Horses for larger dolls

Sep 12, 2006

    1. Ooh, this makes me excited! A future doll needs a horse so I'm glad to see there are horses for him! And luckily he doesn't need tack for it XD
    2. I just saw the Brown Prancer on their website today. They wanted $80 + shipping for it.

    3. I have several of the target ones. They're great for MSD,but the paint jobs aren't super. I've had t repaint mine to get them looking remotely horsey...
    4. I think I may have to try buying a plush and then building a relatively jointed wooden framework and putting that inside it. Or, better yet, make the framework, then cover that with muscle shapes in styrofoam, then that with something velourish and stretchy... *plans* I'd have the legs be simple tongue and groove joints, but each leg and the neck would be wired to pose.

      In this economy and with what I've spent on my dolls themselves, I prefer to make as much as I can for them with what I already have, and I know I could come up with something suitable for a 6ocm+ given time...
      I might even sell them if I figure out how to make more than one with any kind of ease.
    5. In my opinion My Twinn Horse is suitable for 1/3 scale and Flocked Horse from Dollmarket a nice size for 1/4 scale. I have one of both of those horse types and, even keeping in mind maybe something a little higher could work better, I am glad they still play the role. I also think My Generation and Battat horses may get the accurate scale with MSD. Even with so many good ideas around about how to make your own, let's say, BJH (Ball jointed horse) I can't imagine myself trying to create one. The expenses, the time and the talent sometimes are too many things to happen at once when we want.

      About My Twinn Horse, I am really hesitating since I read:
      Might it mean I'm right and My Twinn Horse and My Twinn Quarter Horse are different types of a same kind? And is it possible to get a My Twinn Horse white?
    6. I have one of each and they're the same scale, Misato-swan. The new horse is a different color and in a slightly different pose, but it's the same size as the older one.
    7. Bittersweet, because of the fight between wishes and pocket, happy news, Brightfires, but I really thank you them. The truth is that is the best I could hear about the case. It is real what I was afraid of and I could fall getting another and different My Twinn Horse. Who knows? Let’s time. The why that I am glad is a new chance is there and I really thank you for telling me so. :aheartbea

      Ahoy, ginarolo! My truly deep thanks. What a gorgeous amazing job the one brighnasa made, that wonderful horse, and it has been even funny reading and bringing back my big memories of that kind of My Twinn Horse huge box. Can be sure I will hold that horse customizing tutorial information and hope I may use it in the future with a next, wishfully white, this time Pegasus horse. :) Everlasting thanks. I must confess I am still wondering wings.

      :aeyepop: Yikes! I did not remember those ones, uno-kun. Appaloosa horse from Appaloosa Horse Set (20 inch x 13 inches to the back) is a couple of inches higher than the Dollmarket horse I talked about and sounds like odd in proportions. Brown Horse Standing (15" x 13.5") measures three less tall, what I am afraid means definitely too short. The Dollmarket flocked horse I mentioned is "Doll Market Flocked Horse with Sound 18’’" and, as far as I know, is not on sale in that store anymore from a long ago. I found and got it, in fact a couple of them, from Dollmarket between May and June, 2006 through and thanks the suggestion of another store which used to sell it too, but that stopped selling it some time before than Dollmarket. I am really sorry for that. Wish the info might help you in the hopefully case you may find yours. ;)
    8. Hey, I wanted to alert you guys to an inexpensive, jointed horse that's available at Walmart from Paradise Horses. I finally found it online here: (scroll down to about the middle). The listing says it's scaled for 18" dolls, and it's only around $30 or $40. It's not as realistic as the other ones mentioned in this thread, but I think it's a good deal for the price.

      If anyone has one already, I'd love to see pics with your kid!

      I don't think I'll be getting one myself; an SD-sized horse would be more suited to my needs.
    9. The unicorn that souldoll is going to release isn't on topic as a DOLL but it'd make an excellent Noble Steed for some dolly. I'm wondering if it will fit small SDs or only be big enough for MSDs to ride it.
    10. Does anyone know if there are any other horses that fit MSD size apart from Battat? The horses they sell just seem so unrealistic and I'm not quite confident enough to start modding a horse yet. Is the MyTwinn size too big for MSDs?
    11. Unless your MSDs are supposed to be kids... yes. They'll look too big. They're a better scale for 50-60cm dolls if you're going for "adult on a horse".

      If your little guys are supposed to be kids, though, and you're going for "small kid riding something larger than a pony" they're great. XD
    12. Oh ok. ^^ Thanks. Guess it's time to start looking into repainting.

    13. Apparently it has the same body as Chiron, so maybe someone with a Chiron would be able to chime in about the size.
    14. No one is talking about this here?

      Just posted in the news forum:

      This looks incredible! And the price, while expensive, is not that bad considering you would pay that much for most SD size dolls. I would sand off the tail and mane and use real horsehair instead. The customizing potential for this beast is incredible. Good job folks! Sadly I have no extra monies at this time, but I will definitely start a savings fund for this guy.
    15. I'm glad to have found this thread to discuss the horse I am offering!
      I really believe it's a good thing to have many choices in price and quality. The horses that Pam SD customize are wonderful, she takes a toy plastic horse and makes it into a work of art that appears realistic and works for most of the larger BJDs. I so admire her work. Not only does she customize the horses she makes fabulous tack for them as well.
      My horse is another choice, it's more expensive but it's made from resin. In small batches. I suppose very much like how our BJDs are produced. It was very expensive to have the mold made and to pay for each casting. It's alot of work! Remember, these are not made in a large factory, they are made each by hand in a resin-casting art studio. The price of resin is way more expensive than plastic. I welcome all comments and criticisms :)
      Oh, and thank you Cirquemom for the heads up!
    16. Sorry, Shulamite, but I have to say I am not fond of the pose of that model horse for dolls at all. It looks like the model for it was standing with it's head turned toward the camera as their reference which looks very unnatural to me. I would think most doll collectors would want the horse in more of a walking or with the legs in a walking motion to make it look like it is moving versus standing, but maybe that is just me. I would love to see a realistic BJD horse, but have'nt seen one yet that meets my aesthetic criteria.
    17. The resin horse is in a classic Arabian Halter Class position.
      If you do a little research and look at photos of Arabian Stallions you find MANY in this exact pose.
      Arabs have very long flexible necks.
      I ride one so I have seen it first hand.
      Bijou can actuall turn to look ar me with BOTH eyes whenI am on his back!
      Sheri did great research for her horse.
      He's pretty darn close to perfect.
      (I liked the 4th foot pointed back but she went for stability)

      Price is right on target for something made of resin and cast in small numbers.
      Would I like to pay less?
      Of course.
      But I totally get why it's priced this way.
      He's a piece of ART more than anything.

      I am hoping she sets herself to sculpt a Fresian next !
      Please Sheri?
      I can send you 20 lbs of clay to get started!
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    18. Thank you Luckyl for your critique. I know my horse is not perfect and I'm fairly certain other horses for BJDs will be available very soon which will be what you want. Choice is a good thing :)
      I made SLD Nahar to be what I would want for my own dolls and they haven't complained :)