Have you set yourself a doll limit and have you been able to keep it?

Jun 4, 2017

    1. Ideally, I'd like to have no more than four dolls, max. I don't have much space, and money-wise I don't really have much choice other than to save up for the dolls I want. But my wishlist is always growing, so I'll see how this goes.
    2. Back when I started I promised myself I wasn't going to buy more than two MSD-sized dolls (my main girl and her boyfriend).
      The idea was good but it didn't last long as he got a little sister in no time xD
      Now there are also two cute tiny anthros at home and I know I could buy at least three more of this animal cuties if I could.
      I also purchased one head a week ago or so that would be my sixth. And there is one more doll in my "realistic" wishlist.
      So for the present moment the limit is seven dolls and I hope I can endure it xD
    3. I have a collection of other types of dolls mostly OT here that numbers in at over 100. I do weed out from time to time when it seems like things are getting unwieldy or I find myself with things I don't really enjoy having long term. things that don't "give joy" to borrow M. Kondo terminology. My personal "limit" has more to do with what I will buy for my dolls than a specific # of dolls.

      I sew so I don't buy clothes for them. I have to make things for them. -Except shoes, shoes are annoying to make and the manufactured ones are so cute.

      Mostly I've stuck to my "limit" and don't buy clothes. When I first started I did buy a couple pieces mostly so I knew how they went together, like a gakuran schoolboy uniform. I did trade a dress I made for a rakouen corset recently.
    4. I've never set myself a limit, because I never really thought about how many was a good number to have. I started with one and thought he was enough (ha HA). Well, one was enough for about 5 years. Now I have three, with a fourth on layaway (a BIG boy, too <3). I already have plans to get my fourth his girlfriend at some point, so that will be 5. My first doll also needs his two best friends, one of whom I've already found a sculpt for. That will bring me to 7. I also have pipe dreams for five other characters well down the line; I have sculpts in mind for four of them. Three of them are fantasy characters and will need outfits that are beyond my sewing skill. I'm in no rush to get them, but they would be nice to have.

      So, potentially 12: a mix of 60s, 65s, 70s, and an 80. Yeah, that seems like enough. But who knows what the future will hold! :sweat
    5. I wouldn't say I've so much set a limit as much as I've become very selective of who I add to my doll group, though given I enjoy the larger dolls I certainly don't want to go over board and run out of display room, and my wish list isn't very long. So I know eventually I will hit that wall of no more dolls to buy. I'm incredibly close to it now!
    6. I started off with the "only one doll and a ton of clothes for that one doll" limit. Then it was 5...then 12...then a "firm" 20. Well, over a decade in the hobby and I'm currently at 36! I'm not exactly sure how it happened...this one needed a twin because I loved the sculpt so much; that one was an instant grail; the company sent me a free head and I fell in love with my own faceup;...and (my very favorite excuse ever) DoA had a writing contest to come up with a character for a specific head, and I fell so much in love with the character I'd created that I absolutely had to shell it!:doh On and on it goes. So here I am, 36 dolls and two dressers full of clothing later...and I'm really and truly happy with my crew. An entire decade of joy...hmmm, on second thought, I'm thinking it’s been totally worth it after all. Who needs limits?;)
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    7. I like the idea of a small collection ( under 30 dolls) for space reasons and funds.

      So far I have 10 dolls so I'm doing good! I plan on 3 more this year and then probably a few more each year. That said I mostly collect tinies so I'm okay if I break that number eventually
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    8. Nope, no limits besides the amount of funds I have. My screenname is dolly disaster and I fully intend to live up to it.
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    9. I have little to no self control, & to be completely honest, it's gotten me in quite a few conondrums... I recently had over 9 dolls & sold them all after having a cosmic meltdown & now I miss them terribly.

      I think the biggest issue, other than the obvious monetary issue, is finding the space for displaying all of them.
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    10. A month ago I had my doll limit set to 15. Now I've raised it to 18 and I haven't even bought one yet. :|
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    11. Personally I have no set limit. But when looking at dolls I always make sure the doll really grabs my attention and I ask myself; "Do I really need her/him?" "Do I know where I would put her/him?" and I make sure all my important things/bills are paid before I even think about purchasing another doll. My life goal would be to have at least one doll from all the artists/company's I love such as Fairyland, Volks, Luts, Iplehouse, eventually a Smart Doll (yes I know unrelated sorry) anyway I don't want to limit myself yet. :)
    12. I used to have a limit but since I passed that long ago - I don't even think about it anymore. As long as I have space and can present my dolls and collections in an uncluttered fashion, I'll just keep going...:whee:
    13. i originally planned to buy only 1 to use as an artist model, not to collect. when i started collecting instead i said no more than 1 per size/per company in the sizes i wanted, then no more than 1 per sculpt per size, now i have just given up on limits and say as long as the doll makes me happy and i love it, it can stay, and i don't buy any i don't have the money for. any that i really don't care for, end up in the "purge" box and will eventually be sold to raise money for the ones i really want. i have enough dolls now though that i am much more selective about what i add, and they have to be pretty special/unique before i bring them home. it's not so much a conscious limit, as it is that i am content for the most part with what i have.
    14. I've never really been one for restrictions and limiting myself lmao :sweat I would never buy them irresponsibly or have some sort of uncontrollable hoard-pile though. I guess that's my limit.
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    15. I started many years ago with limits but that never seemed to work because there was always another wonderful artist making another wonderful sculpt I just couldn't live without. Now, I have limits.....when I don't have the funds...then no more dolls!
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    16. I never set myself a limit, but I kind of wish I had! I ended up with more dolls than I could reasonably "care" for, and quite a few of them have gone neglected for a long time. Recently I decided to sell off most of my collection, only keeping 2-3. I think that's the most I can presently manage, with time and space constraints.
    17. ...well. Until I manage to get my own apartment, my limit is how much space I have--my bedroom at home isn't large, and my school's dorm rooms are similarly small. I do not intend to ever get another vinyl play doll, they're just too big (no matter how much my job in a doll store may test my resolve). Ball jointed dolls trend smaller, though, so as long as I don't look at SDs...

      Even so, I'm about at the limit of what I can handle now. Two bjds is good.
    18. I don't have a limit, however I am at the point where the doll would have to be different enough from my current crew to warrant purchasing it. I have a couple dolls in mind that I would purchase in a heartbeat if they were produced, but otherwise I'm content with my doll collection as it is.
    19. I told myself that when I bought my first doll back in February (a Doll Leaves Yoko) that this would be my only doll for quite some time! I had decided that I wouldn't get another for a while since I wasn't sure how into the hobby I was...
      Before I had even received Yoko, I ordered another doll (April Story Diana) and have since traded her for a Souldoll Linn and have a Souldoll Yeon-Bee on the way...so I now have two full dolls, a floating head and one full doll on her way, and all since February :nowords: whoops!
    20. I tried to set a limit to around 10 and failed miserably.. In a happy way of course~