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Feb 6, 2017

    1. I don't think I've seen a thread for this anywhere, but please redirect me to one if there is! How many people have dolls with heterochromia and what do people think of heterochromatic dolls? I've never seen any and I'm considering doing my first doll with one blue and one pink eye!
    2. I have one. I posted her picture on another thread but I'll put her here for reference. I only recently did it because I fell in love with some other eyes but decided I would try it to see how it looked.

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    3. I love the odd eyes! none of my babies have them but they are super pretty!
    4. I've seen a couple around with total heterochromia (each eye is a totally different colour) but I've literally never seen one with partial (when both eyes are basically the same but one eye has a patch of a different colour in it) presumably because you'd need to have a deliberately mismatching pair specifically made...

      I have just realised that none of my boys have eye heterochromia of either kind and??? I don't understand why I've made this terrible oversight!!
    5. I technically have 2 dolls with 2 different color eyes. However one is born with it, one received it because of an injury. :) no pictured available (well.. hiro is my profile picture on the side here.)

      I plan on giving one of my sd ladies it too. Colors undecided.
    6. A lot of people give their doll hetrochroma eyes. It is beautiful and give the doll unique look.
      Only one doll out of many have hetrochroma eyes and it's Ciel Phantomhive. Personally, I don't go for hetrochroma on any others dolls because I have hetrochroma eyes myself. I don't know why I just don't. Maybe because I have it, I just don't feel like puttting it in my dolls. I am not attracted to the idea.
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    7. I don't currently have a heterochromatic doll, but I have a heterochromatic character who might be shelled into a resin body at some point! :D
    8. I have a few characters and dolls with this, though none of my current resin crew do. I like it, it's great for indecisiveness "blue eyes? brown eyes? ONE OF EACH!" lol.
      I have one character with sectorial heterechromia, a little patch but it's unintentionally. I borked up his eyes when I was painting them/making them and it left this mark in one eye that looks like damage. So I made it part of his character. He has one damaged partially sighted eye, and the segment that's a different colour is such because of damage, not genes.

      It'd be cool to have a doll with an intentionally made set of mismatched eyes where one had like.. a teeny blob of blue or something. That would look neat.
    9. I have one doll (head) with heterochromia. He has one blue, one green eye. I like such dolls the same way I do dolls with matching eyes. I think it gives them a special spark.
    10. I have a girl with heterochromia (although it's because magic, not genetics). I feel that it's fun to do but hard to pull off sometimes

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    11. I like to try it out with most dolls I get. Sometimes it's too much for them. Once in a while it looks natural and I like it. Such as my girl here Cricket. One eye is a grayish tone the other is greenish. Both eyes are interesting in themselves as far as variety in the colors in the eye. The eye size and type look realistic to me.
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    12. My first doll does. I don't have any good current photos of him because he's been in storage for awhile waiting for me to get around to repainting him, but his left eye is dark green, right is light green. The reason for this is because when I first got him, I couldn't decide on eye color, and my husband suggested I make his like mine, only exaggerated. Most of the time, my eyes appear to match, but sometimes the left does look slightly darker. I wanted Amir to have "my eyes", but in his own way. :)
    13. I love seeing it on other's dolls, but I don't ever really give it to my girls. I really need to get into customizing their eyes more!
    14. I will eventually have two dolls with heterochromia--mostly because one was sort of a "test" doll for a technique I perfected on the other. (These dolls were originally the same character, but now Pip is entirely her own--a technique I wanted on her didn't work.) They are Pip, my Planetdoll MSD Riz, and a LLT Roderich/Granado Female Nuevo girl whose project thread is titled "Prometheus," without a definite name yet--but I'm thinking Suri.

      They both have Waardenburg Syndrome--which is why Pip is deaf in one ear. A common trait of this relatively rare genetic syndrome (an association of particular phenotypes) is "brillant blue" eye (one or both eyes).
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    15. When I was putting together my MNM of Benedict Cumberbatch, I read somewhere that he had heterochromia, but his eyes aren't exactly two different colors, just a different mix of blue and green so they look different. So I bought a pair of eyes that is a mix of blue and green and turn them differently so they have the illusion of different eyes.

      Other than that I have several dolls with two different eyes, but none of them have heterochromia, several "wear contacts" and one is magic.
    16. Interesting that you bring up this Waardenberg syndrome. I have this and am Deaf. Yes, those who have the syndrome has one or both brilliant sapphire eyes that are unique to the syndrome. ^_^
      Funny how it is labeled as a rare genetic syndrome when it is not rare for me, rather common. I have met and have friends that has this, then again, I am part of the Deaf community and that's how we perceive this.
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    17. @Cloudsorano

      I think it is the most common--or is one of the most common, forms of syndromic deafness (obviously there are nonsyndromic forms).

      I think like 60% of people with Waardenburg Type 1 (as you no doubt know) have some degree of hearing loss, but I'm not sure about the other forms--a homozygous mutation (Type 3) is more severe (with respect to gastrointestinal development), but I'm not sure if the incidence of deafness is higher.

      Worldwide, incidence is 1/40,000 while other disorders are much more common. Here are some examples:

      Neurofibromatosis: 1/4,000 (order of magnitude more common; NF2 can result in deafness)

      Tuberous Sclerosis Complex: 1/5,000 (similar to NF in incidence; affects multiple organ systems but unclear if it is actually classified as a "syndrome")

      Usher Syndrome: 1/25,000 (another deafness [and blindness] syndrome)

      Down Syndrome: 1/700

      Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (all subtypes): 1/5,000-1/10,000

      Obviously, calling something "rare" is relative--there are rarer syndromes, but Waardenburgs I think would be considered rare.

      Obviously incidence varies by population: Waardenburg Syndrome has 4 subtypes (last I checked), but is considered dominant (so is Tuberous Sclerosis and Neurofibromatosis), so the likelihood of having multiple affected family members is increased (not that they'll have the same phenotype, necessarily), which would mean those affected would likely know others who are affected, and there are huge Ushers populations in parts of Pakistan and Europe.
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    18. I have a girl with heterochromia! I just think it's one of the cutest things a doll can have! :D

      by Tina, on Flickr
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