalry sabre and multiple other swords, an MSD-sized rifle (it works, too), clothes, an awesome wooden horse model that makes a unique doll stand (or just a horse) for MSDs, glasses, lots of furniture, patterns, restringing tools, eyes, shoes that I think would've fit (but I didn't buy them) and lots and lots of crafting supplies, new and old alike.

      Basically, once you learn to think in doll scale, places like that become a gold mine. Still haven't seen any resin dolls, though, but I did see Pullips once.
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    5. No BJDs, but plenty of props and accessories. My latest acquisitions are here. My doll will soon have several feather boas, a pink crop top, a witch hat and a faux fur coat all for a few $.

      [​IMG] a
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    6. I haven't seen them at thrift stores. My husband did find an original Kenner Blythe and paid less than $10.00 with original outfit. I still have her. I would love to find one.
    7. I went to flea market every weekend for years. The closest I found were a pullip and props. I also been to many thrift stores and japanese markets. Again the closest I found were pullips and props.

      The thing with Goodwill is they tend to list collectibles on ebay. Out of all the second shopping I do, I have the worst luck at Goodwill stores.
    8. That is my dream! I love to thrift shop.
    9. I've found Bythes really cheap at thrift stores. It depends where the thrift store is. On the west coast in Calif there are allot that will have jewels if they have no clue what they have gotten in. Surprisingly the last Blythe I found was out here in Oklahoma. I have seen a couple of bjds in thrifts around the bay area but wasn't able to get either f them at the time. People pass away and their families donate what they don't want which culd be just about anything. I have seen dolls put on ebay for a song that were real and the people had gotten them from thrifts or are relatives of collectors that have gone
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    10. no dolls but I did find clothes and things for them
    11. That's always been my dream since hearing that story years ago of someone who found a BJD at a thrift store/pawn shop/something. Sadly these days even if you found a BJD at a thrift store it would most likely be a recast.
    12. I LOVE thrifting! So I frequent them often, but not too often because I always find something that has to come home! XD

      I find a ton of props and furniture, and even on my break from the hobby I'd still buy them (the dolls were still home I just wasn't using them). Not that long ago my family and I discovered this amazing dollhouse and the employee said she'd give it to us for $12, we were floored! Then the manager realized what it was and how much the other employee told us, in the end she did honor the price!

      But I ALWAYS look for dolls, any dolls, in the hopes of one day finding that hidden treasure!
    13. In 2007, a friend of mine on a trip to Japan, called me to tell me he just walked into a secondhand store in Tokyo and there was a mint fullset of Volks Cecile the Scarface for only $200. Sad thing? He was unable to bring the doll home with him on the plane, so he couldn't purchase it :pout:.
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    14. I've found plenty of usable accessories and props at garage sales but nothing major ^^;
    15. I've certainly had plenty of people try to buy my doll at garage sales, since I usually have her out on display next to me (usually sitting next to the money jar, or with a little sign encouraging photography).
      More than half of my Kid Delf's closet was acquisitions from local thrift stores; I worked in one for a while, so I got to see plenty of things come and go. Unfortunately, small podunk towns usually result in finding more loaded guns at the bottom of boxes than pretty dolls.
    16. Whaaaaaaa??? I'd make that my "one personal item" carry-on!
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    17. Man I would have snapped that up and shipped him to myself or throw all my clothes away to make room in my suitcase or something! :o
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    18. I've never found a doll at a thrift store but my Doll Leaves, Cecil came from a used book shop. I found him at Bookman's Used in his original box, with his COA, + clothes, shoes, wigs, and eyes.
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    19. I charity shop a lot. Never seen a bjd however I have found some really nice vintage dolls including a Trendy Girl sindy for £1 (SCORE!) and a Tonner Winkie Guard for £5 (still attached to his backing card, just missing the outer box. Wth?)
      I have a doll on my desk, a Makie, who was found by the ebay seller in a charity shop on the other side of London (yes I asked lol). Don't know what he paid, a few quid I believe, he was stunned when a friend told him what it was and what it was worth. He just bought him because he "looked unusual"
      He came to live with me now, he's happy with his other Makie buddies heh.

      Still, i'd love to find a pullip or a blythe or a proper bjd. Heck, even a hujoo would be amazing. Not managed that yet. Found a lot of Monster High, a few collector line Barbies and a lot of junk but so far my best find personally, remains that trendy girl sindy. She's redheaded as well which makes her even rarer.
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    20. I had actually lucked out finding my second doll on Offerup for a phenomenal price. There was a couple Blythe listings on there too but I'm not much into Blythe. I remember at Bookmans one was turned in and then a place called Tuesday Mornings (or something like that) had a bunch of Pullip and Ai dolls. You get lucky once in a while =)
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