Horses for larger dolls

Sep 12, 2006

    1. You are making me want a 3d printer @Ipledreamer , LOL. That's so interesting , you are teaching me a lot! Thank you for sharing your project with us!
    2. @kurogane: Maybe I should have started a project journal from the very beginning of this project...

      Regarding the large horse: if you have room for it, it can be a lot of fun. Not that I want you to keep you from it, but I highly suggest that you wait until mine is finished. Just to know what it takes to function (because the original one has no chance of standing on its feet in its original form). I am doing some serious modding.

      @IngieBee: Haha, that was really not my intention! Such a device is really a lot of fun. However, there is a definite learning curve. We took the rather safe route and got a tried and tested device. And still, there were some hiccups here and there, but we successfully overcame these. And if you really want to create or even be able alter to things to fit our dolls, it is essential to learn some kind of software. That was and is still hard for me. E.g. I modded the hip part. But I have no clue whether the horse's thighs still fit. Blender has so much stuff going on I just don't need (e.g. the animating part). But it is free, so I am okay with it.
      If you do buy one, I am curious what you create with it!

      I created a WIP thread:
    3. LOL, @Ipledreamer , I started in Blender back around 2002 or so, but then had babies, a job and life, so I've not kept up very well. I'll use it for stuff now and then, and right now, I have my whole family working on making a youtube show, staring my dolls, and only my husband is a writer, and knows anything. The rest of us are woefully bad actors and I'm a bad photographer. But I've been building a set to take green screen photos, with props and now i'm working on my stage in Blender where I will hopefully be able to place my characters. We want to get the first series of shows finished by end of summer, when the kids all go back to college. I can't quit, though, as it was my idea so I can teach my family to "just do it" LOL
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    4. @IngieBee: wow, that sounds so cool! Now I am curious how that show turns out. Maybe you need a horsie in it?
    5. I forgot more than I've ever learned about Blender at this point. I've been doing tutorials, and it's like a whole different program! Yah, I am determined to make this happen, but lots of hard work ahead. Tomorrow I'll be messing around undoubtedly, as I'm having lunch with my sister, as we do every week, and I usually hang around after for several hours, LOL. But yah, today I finished my green screen setup completely, and now have to work on a few props. And then I think I better make a story board. Ugh, so nervous about this endeavor though I've said many times to everyone, it doesn't matter if we fail and it sucks, only that we do it :D
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    6. That's the way! If you are aware that any time you start out for something new, there is always a chance of failure. You can cry about it, or take it as a learning curve.

      Yesterday I tweaked the butt part and the back thigh again and added some stops. I will print out in small scale to see whether and how it works. Admittedly a lot of plastic is waisted. But prototyping, which I am doing here, is never easy.
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    7. This is VERY impressive!
    8. @IngieBee Please tell me you're documenting this somewhere! I would love to see how it goes! I am trying to get up the nerve to start a Youtube crafting channel, but I haven't managed to start yet.

      @Ipledreamer This project is amazing and you're amazing. Keep working and keep us informed!
    9. I feel so deeply honoured, @thessalyrose!

      Well, the modded thigh/butt connection is printed. It looks like this:

      Even if this is the little horse I printed for my daughter, it will be basically the same for the big guy. Now we will do one more thing to the butt: my husband had the brilliant idea of somehow adding something like a separate guide for the elastic. The point engages really well, but the elastic as the second anchoring point is not as steady as I hoped for. So he did a quick construction (he is already really good at that) and I will try that.

      For the big guy, the chest is still printing. We are at part 6 of eight parts. Well, no use rushing the stuff.
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    10. Oh man, it's suddenly so hot here, the wind has blown out of me! This will get done but I see it will take a lot longer than I initially thought. :doh
    11. I am also looking for a big realistic looking horse for my Vindoll Udell!!
    12. Has there been any updates or new sellers of horses for 1/3 scale?
      Looking for two horses for my Feeple60 boy and girl.
    13. Unless you make your own horse, the only one that's close to being big enough is the My Twinn horse. There is the option, though, of thrifting a rocking horse, if you find a realistic one that you can remake??
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    14. Yes! Since I posted, in my research the MyTwinn horse was a great option but also the horses that younger kids can ride and rocking horses. It might not be too hard to mod and remove the "rocking" part of it.
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    15. What kind of "kids horse?" Do you have a pic or a link?