Horses for larger dolls

Sep 12, 2006

    1. I had hoped to have some photos to show by now, but I’ve been working on a large horse too. At this stage I’m essentially needlefelting polyfil over a wire and wood frame.

      Unfortunately, though I just came back from the states, I forgot the jumbo box of fluff and apoxie sculpt I needed to continue. (And just when I’m on quarantine for having been out of the country, too... ok, deep-cleaning the house it is...)

      I’ll link a project journal here when I resume work.
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    2. @Havra That sounds really interesting! I can't wait to see how it turns out! :kitty2
    3. After having acquired a 3D-printer, I am about printing this little sweetie: horse (BJD) by dmstlrc

      Yes, it is a BJD horse. As you know me, I have tweaked it a bit. The hooves looked a bit strange, and I am about developing a way to attach a real-hair mane (if you want, a mane wig). Same with the tail. Yes, there is a plastic variant, but I thought it would look funny in combination with the haired mane. Oh, and in the size required for a 70 cm doll, I also developed a pair of ball-jointed ears (horses talk, among others, with their ears). When I am done, I will add these customizations to thingiverse.

      I have no idea whether this horsie will be able to carry a big BJD man, but we will see. I am printing my version in my favourite horse color - golden dun.
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    4. holy guacamole! Can't wait to see that! :o
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    5. @Ipledreamer - Oh, I was hoping someone would try something like this. ^_^ And yes, the ears definitely should be poseable too! Good luck and let us know how it goes!
    6. Watching for this! I recently printed Dmstrc's cat, at 200%. It turned out well, but is a little too heavy for itself, and flops down. I have not yet tried sueding the joints.

      I considered printing the horse too. Thanks for being braver than me!
    7. Can't wait to see what you come up with, your work is awesome!
    8. Wow, that would be super cool! You could always try wiring the joints ?
    9. You all know I am crazy. If it sags (which may happen), I will feed wire through the entire body, and some through its legs. Here are two pictures. One already contains my hoof modification, and the other shows the full head, ears separate joints (I could not get them to stay in their sockets, they still need to be fitted with tiny hooks and strung). As you can see, the head is quite nicely detailed:



      For the eyes, I will get a pair of taxydermy horse eyes. I find these quite realistic, and I am going for realistic here. Oh, and the guy standing next to the horsey parts is my 70 cm Thor. I wanted a horse that really looks good with the big boys, and I am sure this will fit the bill.

      For anybody interested: The printer we use is a Prusa MK 3. It has a build volume of somehing 20x20x30 cm. So the big parts such as chest, belly and behind will require to be printed in at least two parts (we will see about that), and glued together. As this pony is printed in PLA, there is no chance of welding these parts together. But plastic glue is also quite strong. I hope it will be strong enough to hold the string tension.

      Oh, and for sizing: I am using a factor of 675.
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    10. I think he's too big??? The horse, that is. I'm afraid your guy will look too small on it. Think about the size of a big man's foot related to, say, a Friesian or, head to say lower leg? Ugh, just hope you didn't print more before evaluating that?? :chomp:

      Hope I'm wrong!
    11. @Ipledreamer
      I'm really curious how your BJD horse will look in the end. :cheer
    12. @Ipledreamer Oooooh! I can’t wait to see how this turns out!

      My own horse project is still stalled, as I can’t justify buying more polyfil when an unopened 10lb box awaits me at my parents’ place in the states. I may not see them again until midsummer. What a facepalm moment when I realized what I’d done.

      The horse is bumping around my craft room totally in the way at all times as a constant reminder.
    13. @Ipledreamer, I think I am wrong, in pieces, it just looked so big, but this picture is supporting what I see in your photo, sorry!!!
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    14. @IngieBee: Oh, but that's totally fine. After all, horses come in all sizes. I just wanted to go with a rather "average" horse size for the big guys here. We are so used to horses who would be considered rather ponies for all kinds of dolls. Of course it is a matter of space and where to keep them, but if you want not only good-looking pictures (here you can do a lot with optical tricks - perspective, distances, detail shots, etc.), but also look good in reality, you have to go the route of a somewhat larger and particularly taller horse. We have to make them ourselves.

      If I look at your picture, it looks as if again my horsie might be rather again a bit short. Oh well...then he will be another Iberian. I prefer these anyways, and there a height of 1,60 m to a 1,80 m man is normal.
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    15. Oh YAY, I'm glad to see that someone is 3D printing a large horse! I can't wait to see what it'll look like when you're done, I want one for my 60cm boys!

    16. @Ipledreamer , I hope it'll turn out perfect and can't wait to see it assembled!!! This is really exciting to watch!!
    17. When it's done...well...that may well take another month, particularly the gigantic parts. Additionally, my dear daughter is printing her own, smaller version of that same horse (for some well-known, albeit off-topic dolls). Hers is just 1/6, there it prints much faster.

      I will show how when something important happens. I will not make something like a WIP though.
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    18. Ipledreamer - your progress pictures are awesome!! Keep posting them please! I wish I could have a massive horse too... but no where to put it, so I will live through your photos.
    19. @Ipledreamer you are doing something I can only wish my machine could handle- I have a small resin 3d printer, but we're going to size up soon. if your horse works out I may be next in line to follow your example :D
    20. When horsie is put all together and I see everything works, I will make sure to upload the changes (mobile ears, tailpiece for real hair application, mane parts for hair application, customized hooves) to thingiverse. Though I think that it really only works for 1/2.5 or 1/3 horses. Maybe (big maybe) for 1/4 horses.
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