Have you set yourself a doll limit and have you been able to keep it?

Jun 4, 2017

    1. I've got plans for 5 dolls. If not 6.

      4-5 for a group from one of my stories that has been rather close to my heart since its conception. And one yoSD to be my meet-up buddy, as he will be easier to travel with than SDs.

      I have one head for this group already, another that I'm in the process of acquiring, and then that leaves 2-3 more and the bodies. I feel that, having the floating heads, they're not taking up too much space and it's not all that terrible if the plans (for whatever reason) don't come to fruition.

      But, as long as I get my Dollshe Saint, I'll be happy with just him. His character has rooted himself in my heart and I can't get the idea...no, the desire to have a doll of him out of my head. He's my little pet project for the next year, whilst the entire group is my (costly) passion project for the next few years.

      So, my limit is probably six at the max.
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    2. Eh...it went something like this:

      "Only Amir. No more. Ok, only Amir and Loki. No more. Well..maybe 3. I mean 6. No, I really meant 13. Ok, ok...26. No more...oh but they want kids, so each couple can have a kid, so...39...but NO. MORE!"

      I hit 38 at most, I think and decided it really was too many and started selling them off. I'm currently at 19 on topic BJDs, and I keep thinking getting back down to 13 would be better. A variety to work with, but not overwhelming. The problem is deciding who should go. Oh and I do have that other girl on my wishlist...>.>
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    3. I used to think I only needed two dolls max.

      I ordered my 13th last Thursday. -_-

      I think I'll tap out at 15 (excluding pukis: anything under 30cm doesn't count XD). There's only one more big doll I'd really want, and she's a "nice to have" not something I feel a great need to obtain.
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    4. One thing I've learnt in this hobby is that dolly plans (and limits) are always shot to hell one way or another. I have (or used to have) a limit of 7-3-7-3, which is no more than 7 60cm+ dolls, 3 minis, 7 tinies and 3 smaller than 20cm tinies. So far, I've exceeded my limit for tinies and minis LOL, and my large doll limit will be exceed once my beloved Zak arrives. :o I guess I should come up with a new limit some time but I kinda stop bothering about it because I know if I set a new limit it'll be more like challenging me to break it than to actually stop buying lmao :lol: :doh
    5. Aha, not really! Originally, I only wanted to get DD Snow Miku for her Twinkle Snow outfit (I'm so weak), which got me back into dolls a bit, which brought Sircca to my attention, and I told myself eighty times I was only going to get Sircca; but if I was getting Sircca I may as well get Chloe! From there, I knew I would want at least a few more dolls: a Little Monica, though I waffled for a bit on the size before ordering Little Sophia on a whim, and I ended up adding a Lillycat and a few others to my wishlist. After telling myself I would end up with just four, then five, then six, and so on...

      Right now though, I can't really think of any other dolls I might want, other than the ones that are currently on my wishlist. I'd like to set myself a hard limit for ten (which is more than I ever thought I'd get orz;; I remember when I thought I would max out at about five), but I also know what's inevitably going to happen is there's going to be a seasonal event and a sculpt I just have to have.

      Basically, I can keep a "soft" limit right now because there aren't any more dolls I've found that I really, really want; but I also know I'll push my limit back when I find a doll I do like, so it's really... not a limit at all. |D;;
    6. I did, and I couldn't. Twice!

      When I first got into the hobby, I had only just started my job and didn't think I could afford more than one doll, so I told myself I'd have only one and just spoil it. I ended up with four by the end of that year, thus also breaking my second restriction, which was three. I'd intended to just get three specific sculpts and be done then, but then two limited dolls came out that I really, really wanted. Oops! I now have about 20 dolls...

      Currently I've set myself another limit, but this one's a softer restriction and I'm keeping to it out of necessity: no more big dolls, and only a couple more smaller ones. Basically I intend to replace a doll I lost and then I have a weird hybrid project in mind, and after that, I'll hopefully be done for a long while (or until I get into a place with more doll space). Not a lot has come out in the past couple years that caught my fancy, anyway, so it's fine.
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    7. I set myself a limit in the past. Like most owners I decided to just get 'the one'. But honestly how can we possibly keep our collection at just one? There are so many sizes and aesthetics and modifications out there to try.

      Let's just face it, we're doomed...

      I am trying so very hard to keep my collection at maximum 5 ball-jointed dolls right now. Especially since none of them are really finished to the degree I'd like them to be. Everytime I purchase a new doll I tell myself I'll stop buying new ones now and use the funds on clothing, wigs, eyes, props, ... for the ones I already own. No way that ever worked for me though and I just end up with more naked visitors of various sizes and colors. The worst part of it all is that I can't even make up my mind about my favorite size and color either.

      I review my collection every now and then hope for a lucky sale so I might be able to get a new doll I've been eyeing. I'm lucky enough to have limited space for them because I fear that and my limited budget is the only thing holding me back right now...
    8. I'd like to keep it to 10 or less. At first I was going to say 5, but I know I'm probably not going to stick to that once I'm actually making more money.
    9. Mission impossible. I don't even try. All I can do is just try not to buy that boy or girl. There are no limits of obsession.
    10. No, I never set a limit for myself. I know myself too well, and whenever I get into something I really like, I want to be surrounded by it as much as possible! My only limit is how much money I happen to have in my account, which isn't such a big deal for me, since I just save up any spare funds and know that I'll be on my way to get more dolls that I want with a bit of time and patience. :3
    11. Short answer yes, and no. :lol:

      I have actually set limits several times. The first was 2, then 5, then it was based on available space, how much money in dolls I thought was reasonable to keep uninsured, and other factors. I was mostly able to keep financial limits such as I can only spend x amount this year, I can't buy dolls until I pay for x, or I can only spend x percentage on luxury items, but I couldn't keep to simple number limits.
      I used to be flabbergasted by people who had ten dolls, let alone more than ten. Since I've been hovering right above or below the 20 mark for the past few years, I'm not really surprised by any number of dolls people may have since I can see how easy it is to just keep going as finances allow.

      That being said, I think my "natural" limit is somewhere around 25 because when I get to that number I tend to sell off several before building back towards it again. That will probably change as my living spaces get larger.
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    12. At first mine was, like many people, one. Then as I started looking at more dolls it spiraled to five until I got it back down to two. But now I have a new head, so I think I might bump it up to five, though I hope I don't actually reach it. I collect SDs, and I keep telling myself that lugging three to a meet will be annoying enough as it is. I just hope I don't get into tinies or something.
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    13. My original limit was one. Then I ended up with 6 somehow and told myself I wouldn't go over 8. Now, I'm back down to 1 and 1 head waiting on a body, but I'm thinking 7 is a good number for me.
    14. Originally I only wanted one but...that's now expanded to three. One for a character I already have (the one I'll be getting in August), a tiefling and one that isn't a set character. But that's going to be my limit at three, probably. Trying to balance expensive hobbies I think 3 is a good number. I may go to 4, though, if I find a female I like.
    15. It's hard to keep a limit... every time a new bjd come out, we just go crazy for her/ him...
      We just have limit fund!!!! Wish money will falling from the sky. I can catch it and buy more dolls!
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    16. I haven't set myself any limits, but I'm very picky when it comes to dolls. Matter of fact, I can even obsess over one for the longest time, then decide on a completely different sculpt when buying time comes. We do have house rules, though, like not having more than one layaway open at a time.
    17. I ORIGINALLY said I'd have, at max, 10 dolls. and hten I blew my way past that real quick. But when I set myself to the 10 doll limit, I had no story set or anything like that.
      Now I have a deep story set with my dolls, and characters keep flowing in.
      I'm Intended for.... I dunno, 23? 24 maybe. I like even numbers, so... I have 20 dolls currently, with 1 floating head and 1 on the way. ((for some reason, 20 doesn't sound right. >> I think I'm at 19 with 2 heads pending)
      EITHER WAY, my dolls are never uneven. xD So if I set myself for 23, I know 24 is the true number. haha.
    18. When I first started getting into bjds I was very leery at the pricetags; I work a minimum wage part time job, so if I want to save anything up there's not much room in my budget for much else besides rent. So I thought, well, there's this one doll I really want, and I'll get him the next time his company has a sale, and that'll be it.

      Then I thought, you know what would be cool? If I shelled his friend. Oh, and then I should shell his other friend. Well, now I have to look for sculpts that would fit them. Oh, wow, this sculpt doesn't fit either of them, but it's so cute, and I want it......!!

      So that's the story of how I made a wishlist longer than my limit before even buying my first doll, haha. It'll take me a looooong time to bring them all home (I'm still looking for the right sculpt for one, plus funds), but. I have little doubt I'll end up buying them eventually. Oops!
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    19. I'm pretty new so I don't know how it will play out but I have current set myself a five doll limit. I have said that this only for my MSDs (the biggest dolls I will have) - I'm not including my Hujoo Nano in that five and if I ever get another similar sized doll to her I would not count that as well. Up to now I have been good at sticking to that limit whilst choosing the dolls (for example if I find one I really like and want to add to my wish list I will rather kick another doll off the list or not add the new doll to the list and just choose to admire it but not plan to buy) - I don't know what the future holds once I actually have my five dolls as knowing myself I will probably keeping say "just one more will be fine" until I have a ridiculous amount :sweat

      2021 edit: Oh dear! HAHA The limit went out the window a while ago! I have over 20 dolls now and, although I have slowed down, I don't plan on stopping any time soon. I'm sure I'll know when enough is enough when it gets overwhelming.
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    20. I started with 2. I pretty quickly decided that I would like 4, and that would be enough for the project I had in mind. Then I found a great deal on a girl and decided 5 would be a good number. Then I found a good deal on a male and decided 6 would be a good number. I am pretty dedicated to keeping the number down. I only get 60cm to 70cm dolls and they are pricey. My limit always seems to be a couple more than I have at the moment. My current goal is to stop at 6, but I would not be too upset with myself if I got a few more. I have other non-related projects going at the moment, so I will see what happens when I get back to the dolls.