Have you set yourself a doll limit and have you been able to keep it?

Jun 4, 2017

    1. I have my first doll on the way and hope I won't go over 5..... If I want more dolls I will have to sell the ones I have
    2. At first I thought that I just need that one doll. But wouldn't he be so lonely? So it became 2. Then after some time I started liking more and more different sculpts so the limit kept increasing so it is now 4 bodies max (I have got 2 now). I couldn't set any for the floating heads since there are just so many sculpts that I love... "Luckily" most of the sculpts I want are limited releases so I can't get them already or I would be penniless now :sweat
    3. I dont have a limit. If i have more money, tham i would buy more bjds ^^
      At the beginning (1 1/2 year ago) i want only one SD BJD Girl, now i have 4 SD-Girls, one MSD-Girl and one Yo-SD-Girl.
      In two weeks i get Granado Udell, my first boy *.*
    4. Not a strict number limit as such, but I do want to make sure I absolutely love a doll (and have some idea of what I'm going to do with it) before buying. I get overwhelmed quite easily with uncompleted projects, so don't want to take on too much at once. I also feel that I would get more enjoyment out of having a smaller collection of my favourite dolls. Having said that I can envision an impulse purchase of a limited doll happening at some stage...
    5. No, I've tried to limit the number but my collection just keeps growing! So, I've given up on any set number, I just set some very strict requirements regarding any new dolls. I'll see if they are strict enough!
    6. Set myself to 4-6 dolls max and I have been staying within the range (actually I have about 3 at the moment) since I am also involved in other hobbies that I equally love.
    7. originally i was thinking of one... but before i receive my first doll, i already ordered the 2nd one....
      and there are few more dolls in my shopping list...

      i just could not control my hand...........to add them into the shopping cart...

      however i should have a limit tho... maybe...emmmm.... 7?
    8. I think everyone has different limits and definitions. For myself, I want to keep under a financial limit: "I won't buy dolls more than X amount" or "I won't spend more than X on dolls". It's not good to set a hard limit in this hobby since it's so personal and so aesthetic and people can really change their tastes and means over the years. Better to do what can be managed.
    9. I originally wanted to have just one but.. my numbers grew with dolls that were ones I fell for..My limit is more based on money.
    10. One does not simply keep the doll limit :XD:
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    11. Well, I've tried to do that when I had my first doll.
      The real situation is: I try to keep the limitation, but I failed.
      Don't worry, it's not a bad news.
      Actually I feel so great that I haven't keep it because I meet soooooo many lovely dolls and I have them :)
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    12. When it comes to any collection, I've never given myself a limit. I feel like I would have broken one anyway if I did! My limit is simply not to acquire too many at once, on account of keeping up with projects, and the other one being money.
    13. I'm limited only by money, space, and unfinished doll guilt.
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    14. Personally I struggle to find dolls that I like a lot since I have pretty specific tastes, so I kind of have the opposite problem of keeping to a limit...
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    15. Nah, mostly because I know i'll never stick to it.

      My only rule is that I need to finish one before I can buy another.

      Which means full wig, eyes, complete outfit and props at LEAST have to be ordered and paid for.

      This slows the accumulation a bit, but it also helps me budget. I get £75 a month toward dolls and anything I make selling stuff, so that has to also pay for wigs and eyes and clothing and suchforth.

      But I do try to have a concept and character in mind for a doll, rather than just "because it's pretty".
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    16. .....:huh?:.. :sweat ...:mwahaha
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    17. Um... well... I never really classified myself as a doll 'collector' until... BOOM! Over 260 various dolls and I'm still constantly buying more. Mind you, most are second hand so I've gotten some super cheap. As for Bjd's? Well when the day comes when I finally have one... or more.... yeah I don't see how I'll be able to put a limit on them.
    18. I really can't :( although my empty wallet kinda put a leash on me lol XD
    19. I never actually set myself a number limit, but more a set of criteria- dolls had to be existing characters in a certain story. I broke my own rule when I got a random MSD and an 80cm guy intended as fantasy characters merely for the size novelty, but have paid for that impulse--the interest didn't last. Turns out it IS very important for me to be able to photograph all my dolls together, and for them to be able to swap clothes and look cohesive on display.

      Now I'm back to my original convictions. Though there's no exact number limit, I know if I start feeling overwhelmed by all the little projects, I have too many. At four I intend to keep and one incoming, I'm... close. Selling off all the random floating parts might give me more breathing room, but I honestly can't see myself ever owning more than 8, unless I ran out of things to tweak and make for the existing crew, which with my to-do list and all the inspiration available seems rather unlikely.
    20. i'm thinking....6; already at four, but not counting two because they're too awesome