Horses for larger dolls

Sep 12, 2006

    1. Target has some interesting stuff. :D

      Right now, in the toy section, they have $2 bowling ball set (10 pins and the ball). And MSD sized putt-putt putters (really just golf pens) in the dollar section. I noticed the bar-be-que as well, but I think it's a bit too wide, but certianly pass-able!

      Also, staples is selling little container boxes that are to scale. I love finding stuff like this. XD
    2. Those horses from Target (called Our Generation or something) are probably the right size for your girl, I have a 44 cm Dollzone girl and the horse is the PERFECT size for her (kinda stocky though). They'd look like a little pony if ridden by and SD-sized doll. I believe PamSD has some great shots of her MSD-sized dolls on the Target horses. LINK:
    3. Those are great pictures!

      I am pretty sure that the horse I saw was taller than the one the SD13 guy was on. According to my eyeball, that Target horse is about 2 ft. tall. It looked to me like the the SD13 is taller than the horse he was riding on. Maybe they have enlarged the horses or maybe my eyeball is not as accurate as I thought it was.
    4. Yep. The Our Generation horses are pretty much the perfect size for Minis. (My two little MiniFee ghosts have the all-white dressage horse, and I just bought the black saddlebred for my incoming MNF Elf Shiwoo twins.) That said, they're too small for full-sized dolls... The My Twinn horse is a better size for them.

      Here's a size comparison....

      Harumatsu (60cm CP Shiwoo) on the brown My Twinn horse
      Ming (45?cm MNF Shiwoo) on the white Our Generation horse from Target

    5. My Twinn has FREE shipping on orders over $100

      The SD size horse is $70 so that leaves only $30 to add.

      I am ordering 2 horses since the shipping is FREE.

      If you have a friend who wants one too and you live close together, it's a great deal since the box is HUGE and costs a fortune to ship.!

      Here's the scale:
    6. do an AWESOME job on them. What type of paint do you use? They are very nicely proportioned for the SDs...
    7. acrylic works best...gotta water it down or it won't spread out...that's why it takes so much paint.....paint, dry, another layer, dry, another layer, dry...and every time is acts like you didn't put any paint on the time before because the flocking STILL sucks it up...but eventually you start to see a color change.
    8. As a relative newcomer here i can't believe no one has actually made a scult of an actual ball jointed horse! There seems to be all sorts of amazingly talent laden artists sculpts out there and surely there is a demand for such a creature:aheartbea
      Ohhh,my mind is tripping of into changeable face plates and of course they could have whole mane and tail wig collections.
      I would be on the waiting list for sure:D
      My real life horse does seem a little big for SD size girls:doh
      Will keep watching for that equine scult methinks;) It has got to be just a matter of time.
    9. Pam, thanks for the info. I would imaging painting flocking would be somewhat similar to painting on velvet...which I also found challenging. I wonder if there is some kind of medium that could be used to help get rid of some of the sponge affect. Regardless, you do a beautiful job.

      I also agree...someone should come up with ball-jointed horses...what a neat idea...!!!
    10. ARE there any bjd horses at all, whatsoever? I read somewhere that there are some very good model horses (1/6 scale, tho) made by Dragon that have flex joints, but all I can find online are Breyer and Johnny Wests.

      Has anyone ever been able to find a Dragon model horse w/the flex/bjd joints? If so, where? I'd really appreciate this info. Thanks!
    11. try this search ...toy horse silver lone ranger
    12. I hate living in the UK at times. No matter how much I want one of the My twinn horss for my girls and boy I can't get one *cries*
    13. Would there be much interest from the group in fully posable, custom-designed scale horses in needlefelt over an armature? I would love to make these for people out of my accessories shoppe, but would like some conception of interest before taking on such a huge project. I'm also interested in what you would pay for something like that. Keep in mind each one would be custom-made to your breed/colour/exact scale specs with rooted mane and tail. I have been riding and working wirh horses since the age of 3, so you can expect high realism (as far as the medium can go to that end)... I wouldn't make anything less than that when it comes to horses. *L*
    14. That sounds absolutely fantastic, but I would have no idea where pricing would fall. Since my dolls are 65 cm and 70 cm. That would be one big horse!
      I could probably just buy one of the real live miniature horses and have about the right size!!:lol:
    15. PamSD Your horses and tack are just wonderful, but I think even on a My Twinn, Bijou's legs would be too long. It is a temptation though. .... But what isn't?
    16. You know I think Mytwinn has discontinued the Brown Prancer. I can't find it listed anywhere, :...(

      - ShadowHawke -
    17. It sounds incredible- but also like it would be very expensive due to the amount of work, materials, etc. Can you give us any idea of an approximate price range?
      Although, I guess given how much the BJDs cost, we really can't complain about the cost of a custom horse!
    18. The Quarter Horse is selling for $84.00+shipping. Back in February they had a lovely brown Prancer and it was selling for $63.00 or so and the Q.H. was selling for $72.00. Then you have to buy the tack and saddles, so yes even the horses for your "kids" gets expensive. But they're soooo worth it.

      - ShadowHawke -