Hellwis Workshop

Jun 25, 2019

    1. No word of any kind for me either as well, on any platform.
    2. No news from Hellwis herself, but i've seen some videos on her companion's youtube channel. They moved their casting shop once more due to quaranteen and have no conditions to continue work right now. Some dolls are almost finished, i've seen mine - i think - and blue perlescent one, like @abris'. No terms of completing though, "when it will warm weather maybe".
    3. Can you tell us where you've seen these dolls? I'd love to scroll by to see if they've gotten started on mine.
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    4. Really sad to see people are getting ghosted in terms of responses. Especially if the artist can't work on them right now the least they could do is respond to emails and let people know what is going on.

      I didn't order one of these, but I've been keeping an eye on this thread in hopes of seeing some photos since the sculpt and resin choices looked so lovely. I really hope everyone in here eventually gets theirs... and then shares some photos. :evilplot:
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    5. Thank you! It's encouraging to see that at least something has been done.
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    6. @Foxxx Thank you for linking the video! I am pretty annoyed we have all just been ignored when all it would have taken is one email or instagram post to explain the situation. I have now waited almost a year since paying, and only slightly less time since the last contact.
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    7. Just a few days until it is the one year mark since ordering for me! :/ And of course, still no news to report.
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    8. I was able to get in touch with them a month ago through an another russian artist and despite my assurance that I only wanted information about any timelines on the doll, they told be they'd try to refund be within a month. It's now been a month and they haven't responded me again. I have sent them an another email but am doubtful they'll respond.
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    9. :( Somehow that is almost even less reassuring than them remaining completely silent.

      I really regret the whole thing, I am not sure I would even enjoy the doll should I ever get it at this rate.
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    10. It makes me so sad that things have gone the way they have with this pre-order. I didn't have the funds when the order came around but I very much wanted this doll, I'm not sure I'll ever get the chance to own one at this point. I'm sorry to everyone who's waiting on theirs. Hopefully they will make it home :atremblin
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    11. You were lucky. The artist has no plans to make these dolls, so everyone whose money they've taken thus far seems to have been scammed. I've only been able to get SOME contact after pestering several other artists in the Russian community about it and them messaging this person. I asked what the timeline for production was and their only response - again, only after having been pestered by other artists in their community and several months after my last message - was that they would try to refund me in a month. It didn't happen. I fully assume me and everyone else has been scammed at this point.

      It would be different if there was ANY communication. If they can't cast for some reason, just informing the clients whose money you're holding on to is key. Telling what the issues are and what steps you are taking to solve them. Letting people decide if they way to wait it out or bow out. Just keeping the money, not telling anyone and not responding to messages in some cases for over a year is definitely just scummy.

      It sounds like the money is already spent too, so even if they are intending to cast the dolls it's unlikely that they'd have the funds to do so at this point.
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    12. Yep to this! I hate to have to say it, but it is true. At this point my money is stolen and there is nothing I can do to get it back. I have no recourse at all, and am out of pocket with nothing to show for it.
    13. Good day to all.

      I'm already waiting for my paid doll for 1 year and 3 months. Despite my patience and determination to wait for this doll, I come to the conclusion that this is impossible.

      This thought brings me a feeling of deep sadness. I'm terribly upset, confused and feel cheated. Firstly, the author answered with promises but now completely ignores my direct messages. As a result, I have neither a doll nor my money.

      I also assume that money collected from the orders they spent on opening their own foundry (called "The Khin's garden, you can find them on VK.com) and therefore the author doesn't have money for refund non-shipped orders.

      I intend to make this case as wide as possible publicized in the Russian BJD community. This is the only action available to me at this moment.
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    14. Yeah, I definitely don't regret missing it at this point, like you said there's no excuse for the complete lack of communication. Some people have received their dolls though right? Im pretty sure I saw someone on Instagram with in hand photos of a green one that was shown on the artists page, though that one was completed a while ago. I hope you guys get a resolution out of all this mess, whether it's the dolls or refunds. It really doesn't look like the artist intends on fulfilling their promises though with the lack of communication etc, hopefully getting the community involved will get some results :(:(:(
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    15. One Russian person was able to get their doll after pestering the artist continuously, and a few have been able to buy some in events where they've been showing but as far as I know none or very few have shipped outside of Russia.
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    16. Good day everyone!

      I have news: 3 days ago I wrote to the author and said that I was opening a dispute on all online platforms available to me. Although I stopped hoping for an answer, a little later the author contacted me and said that she could either refund or send the doll in the near future. And today I get my doll within a personal meeting from hands of the author!

      I am so gald my story ended with a happy ending, although I immensely regret that rest of the buyers are still in the dark and in anticipation. I would be glad to help the BJD community by sheding the light to this case, but now technically I have no sufficient reason to open a dispute, because I have no financial claims to the author as she has completely fulfilled her obligations. I tried to tactfully persuade the author to get in touch with her customers, but I can not predict her future actions, although I still hope for a successful outcome of the situation.

      I wish each participant to solve this problem ASAP and successfully!

      Here are the technical photos of my doll to prove:
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    17. Your doll looks beautiful, I'm glad you were able to get things sorted! I hope you end up really liking her, despite the unfortunate circumstances.
    18. @abris ah how fortunate for you! I am glad you finally got your doll.

      I can only hope the rest of us are so lucky. Did the artist give you any reason as to why they had not been communicative?
    19. @ronnie92 Thank you, I still can’t decide on the attitude toward this doll: I like her as a character but the situation with getting her leaves me with a negative imprint. I want to overcome this psychological barrier.
      In our short conversation Daria mentioned several reasons for the delays: a serious illness, several changes of residence over past year, the COVID-19 pandemic and the workshop relocation to a new unheated room (polyurethane can only be poured above a certain temperature, this is technical limitation that didn't allow her to work in cold season which in Russia is more than 7 months of the year). However, she didn't mention the reasons for her long silence.

      I want to emphasize that these are only words that were said to me in unofficial conversation. And also I cannot guarantee that her words are true and truthful, therefore I ask you not to rely on them when making your decisions.

      Meanwhile, I want to believe that my doll will become a starting point, after that the author will begin to fulfill her obligations to other buyers.
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