Hellwis Workshop

Jun 25, 2019

    1. @captnklaus could you tell me please when did you make an order? 'cos I made my first payment in March and yet have no info about terms of completion... this made me a little bit mad of all the situation :|
    2. When did you make your last payment? It's quite possible that they put people "in the queue" when their order is all paid up, and not when the first payment is made.
    3. It seems strange for me, 'cause the terms say that the final payment I should do after the doll's completion right to have the doll been sent to me. There's no layaway in my order and I've asked about final payment three times yet. Still strange for me.
    4. I offered to pay in full from the start, but the artist seemed more comfortable just taking a deposit at first, not the full amount. They told me they had a large backlog to get through, so I expect they are approaching orders in a queue system, yeah.
    5. It seems promising that they seem to prefer taking their time and making them one by one instead of hurrying and getting too much work at a time, resulting in a lot of manufacturing errors. But I also would love to have the doll already : D

      I guess that's a part of ordering from a single artist, heh. The wait time is kind of a part of the progress.

      While waiting I've been trying to think of what colors I'd want my doll to wear. I already have an another lizard in this scale (Spirit Imprint She Is A Dragon) and I think that one will be wearing white/gray/silver in the end. Both the dolls will be gray, though... so maybe this one will go more on the darker gray side.
    6. Colours, clothes and background was re-think several times during waiting of official order opening :lol: . I'm in love with this beauty from the Moscow Doll Salon 2018, where I saw her prototype.
      So, I see that 5 months of waiting (instead 1 as was declared) is considering normal... But if @captnklaus could tell me the date of his order I'll be sincerely grateful :3nodding: .
    7. I went back through my emails to get some dates for you @Foxxx and I had initially emailed her about buying Sahit back in May. Nors got back to me after a month in June, as she was really busy casting and preparing for Dollscar. After some discussion, I put the first payment down late June and finished my layaway at the end of July. And Nors shipped my Sahit a couple days ago. So all in all it took about 4 months!

      But the Sahit I bought from her was one she had prepared for Dollscar, so it was already casted. I chose to go with that instead of a custom casted version as she said it could take up to 6 more months. Since she already had one in a color similar to what I wanted, I decided to be impatient and have less of a wait :XD:

      Through my emails with Nors I can say that she can go quiet for a bit and it is frustrating. But! She always will reply in time. As said above, she's just one person working and casting these dolls herself so she is very busy with orders and events. So some patience is required.She mentioned when she shipped my Sahit that she will be away traveling for a bit, though she didn't say how long. Hopefully everyone waiting will hear back soon!
    8. Thank you @captnklaus for such a detailed information, it was all I need!
      This is all not about patience at all, but only about organization and customer information from the artist.
      Hope we all will get our girls in time :).
    9. I did not want to say anything but it’s been 2 weeks since I sent hellwis an email asking for an update. They have not responded in any way... have any of you experienced slow communication in the same vein? If not, where have you had more luck with contact?

      I understand they are just a single person but keeping people up to date seems like something that would be done.
    10. I did have slow communication when I initially spoke to them, but I haven’t tried since. :( I hope they respond to you soon...
    11. Hello everyone. I managed to contact a member of the author’s family. According to him, the author is busy making orders almost around the clock. According to him, at the moment 6 dolls have been sent: 2 of them in Russia and 4 go to other countries.
      Photos of dolls were sent to me but I'm not sure I have the right to show them here without the permission of their owners.
    12. I don't think mine's been sent yet, but on the off chance you've seen it - has any of the finished images been of a gray doll?

      I still have not gotten a response.
    13. Now i have much more complicated feelings... Three days after my order (after i made the first payment) the author answered in "VKontakte" (it's a russian equivalent of Facebook) that "they have made 5 preorders". So i think i should be in this 5 preorders. If they sent 6 dolls at the moment as it is said above - my order should be among them. But no one contact me, nor about the final payment nor about adress for shipping.
      All the dolls that i can find in internet arrived to the owners now are two dolls that were made for Dollskar, they were completely ready at 15th June.
      PS: mine is grey with green shimmer
    14. I have not heard from them since 2.8. Their last message included the following: "Now I’m finishing the previous doll, at the end I’ll start to cast yours, I think it will take about a month."

      I would understand delays if there was any communication whatsoever, but it is quite disheartening to have been given such a timeframe and not hear anything about them since.
    15. @ronnie92 Hmm, that is worrying. I saw their instagram apology, where they offered refunds. I didn't take the offer yet but I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should. Have you emailed them back since then?

      I wasn't very precious about colour, so honestly I probably wouldn't mind just waiting until they have some stock to sell. I'll think on it a bit further before making a decision though.
    16. I hope they figure everything out. She's beautiful and I'd love to shell my Elder Scrolls online character with her :'(
    17. It sounds like she didn't realize how difficult and overwhelming filling these orders herself would be, which is definitely disheartening to hear. I hope everyone waiting gets answers soon and that she figures out a method to get things done in a more timely fashion. I do have mine and she's amazing! But I feel bad about posting pictures with so many people still waiting for a response :sweat That said, if anyone wants to see pictures and particular poses, let me know and I'll try to snap a few!
    18. I'd love to see her! But I understand if you'd rather wait.
    19. I don't mind! I wanted to post pictures of her sooner honestly, but it's been a really busy couple of months for me and then with everyone waiting I sort of ... Didn't. Haaa. Here's a few pictures from a meet last month:





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    20. I have sent 3 emails since, roughly evenly spaced. No replies. I don't think they intend to run off with the money sent, it's just a bummer.

      She looks great! I would love more images on if you'll end up making yours clothes. Though any image spam is surely appreciated. They are gorgeous dolls.