Have you set yourself a doll limit and have you been able to keep it?

Jun 4, 2017

    1. I originally planned to get one MSD doll (a LUTS Kid Delf Kiwi) but I decided to sit on it.
      Fast forward a few years and I now own 3 SDs and 1 YoSD. :sweat

      Now I think my limit will be 6 so I can finish 2 other OCs.
      I don't imagine the remaining slots being filled up for a few years due to space limitations.
    2. I do have a doll limit, and I went over it for a while and finally got it back down to manageable numbers. I plan to stick to the one in one out from now on. I love the ones I currently have, so I need to think really hard about parting with one to bring home another.
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    3. I always figured once I completed my wishlist I'd have somewhere around 13-15 dolls. Currently I have 10 full SDs, plus two floating heads and one doll that's ordered but not yet arrived, so...I'm mostly there. I don't see myself continuing to buy much past this point. My enjoyment of my doll hobby is more in crafting than acquiring/collecting, so I doubt it will be very hard for me to stick to that. My limit has always been more of an estimate than a hard and fast rule, but I think my estimate has proved correct.
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    4. I've never really set a limit for myself, and I'd love to own a whole group of dolls, but I find that that's been kind of difficult for me. I've owned about 10? dolls during my time in the hobby, but the most dolls I've ever had at once was 3, I think. I always just want to focus my attention on spoiling one doll QuQ, but that doesn't stop me from admiring all the other dolls I want.
    5. Coming back to the hobby I have set limits and am going for a small group this time, more focused on finding specific ones I absolutely love :)
    6. At first I didn't.. However, recently I've been mulling over my collection and thinking about who I'm inspired by and who I'm not. I now have a limit of about 12 (after I trim down my current collection).
    7. Several. It started with no dolls- they’re pretty but too expensive. Failed that. Then just one- no point in buying two. I wanted something more realistic to sew for, so got a second. Then I decided that three was enough. That got broken when DDE got one I’d been admiring in stock. Now I’m at four but not deluding myself to thinking I’d follow another limit.
    8. That is a good rule of thumb regarding self limits on buying dolls
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    9. This isn't quite how I look at my collecting right now. I won't turn away any doll because I've hit a number, but I am quite a bit more worried about the space my dolls take up. I want to be extremely selective when buying dolls since I don't intend to sell any and I honestly don't have room to store more than a few more than I already have. I don't want to buy any more dolls that I don't absolutely adore because I'm choosing to lug them around for the rest of my life. I suppose it doesn't help that I highly prefer SD sized dolls :sweat