Horses for larger dolls

Sep 12, 2006

    1. The scale is better but still off, as it is, that SD13 looks like it is riding a very small pony. Your foot should not be hanging around your mount's knees.
    2. Too bad that My Twinn doesn't accept international orders >.<
    3. The ball-jointing I was having "issues with tension" was a horse butt about 45" tall, meant to attach to a person whose legs would provide the horsey front legs/hooves and the person body for a centaur costume.
      Never did get that costume to work for the Sagittarius; he wore an entirely different horse butt to present the costume.

      Anything in 1/3 or 1/4 scale has Got to be easier than that.

      For some quantity of 'easier'.

      The stringing probably ought to be:
      1) Back legs from hoof to butt to hoof
      2) Front legs from hoof to withers to hoof
      3) Head or neck to butt, possibly through a tube to make the articulations behave as a spine might.
      with variants as thought up by clever designers.

      Ann in CT
      need Apoxy sculpt
    4. Hmmm....

      This sounds alot harder then I thought.... :sweat

      IF anyone dose actually make this horse please tell us how you did it, I cant figure it out, maybe thoses that are really serious about making this horse should get together on this issue...

      Good luck to all!
    5. Have you seen the Domadoll Elves? They are actually Centaurs. They may give you an idea of how to do the stringing.
    6. I got an Our Generation horse this evening at Super Target. They are on sale right now for $22.99. I am a very happy Christmas girl.
    7. I just found some BIG stuffed horses (with sturdy armature) at a Rite-Aid (drugstore--if you're local to me, the one I saw was in Westlake Village, CA).

      They are roughly 29" tall (around 23" at withers), 31" long. Price--$29.00

      Those are my CP Elf Yder at the head, and Volks SD-13 Shiro riding...

      [​IMG]06-12-Christmas-0088a600x525 by aprilllee, on Flickr
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    8. What brands of horses work for SD size BJD's?
      I'm from the Netherlands, so I've never seen any of the American Girl or Battat horses in real life. Will the work or are they too small? Also, are there other brands with in-scale horses?

      Thanks in advance!
    9. Dunno, it says the My Twinn horse is 25" high, which I'm guessing is the top of it's head, and which doesn't put it up to the size of horse I want. So it's still a smaller horse size-wise. I groomed enough horses while I was taking lessons that I know how tall I want it to be in comparison to my boy.

    10. That would make it about 63 cm which is slightly taller than an SD. Almost the right height to be scaled for a smaller horse. I'm not sure I like the look of them though. There is something not quite right but I can't put my finger on it.
    11. Actually, my boy comes in right at 63 cm, that's why I feel it's definitely a little too small at least for me. So I'm gonna see if I can't put together my own, jointed, horse.
    12. I agree with Moggie. The "My Twinn horse" does not look rigth. I guess there is something wrong with the proportions or something...

      Thothep, I will love to see pictures of your finished jointed scaled horse! I have allways loved horses and I was already looking for one that would "fit" my SD. You're brave taking up such project! :thumbup
    13. I wonder if that 'something wrong' with the My Twinn horse is why I immediately knew I wouldn't want it, even before I checked size.

      Unfortunately, I certainly can't start work until after finals in two weeks. And I'll need my next paycheck to get materials. But if things go well it will certainly show up in pictures. Brave? Naw, just bullheaded, over the top projects are my standard.
    14. I think it's the way they took the picture on their site that makes the horse look funny. I had the same problem until I came across one of PamSD's photostorys.
      It gives you a better idea of the proportions of the horse. And the doll is 60cm. (to my knowledge, correct me if I'm wrong)
      I plan on getting one in the future for my crew.
      Hope this helps!
    15. I am not sure where to post this so here goes.

      I was in Target yesterday and I saw horses that are too big for my 43 cm. girl. They are made for American Girl size dolls and looked to me like they would fit the 60 cm. dolls. They were about 2 ft tall. The price was $30. This is a lot less than I have seen this type of horse before. They had wig hair mane and tail. The rest was hard plastic and, IMO, needs a more realistic paint job.

      The other thing I saw was a kettle type barbecue. Again, it was too big for my girl. It was about 1 foot tall and cost $20.

      I recently bought through eBay a barbecue that is the right size for my 1/4 size dolls.and it is about 8 inches tall. I really think the larger size is right for 1/3 size resin folks.

      Since there seem to be Targets everywhere in North America and Australia, I thought this might be of interest.
    16. I've bought a lot of the "My Generation" line for my DoT Shall, including the motor bike/scooter, chair set and bathtub. Very reasonablly priced and a pretty good fit!

      I never got the horse or grill set, but they sound tempting!!