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Have you ever found a doll at a thrift store?

Apr 4, 2016

    1. OMW!! There is few thrift stores my here.
      We seldom use such kind of store but we usually sell them on our platform and FB club page.
    2. No dolls for me yet, but my housemate and I were in the Goodwill down the street this afternoon where she spotted an Our Generation ice cream truck and declared that I had to have it because "that looks like the perfect size for your dolls!" It was a little less than half price, and it looks like all the parts are included (or at least all the important ones), so it did indeed come home with me. :)
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    3. My mother found an Orientdoll So Ji boy in his original box at a thrift store some years ago. He also had a faceup, a glued on furwig and Barbie's little brother's clothes on. I can't remember exactly what the price was, but under $20 anyway. The cashier told her that there had originally been two dolls, a boy and a girl, but someone else had already bought the girl. Obviously someone who didn't know they were bjds or they would have taken both!

      He is now called Kirka and lives in the same closet with my dolls. : D
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    4. I have never seen a BJD at a thrift store before but it is one of my dreams :chibi
      My mother actually found a Blythe doll at a thrift store for $5! We were so unbelievably happy to get her
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    5. No, I haven't been quite that lucky. But then again, there aren't many thrift stores around here. I kind of live in a dying retail area. :'D
    6. I have never found goodies for dolls at thrift stores (I don't thrift often is why). I'm sure there are some good accessories and such here and there, but to land an actual bjd/bjd parts at a thrift store must feel like winning the lottery!
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    7. There is one shop like this in my hometown. I always went there with little hope and found nothing (ok a bjd-scaled chair, lovely human earmuffs). But last time I saw a clock in the window and these go for lots of money (my ex collected them, so I know), so I promised myself to try to go to this shop again in some time. Who knows... ;)
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    8. I haven't seen any BJDs, but I did find two Pullips at Tuesday Morning.That was a weird one for me. My brain couldn't wrap itself around that one.
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    9. I've never even thought to look for a bjd at Goodwill, but I will now ;)
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    10. I will now keep my eye out for them, I’ve been wanting a Pullip for my collection!

      I’ve never seen a resin abjd at a thrift store but I did see something I suspect was a large boy bjd or figure dressed in what looked like silky robes in an open box behind a counter at a pawn shop. I was not into any large boys at the time so I did not ask about him but now I wonder who he might have been.
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    11. Nope. But I still keep looking and hoping someday. lol
    12. I found a really nice handmade wooden chair at my local thrift store for $10, it's a perfect size for my 70cm dolls. So much so that I believe whoever made the chair must have owned bjds before :0
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    13. I found a Jun Planning doll which surprised me at Tuesday Morning years ago. I can’t even remember what it was now... definitely not a regular Pullip one, or it would still be in my collection! :) I do see Madame Alexander and Barbie collectibles there lately, but I’m not interested in those. My husband has brought me some Monster High dolls from Goodwill. Going there and treasure hunting is like therapy for him. I’ve told him to look out for bjds, and he sends me photos from his phone if he sees anything I might be interested in, but no luck yet!
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    14. I've never come across a bjd, but I've found some treasured items for other collections, mainly antique clothing. I purchased a set of Regency-era soft children's stays from a vendor at a flea market one time who thought that it was "some kind of old tank top".

      My local Goodwill and largest thrift store no longer accept toys of any kind due to concerns over lead paint years ago. BJD's would probably be classified as "baby dolls", and fail to make it to the shelf even if they were donated. We had a tiny little church thrift store near the house for a while that had a bewildering method of pricing things. They would write the price, IN BLACK MARKER, right on the item! This was acceptable for drinking glasses and ceramic bowls, but kind of a killjoy for tablecloths and tee shirts. I saw a fingerless American Girl in there once that was priced at $50.00 (which was ludicrous for the doll in that condition in any event), and the price was written on her stomach and arm. :huh?:
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    15. SCORE at the flea market! How lucky were you?!? You must’ve been dancing when you got those home! My dream is to go to Europe and find some amazing things at a flea market! Unfortunately when I’m there, I only seem to have time to make family visits and have yet to ever visit a toy store or flea market. I did visit an antique store in Stockholm once, but I was looking for gifts for my parents. It was decades ago, and it never even occurred to me to look for cool doll stuff. Things will be different if I ever get some real time without family obligations there. Someday! (Sigh...) For the moment, I haunt the few antique shops and second hand shops in my city when I’m able. I love this topic!
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    16. I've found props for my dolls at thrift stores, and I also find Jun Planning stuff at Tuesday Morning once in a while. It'd be amazing to stumble upon a bjd in a thrift store, since I'm always looking for a new project.
    17. It was pretty shocking! Prior to this happening, the earliest item I'd ever found "in the wild" was a c.1850's petticoat that was incorrectly dated as a much later garment. The stays were a wonderful surprise. The flea market in question closed about 4 years ago, and I've missed it dearly. Nothing within driving distance is even close in terms of variety. Boo.

      The next time you get a chance to visit your family, perhaps you could propose the flea market as a family activity! Lots of people enjoy doing things like that, but even if they live close, they probably don't make time for it often. They may appreciate the opportunity to play tourist in their own town.
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    18. Oh, it would be great to find a doll! But as I know my damn luck in these regards it's not going to happen.:eek: Or it would be a bootleg.
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    19. Hehe, that would be the dream to find a doll in a thrift store. I do live near a doll dealer so I always wonder if it would be a possibility. In reality I'd be content to find anything that can work as props or the like, so I pop in on sometimes to see if anything can work. I do have a carousel horse that works very well for 1/4, so that was a score!