Help with size contradiction

Jan 2, 2021

    1. I plan on buying several tinies in the future, but I am confused about the sizing. Please help with this:

      What scale is lati yellow? (example, MSD is 1/4, SD is 1/3). What scale of clothing is appropriate?

      What scale is lati white?

      Does obitsu 11 fit lati yellow or lati white?

      And where does Brownie fit into this?

      The reason why I ask this is because according to some sellers, they say that Brownie, Obitsu 11, and lati white are all one size category. But then a bunch of listings on Etsy title their doll clothing listing with "lati yellow, obitsu 11" as if that's one size. And there is only one size option for that listing so it's not like it's a listing for multiple sizes. This makes no sense as obviously lati white and lati yellow are very different sizes. I think some sellers either don't understand the sizing of these dolls themselves or they just want to add a bunch of doll names as they can to their listing.

      And the proportions of these dolls are not at all accurate to real life (pretty much no BJD is), and especially with these tinies so I don't want to make a wrong guess. I know that BJD scale is not accurate to irl so if I make a personal guess, it could be wrong.
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    2. All good questions! Lati Yellow is (I think) 1/8 scale, for all that means. Doll scales are weird.

      I think Obitsu 11 and Lati Whites are closest in size. Lati Yellows are more in scale with 16cm tinies.

      The Lati Yellow/White/Obitsu 11 stuff has always confused me too. I have no clue what the heck a "Brownie" is either.
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    3. Lati Yellow is 1:8 (16cm tall) scale.

      Lati White and Obitsu are 1:12 scale (Lati White is 10cm tall, special bodies are 12cm. Obitsu is 11cm).

      MuDoll's Brownie sounds like 1:12 scale as well, being 11.4cm tall.

      I doubt the Obitsu clothes would fit Lati Yellow, as you've said, since one is 11cm and the other is 16cm tall.

      I can't say for sure if Obitsu, Lati White, and Brownie clothes would fit each either, it depends on the body type and how close it is. Maybe someone here might be able to tell. From the pictures the bodies look pretty close, so I assume as long as the clothes aren't tight-fitting, it would probably work.

      Furniture scale isn't always the same scale as the dolls as well, if the dolls aren't adult sculpts. For example, I have a LittleFee who looks like a little girl; she is 1:6 scale but for her furniture I went with 1:4 scale.

      Hope this helps!
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    4. Here's a good photo comparison.
      Comparison of dolls
      by Candy Smoothie, on Flickr

      Most of the time Googling "Doll 1 and Doll 2 comparison" shows reference images by other owners.
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    5. Lol Thank you so much that is so helpful

      Thank you too that is very helpful.

      That makes much more sense.

      So it seems like

      1/8 = Lati yellow, lina chouchou bebe chou, Pukifee
      1/12 = Lati white, obitsu 11, Brownie, Pukipuki

      It seems like lati white is just a really short obitsu 11, and the width and somewhat similar.
      If anyone can confirm/deny if Lati white/obitsu 11/and Brownie clothes would actually fit each other, that would be great. There are not many clothing sellers that specifically advertise as being good for "lati white," but there are much more clothing sellers for obitsu 11. It would be so helpful to know whether or not lati white (normal version, not the sp. version) would actually fit obitsu 11 clothes.
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    6. wondering about lati white, not the special version, but thank you
    7. No problem. The Wiki, gives you ideas on what other clothes/accessories fit. It seems the Special is slightly larger than the Regular whites. So in theory clothes should fit.

      Edit: You might want to check the Flickr group on the wiki too. It looks like a good resource.
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    8. The wiki doesn't mention obitsu 11 or Brownie though, or the scale

      The first link is broken and the second link doesn't have any mention of obitsu 11 or Brownie, or what scale lati white is. I don't see any information except lati measurements, which I already saw on Lati's website. I don't see any answers there

      But I appreciate the help from both of you
    9. Actually, the link posted by me on the first page of that thread has Lati Yellow, Lati White, Lati White Special, and Felix Brownie with all their measurements (along with Puki, Genie Lilica, and many other dolls in that range). There is a Brownie Wiki on DoA as well if you're looking for information on that doll. The size chart doesn't include Obitsu nor will you find a Wiki for them because it's not a resin BJD, so it's not really an approved doll for DoA discussion.

      There's also this list, but it also does not include Obitsu: Tiny Measurement List [ver. 16.4.18]

      Chances are that the original vendor meant Lati White Special, not Lati White standard. The Special version is 12cm vs 9.5cm for the Standard version.
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