Have you set yourself a doll limit and have you been able to keep it?

Jun 4, 2017

    1. My limit is still one of each size/type - right now I'm up to one regular 1/4, one slim 1/4, one 1/6, and one 1/8. I always want to impulse buy more dolls but I've kept it under control, thankfully. I decided that when I really desperately just want something New to make myself feel better I'll buy new eyes or an accessory for one of my existing dolls, which fulfills my retail therapy needs without costing more than $10-20 and also helps me enjoy my current doll family.
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    2. Ha! No. I thought my first would be my only one. Granted, it was my only one for a few years. But now... I've got 10 dolls, 2 more on the way, and 1 off-topic doll.

      I do think my collection is a bit too large and would like to reduce the size, but it would be hard to get down to only 1 again.
    3. I've got problems with heads. There is only one I really want to keep, though I am giving shelter to 8 heads at the moment.
      Regarding full dolls, I started with wanting only one doll, then couldn't get the body I wanted with the head so ended up buying 2 full dolls.
      I blame the unplanned little girl. She took 5 months to reach me. With my total lack of experience regarding long waiting times, I couldn't resist buying an in-stock doll...
      I am presently waiting for my 12th doll, which is about 2 dolls over my 10 dolls limit...
    4. Like some of the others in this thread, I'm beginning to forget what a limit is...
      When I started, I told myself only the one doll because then I could spoil them with everything, but then another one caught my eye, then another and it's still ongoing, even with heads! I have so many heads and not enough bodies

      I should really give myself a new limit, though I'll probably break that one too, oops
    5. No hard limit. But I try to keep under 10 dolls. Now I am capped at 10 bodies including the ones incoming and +1 head that shares the SD16 body. This doesn't include the heads I'm trying to sell as well.
      The main reason is space, I feel like 10 is way too many and I hate them to ended up cluttering up my space. I may end up selling some of them if I don't move to a bigger place.
      If I don't constraint myself, I probably end up with close to 20. But I don't want this hobby to bother my husband/family because it's taking up so much space and honestly I don't always play with all of them :sweat
    6. I'm hoping I can stop at two, but reading the replies in this thread...is making me doubtful. ^_^;;
    7. I have managed to keep to one at the moment. I reached a point where I kind of ran out of ideas and considered buying a second but it occurred to me that I hadn't really optimised my first doll. So, rather than spending a considerable amount on a second doll I bought quite a variety of different clothes, a few different wigs and five pairs of different coloured eyes in order to change her image considerably. I may consider another doll at some point but not until I've got the most out of my first one.
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    8. I told myself only 5 dolls max and now i have 7! So i set another limit to 10, lol. But i oledi have a doll i want to buy when my work bonus comes in so i hope i wont be tempted by other dolls. :)
    9. Honestly, when I finally ordered a bjd earlier this year, I told myself he'd be my only one. I tried to buy a single 'ideal' doll, and told myself that if I wanted to switch up its style, I could always just swap its wig and clothes. But now I'm getting tempted by another doll that's been recently released ... agh! I wonder if I'm about to break my limit!
    10. It's very hard for me to set the limit. I can't control to purchase the doll I love.
      At the beginning, I told myself that 3 dolls were be enough, but now, I am having almost 10 dolls, just very hard to follow the rules I made before
    11. I somehow made it to 21 dolls recently :nowords:
      I think this is my limit though since I've run out of character ideas. Now it's just a case of cycling though sculpts until I find the one who suits the character best!
    12. Yes and no. I said to myself that I'll buy just one doll. At this point it seems that I'll more like buy 4 dolls. And really I'm just lying to myself. I know it's not going to stop there.
    13. I thought one to two would be enough, and that I would never want for more. I want to kick myself!
      I also thought I would only ever have MSDs and I'm starting to realize I will probably like SD size more - so now I have a wishlist for 1/4 and 1/3 dolls. :doh I wanted them all to be able to proportionally fit together.... and I don't want to give up my 1/4 dolls either! Now I want around 7 more dolls. What will I even do with 7 more!? :lol: Thankfully I am picky and most of all, a jobless student. I imagine it will take me a very long time to make it to even five dolls.
    14. Oh dear! I collect all sorts of dolls and there is always that "just one more". I've given up on keeping limits! :D
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    15. Earlier this year I was going to stop collecting...well, some hard to find dolls have appeared on the mp at great prices, so yeah no more limits. I'll just have all the bjds I want!
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    16. I read the title of this post, thought about how that would apply to myself, and then I laughed, and laughed, and laughed. :D
      After every layaway I pay off, I tell myself "No more until you can buy the doll outright." My record of that rule being enforced is about six months.
    17. Nope, I immediately broke my limit. I don't bother with limits anymore, if I see a doll I love I save up and get it. I think instead of a limit the best thing to do is to only get a doll if you can buy it in full or have a layaway plan you can complete. Bottom line don't bother with limits, but only get another doll if you can afford it.
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    18. 4 is my limit. one 1/3, maybe two 1/4's, and a teeny tiny one. I think if you have too many you can't spread all your love among them. Then they don't seem as special.
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    19. I don't have a hard and fast number. My limits are "can I afford to buy this doll full price rather than layaway?" and "what size is this doll?" While I love sewing, I'd rather not adapt for yet another body type.
    20. My limit was only 2 dolls in each size or 10 at the most. I have long surpassed that(Oh the shame, the shame!)