Have you set yourself a doll limit and have you been able to keep it?

Jun 4, 2017

    1. I am trying a minimalist philosophy, and since I don’t like clutter I have been so far sticking to the one doll policy :p

      I’m also financially constrained (living costs) so it’s not possible to get another doll for a long time.There are also things that I want for myself like a new living room couch and holidays. I also have a terrible need for collected dolls to have similary facial proportions and ratios which means I probably would prefer to buy from just one company, unless differing companies can complement each other.
    2. I recently bought my fourth full doll and I’m feeling my limits already. I can’t see myself going past six dolls in the MSD range and up. YOSDs seem like they’d be much more manageable, but bigger dolls command so much more space. Not only that, but I feel like I’d end up accidentally neglecting some dolls if I had too many. We’ll see when my two Ringdolls get here.

      It’s hard to commit to a limit when there are still dolls I’d like to have.
    3. I set my limit at 10dolls!
      I don’t actually like buying dolls, once I get more dolls,I’ll become anxious and I don’t know why...
      I have 4 now and I want to cut it to 2 before I buy another 2 dolls
    4. My initial limit was 2 dolls (1 girl and 1 boy), but now I have 4 dolls (1 girl, 3 boys) and waiting on the 5th, all SD size. I don't have a limit anymore it's becoming an addiction! :XD:
    5. I'm not 100% sure... I never set myself a limit because my dolls are my OCs, and I'm currently sat at 9 generations of them! So if I find a sculpt that clicks with one, I tend to aim for it (some have sat in my wish list for years, but match the OC, others I bought straight away because that particular character was more important to me/I was focusing on them at the time). At the moment, I have 10 at home and 1 on the way... But if I HAD to stop for space or whatever reason, I would try and shell the main group I have from my 4th generation of OCs, that's probably my favourite group and I only have 1/7 shelled so far, so maybe my limit will be 17 if I ever get the rest done!
    6. Since I Plan to colllect more SD BJDs I set my limit to 8,then again After that I plan to collect heads.
    7. I'm only 2 months into the hobby and I already have 2 doll in hand and another 2 ordered... I'm telling myself that I'll allow only one more this year (she's already picked out) but that I have to save up for her by cutting back on other frivolous purchases... With any hope, I'll slow the pace down once I settle into the hobby a bit more. I don't foresee any real limit for the long term- more likely I'll try to give myself a budget or small monthly allowance to put towards all doll related things.

      I'm already finding myself writing up a list of dolls that I would like to buy if I could find them though- mostly art dolls and a few out of production sculpts... So I kinda both fear and look forward to getting marketplace access...
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    8. I think I may have an issue with limit ...I have been looking at BJD's for over two years and this year decided Just one, which lead to four and three on ordered...........should of know as one model horse turned into over 200. BUT really must try to keep to a limit due to space. Heaven help me if I get access to the market place
    9. It’s funny. If Ihad seen my second doll sooner I would only have 3 dolls rather than four. I bought my first doll from Volks FCS because they seemed far more reliable than other companies, which I had heard horror stories about 6+ months wait for a doll. Now I have the four I love dearly, even my first-more for getting me into the hobby than a love of her sculpt- and haven’t felt any desire towards any doll that’s been shown in the new release threads at all.
    10. Full set doll. Two in total. But I also wanna try smaller ones. They are cute and not that experience.
    11. I set my limit to 10 dolls in total and currently u have 9 with me. I would like to keep the limit to 10 as i need to control my spendings><
    12. I told myself 4 was the maximum...and now i have 9 -_-
    13. I really tried to set a number limit for my dolls, but I think I am too weak on keep it, I fall in love to to many dolls so it is so hard to keep my dolls in a certain number, I think I really need to work on that.
    14. I told myself that 2 was the MAX I would ever need. It fit my story perfectly and the stars were aligning and it was going to be brilliant. Anddddd it was, it was so brilliant that I thought “ I SHOULD TOTALLYYY make another story and make her a new room” so here I am, searching for my next girl and preparing to make her room.
    15. I haven't set a limit. I'm sticking to the rule of finishing a character before a splurge on another.
    16. I set a flexible limit of three of any size, and thank god it was flexible because I paid off my third today and already have some floaty ideas for two others lol. I currently have an sd, an sd head with a body on the way, and a fully paid off yosd.

      Space isn't a limitation when you have no self control! :lol:
    17. I swore I'd only have one doll. Now its two dolls and two stuffed. must....resist...
    18. 1 doll limited lasted 30 days after my first doll... That was nearly 15 years ago.
      Then 5 doll limit, then 10, then 20... after that I gave up on limits. :doh
    19. I set a limit that I wasn’t gonna have more than two dolls for a couple years but ever since volks opened up fcs for f-35, I’ve been wavering.i want it so bad but it’s so expensive after adding all the options >.<
    20. My initial lilit was 26 dolls. My boyfriend asked me to keep under 50 dolls. And currently I own 50 dolls ^^'
      I think it's a little too much, I'd like to sell some of them.