Have you set yourself a doll limit and have you been able to keep it?

Jun 4, 2017

    1. Lol luckily being a student holds me back from buying every doll that I want, and helps me narrow it down to what I really want! I’m sticking to my main storyline characters, which is 5 dolls (and I hope to stay there for a while).
    2. I have to be very disciplined about this. I let myself buy one doll a year, usually for my birthday or Christmas.
    3. I feel like doll limits are really hard to maintain if you're "collecting", as that focuses on accumulation.

      I haven't set a numerical limit, but I get a certain feeling when I have too many dolls; then I adjust. I've had years with more dolls, years with fewer dolls; it all depends. Personally, I'm not trying to amass a certain number of them—I want to have dolls that I enjoy, and I want to make sure I'm taking the time to enjoy them. (The last two years could use some improvement in "taking the time to enjoy them".)
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      Initially, I thought I would be content with just two dolls (I saved for my first one for over a year and over two years to get my second). But somehow the third one wormed in. And that was even before I actually decided which girl sculpt would be a good shell for my character. Now I have 9 and a floating head. But I'm considering letting one doll and the head go.
      But I'm also considering buying another doll :D
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    5. My golden rule limit is space. If it can't fit, or makes the area feel too cluttered, it's just not going to happen. I'd have to let go of something else to justify it - and gauging whether or not it's worth letting go off (considering I'm a picky collector) is usually a healthy deterrent. Plus, I never want to have more than a "core cast" or things would get too tempting too easily.
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    6. At first I thought I would have nearly 10 because I loved so many sculpts. But now that I'm nearly a year into the hobby, I'm realizing that I would much rather have a handful of dolls to spoil than a bunch at once I can't even afford to have fully completed.

      Right now I have 3, hoping to sell one of them. But I am expecting a body for an existing floating head, and an additional FL Minifee (my first!)
      So this will be an exciting year!
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    7. 5-7 dolls is probably a good maximum for me.
      At the time I bought my first doll, I don't think I had any thought or intention of ever getting more than the one. I did end up buying a second about 3 months after his arrival though, then a third a few months after that...
      The most I've ever had at one time was 7.5 and it was overwhelming for me. I don't want to have that feeling ever again.
      Currently, I have 3 +1 pet doll and have never been more content with my crew but I do have vague ideas for a couple more should I encounter the "right" ones.
      If I'm ever in a situation where I have more abundant space, time and money, if I get up over 7 dolls again, I do wonder if it would still feel like too much.
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    8. limit.... It's not about me. I can't keep the limit at all.
    9. I don't have a limit, but I haven't seen any of the new dolls that I've really wanted since the one I bought in August of last year. And before that it was June 2018. I did buy three in 2017, but I slowed waaay down after that.
    10. I was totally going to have a limit of like five tops. It uh, didn't happen.
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    11. I have seen this mentioned a few times and it works for me as well: space is my limit. I display my dolls on stands in glass display cabinets. If I cannot fit them in the cabinet, they don't get to stay with me. I do not keep my dolls locked away in boxes. If I really want a new doll and I know they aren't going to fit in the cabinet, someone else has to come out. I can fit almost 15 of them in there so that seems like a reasonable amount to me. Maybe someday I will just get another cabinet if I can no longer make decisions! :wiggle
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    12. For quite a few years I've realized that 10 big dolls is the maximum amount I feel comfortable owning. Not because I'm feeling guilty for spending so much money, but because I get overwhelmed by them. Instead of them being individual dolls, they become one big blurr of plastic. So 10 has been my big doll limit since then.

      I own 9 today (2 are floating heads), plus 2 tinies and I have no desire to buy more. It helps that I was able to find the sculpts I really wanted and that all of them required a long search, since they were rare, or limited dolls. I still have to buy bodies for the floating heads, but I feel no rush at all. I'd rather complete the dolls that still need to have their look finished first.
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    13. Yes I think the most dolls I would get is three unless they are smaller in sizes, then I would have to think about it.
    14. At first I only wanted one doll because having one doll would make that BJD more special. However, I now have three dolls with five on the way. ^^;; My limit is now 10. :3nodding:
    15. At first I only wanted one, then I got her a friend, then another friend, then I got a guy because I only had girls, now I want to get her a sister... I'm gonna keep it at that because then I would see myself breaking my limit all the time. Some sculpts are just too beautiful to resist:XD:
    16. not at first, but I am starting to limit the numbers for some reasons, space (big boys take up to much space and I never leave them in closet or boxes, besides their clothes is everywhere now.....), attention (love each one of them and try to spend time with everyone, to many will hard to manage this)
    17. When I was in high school, I have 4 dolls, but I think 4 is too much for me. So I usually have 2 dolls most.
    18. I only wanted one doll..and now I have already 4...hahahaha..help x'D
    19. In my more foolish days, I thought 20 was the goal. I had all these characters I loved and all these sculpts I admired they didn't always overlap, and my goal adjusted over the years as my tastes continued evolving. I think I had around a dozen dolls before I thought, hmm, I'm running out of space and 20 is a lot actually.

      Joke's on me because I reached it! And now that I've met my end goal, the purger in me wants to cull at least one doll if I want the excitement of buying another. Being that my hard limit is space availability-based, this might change if I move...?
    20. Yes I set it to 3 after I started a layaway for my third doll in may. So naturally a few days ago I found a fourth doll I fell in love with... And he is a newcomer. Still Like to have a Musen head. Or two...or.... more... No, I don't think I can set another limit. 3 is only for this year...