HeartStrung Bulbi doll (25cm)

Apr 28, 2017

    1. A few other measurements - should be accurate within 1-2mm but of course if anyone has a second opinion it would help.

      Neck - 5cm
      Inner shoulder (excluding arms) - 4.5cm
      Shoulder (to outside of arms) - 6cm
      Arm length to wrist - 6cm
      Arm length to finger tip - 7cm
      Waist - 15cm

      Bulbi has a reallllllly short torso and a very short transition between chest to hips. Waist was measured just at belly button. Bulbi has a booty too.

      Comparison photo of Bulbi next to another 26cm doll (Dollsbe - AmonD). I tried to show both at shoulder level because it gives the best comparison to imagine how the sizes (clothes wise) would compare. I've posted an alternate pic on my flickr of them both at foot height.

      Bulbi is wearing an outfit made for Blythe. Outside of the length - it fits perfectly. Hope this helps....
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    2. That's really handy. Thanks for that. Those are some curious measurements! I am drawing up my usual comparison table for new, odd-sized dolls, and these are unlike anyone! LittleFee and YoSD are the closest, but the Bulbi hips are bigger by 1cm and waist is bigger by 3cm! Arms are shorter too, but that is generally an easy fix. Right, time to start clothes hunting in earnest.
    3. @MadamMauMau Happy to help...

      Agreed about the measurements. I did take a measurement just right at the chest joint and it was roughly 11.2cm. So the narrowest part of the body is right at that chest joint which is very mobile. The rest of the body flares out to that ~15cm at the belly button waist really fast.

      Empire waist or a-line type stuff will work but anything fitted even a cm below that chest joint probably won't fit/be tricky.

      Both the pants and the top from the little guy next to Bulbi fit without looking too big (Bulbi's thigh's fill out loose fit) albeit the pants are too long and the shirt would work a mini dress.
    4. That is handy. I have chosen the worst possible type of stuff to try to get for mine. Effectively a suit. I think I might be able to repurpose an action figure waistcoat, so that's a start. The tailcoat is going to be the tough one.

      Any idea whose size shoes will fit? I want to keep them small, to keep that wonderful, tapered leg line.
    5. Agree...you have some "fun" ahead. The suit will be awesome. I also have a few action figure clothing pieces about - so if you/anyone wants a general reference pic...I can try and scape that together also.

      Shoes...all my action figure shoes = too big, so was Monster High, Barbie, and some other "random" shoes I picked up in that fashion doll/action figure/small foot vein. The shoes my Bulbi is wearing fit but loose at ankle - with a sock would be much better. They measure about 22-23mm at the sole. The proportions/details are nice/not bulky.

      MuDoll does have a couple pair of 20mm shoe options. One is more ballet style the other is boot style. I've ordered other stuff from Mudoll, quality is generally nice, prices aren't crazy and they ship fast.

      New measurement - chest from roughly collar bone to the chest joint - about 2.3 - 2.5cm'ish.
    6. Hm. I wonder if Blythe shoes would fit. There are some nice ones about (for a price).

      Do you have an action figure jacket you could try on? I already know it's going to be huge, but just in case. Don't worry if you don't as I have a world of them here and can try it out when he gets home. There are some Joker tailcoats out there and I have a forlorn hope that I might be able to to do something with one of them.
    7. @MadamMauMau I do have a few jackets...can't recall if I have a 3 piece suit but know I have suits, coats, stuff...I'll get to fiddling and will post a reference update in a few days.
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    8. Okie Dokie -
      Here's here's a few reference shots of Bulbi wearing male action figure size jackets.
      In the photo Bulbi is wearing the jacket from the school uniform set by Toys City. If the jacket had working buttons it could pulled closed to about the 4th button. Shoulders, waist, everything way to big but because it has so much structure - jackets of similar type could probably work with customization.

      Link 2: Bulbi wearing vintage Ken jacket from the 1960s
      Link 3: Bulbi wearing vest from a 3 piece DiD set. The buttons were way to tiny and fiddly for me to button but the vest would close to about the 4th button.
    9. Many thanks for that, @mdonline03. Poor, poor little soul! OK, my estimations were out by miles! I thought I might stand a chance of taking a waistcoat in slightly and it working. Er...nope. Ah well. Back to the drawing board. I have found that fem fig shoulders are the same as Bulbi shoulders, so I shall have a look at that option next.
    10. And the Bulbis are ready to be sent out! Not long now!

      I am probably going to rethink the character concept for mine, as the world and his wife now seem to be making moon men. I will wait until they come in and see what they suggest to me.
    11. Haha my bulbi is a manifestation of the moon too. I think her name is Lunares and she already has a little star right hand spirit on layaway. I'm so bad. Not sure how I'm going to dress her but I kind of just want to adorn her head in jewelry rather then wigs. I picture her to be kind of ethereal, sassy, and mysterious.
    12. I has Bubli! What a sweet little thing. The engineering is wonderful. More like an action figure than a BJD. And the resin is pretty unexpected. It has a faint, urethane resin smell, but is light, flexible (the head cap can be bent quite easily) and, to all intents and purposes, looks like ABS. I have to admit it wasn't a pleasant surprise, as I love the heft of a urethane doll. However, I can see the reasoning behind making it this way. The head is so huge and the resin so thin that ordinary urethane would either be too heavy, and the thing would keep falling over, or so thin that the head would be horribly fragile. As it's not brittle, I also have no fear of snapping one of those tiny fingers. So, yes, nice little thing. Hopefully the others should start coming in soon. If anyone needs pictures or measurements in the meantime, I will give it a go.
    13. So glad to hear to your positive feedback, but sorry that the material characteristics were unexpected!

      I'm not sure if the pigment is what changes the characteristics of the resin, but the cream white does feel different to some of the other colours - it has a more chalky surface texture and *struggles to put it into words* does feel more... hollow(?) than the darker colours. I really like the feel of the semi-translucent resins (which Haru calls 'moist'), but again, I don't know if this 'feel' is part of the technical difference, or just an observed difference?!

      When I sculpted the prototype, I had to print (3d print) the head 3 times to get the thickness right - thick enough that it wasn't fragile, but thin enough that it wouldn't unbalance the doll. The faceplate is sturdier than the headback, to allow for eyes (and perhaps any customisation!).

      I don't have many dolls in my collection, but I am suprised at how much variation there is in the properties of the resin. I have a resin Enchanted Doll and also a doll by Irina Kuzina that have such a satisfying weighty feel to them - perhaps of the same quality you are alluding to.

      Looking forward to finding out who he becomes! <3
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    14. After the initial surprise, I reckon this type of resin works really well for them. If it had been the dense, rigid resin, I would have worried about how well that thin head would survive a knock. As it is, I feel as though I could safely bounce it off the dinner table (although I'm not going to try it, I hasten to add). It also aids the engineering, as the parts aren't being dragged down by their own weight. I have had a pretty wide range of BJDs and have never encountered a resin this lightweight and flexible, hence my initial thought that it must be ABS. However, that distinctive urethane smell gave it away.

      I now have him in action figure clothes and he looks like Stewie, which is making me laugh. I am having great fun with him.
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    15. I got my Pecan Bulbi yesterday. She's really cute and the engineering is great. However I have to agree on what MadamMauMau wrote about the thin material. It does feel more like ABS than resin and on hands and feet it even looks more like ABS. I have never handled this lightweight bjd before so this will need to getting use to. Also I really like how heavy and sturdy the regular resin is so this material feels so different. The doll does feel durable so no need to worry it would break easily.

      My Bulbi has basically nothing to wear yet. She only has proper eyes, but that's it. No wig on her size and the lack of wig makes the faceplate fall often. Luckily no damage yet. :lol:
    16. Congrats on the incoming!

      Yes, the faceplate does keep falling off. However, because of the nature of the material, I find it just bounces off the floor. So, that is an advantage. You could always tape it on with a spot of masking tape. That would solve it.

      I am keen to see what everyone does with theirs. I am starting to get into Blythes and Bulbis give off a similar vibe. Against what I thought, there is a lot of variety in what people do with Blythes. I am hoping we will see the same with these.
    17. Yeah, a piece of tape will fix the falling faceplate for sure. I love looking other peoples Blythe pictures but I don't want one for myself. They are too plastic and overpriced for their quality, as are Pullips too. I do have one Pullip, well Dal actually, but I don't really do anything with it. I just don't like the material that much. That's why I actually got interested of Bulbi as I too get the same vibe from it as Blythes have. Wanted to have something similar but more durable and with better quality than Blythe.
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    18. My Bulbi is an hour away at the post office distribution center. Maybe tomorrow??
    19. I never commented... but i recieved my bulbi. i havent had much time to play with her but am sad to see that the final pre-order has come up. I kind of want another one or two to hybrid. any if another head would work on this body?? i know she is designed to fit with blythe heads... but what about other resin heads?
    20. I am eagerly awaiting my Bulbi from the last pre-order and wanted to get some advice on her eye size. Can she wear the standard Reborn type of acrylic eye? At 24mm she certainly needs a big eye size, and I wondered what works best?