Have you set yourself a doll limit and have you been able to keep it?

Jun 4, 2017

    1. Like many of you, I thought: "I'll only buy two!" And for a while, it seemed like that would be enough. But it turns out that my subconscious took that "two" limit and turned it into permission to buy two of them per year.

      I have ten at the moment, and I've already set myself up to buy two more in 2018.

      Eventually I'm going to hit a hard limit because I'll run out of space!
    2. My original plan was to have one female doll and one male doll but I was quick to change that. Swapping wigs or outfits is easy, but once I get used to a certain look I am a bit hesitant to change it. I do not want an overwhelming amount of dolls, but I do think it is nice to have a variety of sculpts and characters. There are about five dolls on my plan-to-buy list and that is likely to grow. I wouldn’t say I have a definite number set for my limit. It mainly depends on space and money.
    3. I feel like it's been a year since the last time I bought a doll...
      But I think I actually bought one in spring/early summer. Anyway My trick is, if it doesn't fit one of the few OCs I have, I'm not getting it. This mostly works because of the type of person I am; other people just buy doll and make the character after so it probably wouldn't work for them. I just don't think I could commit to buying a doll unless it already has some preconceived sentimentality to go with it. So I only have 5 dolls, and I only have a handful of characters I would shell in addition to those. But darn, it can be pretty tempting sometimes.
    4. I exceeded it ages ago. I initially tried to do a size limit (MSD and smaller only) and that failed (however I don't own that many SD anyways - I own less than the number of fingers I have!). The quantity/number thing never was an issue. Since I tend to like tinies the best, it was easy to justify to keep going because they don't take up as much space as an SD, for instance.
    5. I don't have the exact limit,but, I do have my plan for a year. For example, this year I plan to buy 2 SD heads and next year is to send them to face-up artist and buy 1 body. Still, this year, I bought 4 instead of 2...
    6. Hahahahahahahahahahahhahflkjdshfdsjhflkdjsfds

      My first limit was 1 doll. Then I was like 5 tops. Now I have.... 15-ish?????

      Now my limit is 20 max. We'll see how long that lasts hahahahahahahahaha
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    7. I said to myself that I could have at most 10 dolls about 8 years ago. At that time I had only 3, and I was planning to get some new dolls. Now...I have over 30...:doh
    8. My limit was 5 , but my fav company just released a new doll soooooo, my plans have gone south.
    9. I started with 1 and was happy then got him a partner... aand now I have 6. But to be fair I would consider then all grails. And now I honestly have nothing else I want :D. hopefully, cuz I cant afford to keep going
    10. LOL!! Every time I get another one I think it will be my last! and then a new one comes out that I have to have... I have around thirty now. I've lost count!
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    11. I never actually formally set a limit for myself, but I always thought that over 15 dolls would be ridiculous. Now I have 14 with 2 1/2 on the way. I think the issue for me is mental illness + too much money, since I have about enough money to afford a cheaper doll after bills/necessities every pay period and I can only sometimes resist. Working on dolls is great therapy for me and I'm the most active and inspired I've been in months, but I just can't be hoarding these expensive dolls even if I do consider them my art therapy. It's something I seriously have to work on.

      The obvious solution is that I just have to start selling the ones that I'm not crazy in love with... But learning how to ship dolls out and selling etiquette and all that is daunting so they're all sorta sitting around...

      I've sorta decided that I can't go over 20. If I hit 20 I have to start selling.
    12. As long as I can afford them and have the space, I don't bother setting a limit for myself. Doll collecting is a lifelong hobby for me.
    13. When I joined the hobby I thought and said I'd never get more than 5. Then I suddenly had 6 and I said no more that 10. Then I had 11 and I said no more that 15... and so on and so forth xD I've stopped saying or thinking of a limit because I know there isn't really one. Only thing I have said is I will stop when I can't remember the names I've given them all and their sculpts. So far I'm good :3
    14. When I started getting interested in this hobby, I told myself I'd only get 1 doll that I really liked, now I'm up to 2 full dolls and 2 heads that I plan on getting bodies for very soon ahh I don't want to go over 4 or 5 since space is quite an issue for me and though my roomate doesn't mind I know she's sort of creeped out by dolls in general LOL But it's really hard to set a limit when there are so many beautiful dolls! I wanna work on the ones I have now first before I even consider a new one...
    15. I currently have just the one and I plan to limit myself to maximum two, to give each of them my fullest attention. This is not just in terms of who I happen to be posing or playing with, but also in terms of who I devote time to creating visual concepts and clothing for. I don't even think I'll hit two, I tend to overthink my doll purchases or decide in advance which sculpts I'd like. Additionally I like my only one way too much at this point to be looking out for another and if I did I'd have less time for him and we have so much more to do.
    16. I think back when I started my original limit was 5 because I went in knowing I wanted at least a pair but I saw so many I liked. Up until a couple months ago I was doing great, only had 4 heads haha. Now I am nearing 10 but I do not want to go past that because of space and time devoted to each doll, but we will see how it goes haha.
    17. Two couples who are a pair of 62-68cm and 50cmers were suppose to be my limit for big dolls.

      Until I had to replace the vinyl shell of the 50cmer, the old shell who uses the persona of the 62cm lady became the female friend of the existing 50cmer... And then Iplehouse came out with their FID line and I end up getting a smaller verson of my big dude.

      I got 7 dolls of which 3(2 active, 1 in storage) are spare shells of existing characters. If anything they have a 60cm vinyl cousin coming late this year..
    18. If I set a limit I might break it... so if I don’t set a limit I can never get in trouble! Perfectly logical. I’m not too worried about accumulating too many. I feel like once I get that sweet spot I’ll be content.... can’t wait to see how that plays out lol! (I’m currently at 2 dolls with 1 on the way... maybe 2 on the way... we’ll see)
    19. Hahaha, I had a limit of 6 MSDs and 5 SDs. I completely forgot about it at some point and didn't even remember it until now :ablink: - I think when there are so many gorgeous sculpts you get caught up in, you tend to forget about getting "just one of them." :lol:
    20. I learned form fish keeping that it is impossible to have a set limit. You will always find another doll, or fish that you want to play with. As long as I have room and I'm making sure bills are paid, I ain't gonna stop.