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Feb 6, 2017

    1. i think they are really beautiful. never thought about this before
    2. Sock has one blue eye and one green eye 'cause I gave him a ginger wig when I first got him. I wanted him to be reminiscent of David Bowie
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    3. I'd love to give one of my future dolls heterochromia, but I think would choose two colors that are close to one another so that the difference is subtle. I had a friend in high school whose eyes were like that and I thought she looked so beautiful and unique. You really couldn't notice unless you were looking her straight in the eyes.
    4. I like that! Any of my dolls don't have that yet but maybe in the future. :)
    5. I love the look... no set plans to do it myself, but it's so nice to see everyone's.

      (well, I had considered it for a pair of little off-topic dolls, just swapping half of each set of eyes so that they mirror each other, but as for proper resin dolls, none of the characters I plan on shelling have heterochromia)
    6. I have two dolls that have hetrochromia but for their race this is normal.
    7. I think it was probably once a lot more popular (*cough* Suiseiseki)

      I think it is beautiful and like to see people who have dolls with it, but I personally prefer symmetry.
    8. I like heterochromia a lot, but to me it has to be carefully balanced in color/brightness, because certain colors naturally attract more focus over others and can create the illusion of the eyes being different sizes or one being damaged. If a character is meant to be partially blind or have mis-matched eyes for some reason, that's another matter, but personally I avoid it because interfering with the doll's gaze really takes that spark of life out of them for me.
    9. I have a character with natural heterochromia that I want to doll. That is, if I can ever find a shell for him...
    10. I enjoy the look of it~ Especially if it creates an interesting color contrast!
    11. Personally I think it's kinda clichè if the doll is already magical and they have heterochromia at the same time, it just seems like overkill to me. But! that's my opinion and I have a doll who's going to have heterochromia, though he's just an average kid aside from his eyes.
    12. I have a few dolls that have this. They're all elves.

    13. I really like it. One of my dogs has one blue eye and one brown eye. I am so used to seeing it that it seems pretty normal to me.
    14. My top fave doll has one blue eye and one green eye. He has an identical twin brother and their only difference (besides how they dress and style themselves) is the eyes. The other twin has two blue eyes.

      (EDIT: Yeay! I finally figured out how to put a photo up!!!!! )
      Platinum blonde is John, Strawberry blonde is Joe! They are FID Iplehouse Arvids
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      Last edited: Apr 3, 2017
    15. My next doll will have them. His character is a vampire/dark magician.
    16. i love heterochromic dolls (and people lol), and i'll probably get one in the future ^^' I also like partial heterochromia, though, but that's harder to create :/
    17. The doll I'm planning as my first is after a character with a heavily green brown eye, and brown eye. I haven't quite figured out how I'll achieve it, but should be fun!
    18. I've got one boy with heterochromia. I don't really have a reason as to why, I just felt like giving him one extremely blue and one extremely green eye
      (hey kids, get off my lawn!)
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    19. My D is a character doll, so he had to have odd eyes to match the original manga character... one gold and one violet.

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    20. I think heterochromia looks so pretty, I especially love when it`s fantasy colors like red and pink or etc.