Have you ever found a doll at a thrift store?

Apr 4, 2016

    1. The doll community in my city is so tiny that I doubt I'd ever find anything worthwhile xD I used to collect porcelain dolls, and those always seem to be an abundance at thrift stores.
    2. Our local used bookstore chain had a DIM doll for a while. It was cheaper than normal, but the store itself sells trendy and other 'unusual' items, so they took efforts to identify the doll and what it was worth, haha. But I was surprised to see it there, 'out in the wilds' or the real world.
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    3. Interesting what you find in second-hand stores sometimes. I think it's extremely unlikely I would find anything BJD-related near me but I have seen quite a few valuable items being sold very cheaply before...
    4. oooh :D That would be amazing to find a bjd at the thrift store! Haha never found anything except for a few monster high dolls.
    5. I've seen a lot of posts about people who have. Let's say... I visit my thrift store quite often just in case.
    6. Not a thrift store, but I frequent my local Tuesday Morning store because they sometimes get Pullip and Pang-Ju dolls in at ridiculously low prices. Pullips go for $30-$40 and Pang-Ju are $20 or less. Usually older ones too so I have no idea where they get them from. I've bought many and sold quite a few, but kept some too. Some I've kept clothes from to use with one of my bjds and sold the body.

      As for thrift stores, all I've ever found is props and the regular Barbie or otherwise dolls. If you're lucky, you can find some American Girl props because the quality is so much better than Barbie props. I have a wooden desk and chair that's perfect for my largest tiny. ^^
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    7. No bjds, but I have totally bought porcelain collector's dolls and swiped their outfits. >.>;
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    8. I think when I was little (about 6 years ago) I saw a volks doll at a market and I really wanted it because of her teacup print dress.Or maybe she was a porcelain doll...(I can't remember)
    9. Haven't found one yet here and I love thrift shopping, but I seen a couple/bought a couple Japanese dolls in kimonos ^^. That'd be amazing to find a lonely bjd just sitting on a shelf in one though :D
    10. I haven't found any BJD related goods, but there are a ton of Disney dolls, Barbie's, Monster High's, and the like.
    11. I have never found BJD but I am a regular thrifter and have found TONS of scores. Especially 18" dolls and Monster High. It's to the point where I'm choosy and usually only take home ones I can clean-up/restore, OR ones that are complete.
    12. I found an AE Lemon head amongst other antique doll parts. I only paid $5 for it. It was in rough shape, but boiling fixed a good deal of the exterior dings. I'm currently looking for a body and practicing Face up on it. It's my first Real BJD part, so I feel super lucky to have it, and absolutely adore the sculpt. I keep a sharp eye out now, and go thrifting often to look for more. Ive seen other who've found some nice older sculpts at estate sales and such too.
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    13. my town is way too small to find something at a thirft store, but I did swipe two Dollstol dolls for $30 on facebook market place advertised as "drawing models" which I thought was...interesting. I have gotten into the bad habit of staring down dolls at flea markets and even seeing if I can take their wigs......... is this bad LOL
    14. I've never seen BJD stuff in a thrift store but I did find a miracle grail once, many years ago. An Eames Lounge Chair with ottoman. They're about $5K new. Was probably from 1970's but in good condition. It was $15.
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    15. Wow, I need to start keeping an eye out for hidden treasures.
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    16. No dolls, but lots of doll accessories. I swear there's like there's a 75% chance of Monique wigs being at any given estate sale. :lol:

      I've found lots of very nice, vintage doll clothes (from the good old days when play doll clothing was made with real fabric and not printed plastic) that fit BJDs (not just Barbie!). I think owners of normal MSDs and mature 1/6 dolls will have no problem finding suitable clothing at antique stores, vintage/thrift stores, estate sales, and maybe even garage sales. Slim MSDs can also fit into most of the 16 inch fashion doll clothing, which I see fairly often at these sorts of places.

      If you find something gorgeous for a great price, pick it up! Sewing is a relatively easy skill to pick up, and you can easily adjust something like a unique, vintage doll skirt to be a few centimeters smaller.
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    17. I have once found a 150 year old ball jointed bisque doll once, didnt buy it because it was very expenisve for its condition, it was really dirty and broken, but no modern bjd yet
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    18. I have not, nor do I think it's likely. One can dream!
    19. I never have but I always check the porcelain doll section of my goodwill hoping!:whee:
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    20. I found a mini pullip! They were only charging $1 for her and I couldn't believe it. The cashier recognized what it was and was rather peeved that I found her first.
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