Horses for larger dolls

Sep 12, 2006

    1. Oh, a Friesian! What a wonderful idea. I'd like to one of those and the Arabian. So lovely!
    2. Have just discovered this thread. I love Shulamite's horse^^
      Has anyone so far mentioned the armoured horse that is available from Domuya? He is limited but can be bought without the armour. The horse is called 'Nightmare' and described as a D1 Companion.
      The limited edition pre-release can be found here, though I believe there will also be a standard version in due course. He's about $603 US at current exchange rates.
      He is ball-jointed, but I wonder how good he would be at standing and posing. I think he was declared OT as a doll by the mods because he's not an anthro, obviously - but I guess it would be okay to discuss him as a BJD accessory? :)
    3. Nahar looks really beautiful in the website pix, love that Arab intelligence looking back at you. So many choices on how to blush him, too. Not in the budget right now, sadly, but if I win the lottery I'm on it.
      I'd second the comment that a Friesian horse would also be terrific mount for larger BJDs, or any of the other draft horses, but of course they'd also be more expensive, like casting some of the really big muscly guys we can get now. (Sorry, zoning out here a bit, I'm having images of somebody like a Kamau or a Tedros as a horse trainer...)
    4. I have a Battat horse for my dolls. Ena is a 60 cm doll, for her it's ok. Like a ponie. But for the 70 cm dolls, it is far to small.
    5. I love the SIZE of the Nahar, and it is a gorgeous Arabian! I do indeed want one, and if I can paint it right, it'd be a beautiful object of art to have in my house when the dolls aren't riding it!
      I do hope future sculpts if there are going to be any, may include walking poses too. I will almost certainly be saving for Nahar!
    6. I can't imagine Shulamite sculpting a whole line of horses, as the work and money involved would be incredible, but a Friesian in motion would be wonderful! Not that her Arabian isn't beautiful!

      My only thought is that having a horse without a sculpted mane and tail would be nice because people could add hair in the color of their choice. I think using hair makes the horse look much more realistic. True the tail can be removed and the mane sanded off, but what a lot of work and wasted resin!

      Perhaps offering the horse in two versions, one with sculpted mane and tail and one without could be an option?
    7. I am also saving for the horse. I have an Anglo-Arab and he looks just like this sculpt.
    8. Ooooo TOTALLY subscribing here! :D I love love love horses too, I have two of my own, and my mom has one as well, and we all love on our "little man" the pony.

      Anyway. I have one of the Target "our generation" or whatever they're called horses (from my American girl phase hahah) and he's definitely way too small for my 60cm boy. I am however doing a repaint on him so he looks prettier sitting in my room, and redoing his mane and tail with real horsehair, courtesy of my loverly Thoroughbred Ferarri. I grew her mane out all winter for this purpose. XD I think this horse will make a nice pack pony for my druid/elf character. :3

      Gyah, I'm SO pining for a MyTwinn horse now! The cusomizing opportunities are endless~ And I really like the flocking, you can paint over it and it still has a realistic look unlike painted plastic. And PamSD you have my undying worship! Your horse mods are freaking AWEsome. I want to see more! lol
    9. I certainly will do a Friesian next and thanks Pam for the offer of clay lol. If it is to be a horse in motion it will need a base as only two feet will be on the ground. After I get some other commissions done I definitely will start on the Really Big Guy.
      I plan on customizing one SLD Nahar model as a Friesian type for BJDC 2010. He will get more of a Roman nose and I will add mohair feathers. Paint him black and a bushy mane and tale, voila, half-breed Friesian. It never hurts to try :)
    10. I think you could do 3 feet onthe ground and be in good shape to forgo the base.
      like this one but more highly detailed...


      though in my dreams a jointed horse would be able to do this
      this would rock ! ! ! !
      had to share...I need to make this costume for Nahimana...

      I better stop...I could pull fresian pics all day.

      Hey Sheri do you have those measurements for me?
      Drooling over Friesian pictures and imagining horse AND doll costumes...
      Three feet on the ground will work. Gads, I wish I had the skill to do a ball-jointed horse right now. I do plan on trying a doll first and who knows, the bjd horse could happen. Certainly others will as Domuya has already done.
      I got a reply from Deb this morning that she is planning on taking the measurements tomorrow as she is sick today. I will forward them to you as soon as I get it.
    12. Hey Pam, is this a photo of Dark Moriah from the Seattle Knights? I used to watch them perform every summer at the Gig Harbor Ren Faire in WA. They quit doing that faire for some reason and now its moved (as have I...) and is way to far for me to go anymore.

      Here is a link to their photo gallery in case you want some more pics:

    13. OHJEEZ if there was a BJD Fresian I don't care what I was saving for at the time...all that money would immediately go toward one. :D I am SUCH a huge fan of feathered horses. What I would really love to see would be a Clydesdale or Shire BJD but can you imagine the scale?! o_o It would be like a smallish dog size for us. Probably almost 4 feet at the head. And how to do the feathering and make it look natural? Id definitely want it to be real hair or fur and not sculpted. Thoughts?

      Here's my ideal horse~ X3

      Although I'm really not a fan of docked tails, but they're traditional. *shrug* These are some amazing animals!
    14. Oh wow, all these gorgeous horses are tempting me to sell my dolls and buy a horse!
      Making natural-looking feathers on a model horse is going to be a challenge. When my SLD Nahar comes out of the mold I am going to attempt some feathering ideas on him, even though he is a light-horse type. It does seem like most bjd people want a heavy war horse in an action pose for their dolls so when I get my Friesian done I may have him cast for collectors. Other people with better skills can make the ball jointed horses though :)
    15. How much does she charge?

      ...all this talk about fresians! Those have always been some of my favourite horses.
    16. That artist on Deviantart's BJD horses are tiny, I think only about 7-10" tall. She uses some kind of clay to make them. Making a horse big enough for a SD BJD is a huge undertaking in materials, shipping, and just dealing with the size as far as sculpting it. I know because my husband and have experimented with sculpting something that large. It really is no wonder there are'nt many options available out there for SD size horses made out of resin, especially BJD horses. The stringing must be a nightmare too, literally!
    17. Hahah Luckyl good pun about stringing. ;) It WOULD be a nightmare to string a bjd horse...I've been thinking on it myself, since originally this Our Generation model I have was going to get cut apart and redone to BE a bjd. But then I got to thinking about how the joints should work and such, and you'd have to have a thicker stringing elastic than what is in our dolls now. The tension would also have to be really tight, especially if the neck were to be able to turn down into a grazing position, but still hold up in a normal pose. @[email protected] So much to think about!

      On feathering though, I was thinking how if you were to make a few layers/rounds from the hooves up, then take loose hair and thin it out, then blush the legs to blend it all in it could look pretty realistic. I might try this theory out on the model I have now. =3

      And Shulamite! Don't sell your dolls to buy a horse! Then we wouldn't get all your amazing ideas for the statues XD I'd recommend going to a local stables and taking lessons if you want to be around them lol. If you lived in NE Ohio you could come to mine! Hehe
    18. I wouldn't really want a fully ball jointed horse... so much as "a horse big enough for large SDs that can pose its head in a few ways and maybe move the front legs a little bit". Breyer makes these Pony Pal horses that are semi posable- something like that. The head can move up and down for tossing motions, and the legs each have one mechanical type joint so that the horse can assume a couple different poses. I bought one for my Pukis, but I'm wondering how much of my work and sanity it would take to make something vaguely similar for my big SDs. (I'm a rather experienced crafter and prop maker)
      I'd use some kind of aluminum or steel frame, and then foam for most of the body... foam and fiberglass maybe. Duplicating such a thing would also be really difficult. Just sculpting something of that size is daunting, let alone making any part of it mobile!
    19. A Friesian would rock! As a former Arabian breeder, though, I'm happy to see them represented first *heh*. And I like that it's not a running walk pose so many model horses have. Not that I don't think gaited horses are really neat, just more variety would be nice . . . personally, I'd love to see a Saddlebred or a Morgan. No room to mount my characters these days, but I do have characters who ride a Saddlebred-type, an Arabian-type, and a Canadien/Morgan type ^^;;;. So one day . . .