Horses for larger dolls

Sep 12, 2006

    1. Hmm, yeah I don't really like when models are posed in running positions much, they become unbalanced and are hard to set up with other props. Yet AGAIN back to the Our Generation model =___= which is posed as such, aside from being too small for SDs makes it really annoying to just stand on my floor! It's constantly falling back on its rear end. XD (Although part of that is the house itself; I live in an 1800s farmhouse, so the entire upstairs is sagged toward the middle. *sigh*) But still! lol In general that's what I love most about the My Twinn horse--he's posed with one leg up, which can be artistically shot to make it look like more or less movement. :3
    2. DPL Leeds make nice plush horses for 60-75cm sized dolls, I have 3 of them and they are lovely, Okay so they're not so realistic, and are only very lightly poseable, but you can get beautiful colours and are quite easily customizeable, I have added long mohair locks to this one, and modified her eyes:
      I'm thinking of giving her the fluffy hooves as well, as I think it will suit her.

      The FS thread with more pictures and one of my other horses;

      I looked at that Domuya horse, I don't know if it's because the mane is missing, but it looked a bit weird:(
    3. I think I picked up one of those Leeds horses at TJ Maxx for $25. It's big enough for my Doll Family Chenxi (75cm) and my 70cm DZ guy to ride comfortably; the 60cm girls look pretty tiny, but they seem to enjoy it!
    4. I've been Google searching, and I can't find any "Leeds horse" that isn't a horse in Leeds. :P Photos, and more info? I'd love to see it!
    5. Tamsen - if you got one for $25 that's a pretty good buy! How do you like yours? what colour is it?
      Also Tamsen I looked at your profile to see if you had any pictures of your Chenxi, He is my biggest want right now, anyway, are you the coolest person ever??? You play the harp......awesome! You have a Chenxi, Obitsu's and a DPL Leeds horse= super awesomeness!

      Natsunekko - I went and took some pictures of my DPL leeds horses for you, you have to put the DPL part if you are looking for them. Anyway.......
      Please forgive my scruffy photo's I fell down the stairs last week and broke my ankle in 2 places so I can't carry anything while I'm getting around on crutches (let alone brave the stairs carrying them right now), I wanted to take them outside and do nice pictures in the field, but I'm afraid it's moody indoor photo's at the moment.
      All 3 of the DPL Leeds horses, there is a grey, brown appaloosa and a bay
      Bella the horse I modified
      Bella's modified eyes, I made her new eyelids from leather, I'm still not sure if I'm 100% happy with the eyes. I also opened up the seam at her main and tail, and rooted in some long mohair to give her a bit more of a realistic mane and tail.

      The two appaloosa's I am thinking of replacing the furry fabric on their hooves with patent leather to give them shinier more realistic hooves. The colouring of these two is very pretty, but I have seen several other colours for sale. The DPl Leeds horses have an internal metal armature which you can gently pend to pose if you like, but I wouldn't reccommend doing it often. This makes them very sturdy and stable, but I don't think it would be at all difficult to change that to some sort of wooden locking hinge system, which would make them completely poseable.
      With my 60cm obitsu riding, she looks a bit bigger on the horse because of the picture angle, these horses are like a large quater horse for a 60cm doll, and suit a 70-75cm doll well. (please excuse Isabelle's pantslessness)
      Just to give you an idea of scale......The DPL Leeds horse on top, a 60cm tall Obitsu, and Gus, a horse I bought online, let this be a lesson to you to check the measurements of things carefully. I bought Gus thinking he was the same size as my other DPL Leeds horses, when I went to pick him up at the courier depot I discovered why the seller had complained so much about having to post him. I can't say for sure if he is made by DPL Leeds as well, but he looks very similar in appearance and composition.
      More pictures at; horse/plush Horses/ horse/ Medieval Knight/Pink Medieval maiden/ Medieval Knight/
      Let me know if you have any problems with the links.
    6. You're so sweet! :chocoheart I think my horse is more like your Gus -- apparently Leeds makes both 32 inch (Gus) and 22 inch horses -- not to mention a 60 in. giraffe! They have a shop on eBay ( but only seem to ship within the UK.

      My boy is a golden brown with black mane and tail. I named him Mallanu -- more or less Elvish for "Golden Boy." He is really big, but that's good for my two big guys (75" and 70"). The girls look like they're kids riding a warhorse, but they don't seem to care. And he's so sturdy! Their shop says they can be sat on, and I believe it.

      I still think Chenxi (mine is named Gwaihir) is one of the most gorgeous dolls going. I got the earlier model that has some posing difficulties, but he's so pretty I'm happy with him just sitting around. Hope you get one soon!

      Love your horses!
    7. Thank you Tamsen, I think that's a really useful link, plus I have also seen some of these horses for sale on U.S. Ebay, so if someone likes them it's well worth a look.
    8. Raewhitewolf, it looks like they have 22" horses and 26" horses. Which size are the ones in your picture?
    9. My smaller 3 are 22" from hoof to the top of their head, the big one Gus is just over 34" tall........he's a big boy
    10. Just snagged a DPL Leeds horse on ebay, 26 inches! He is black with a white stripe and has feathered legs!! I can't wait for him to get here, my 65+ boys need a horse to ride!
      I also have an Our Generation horse but he's more of a pack pony for my SDs. I guess he could be a war charger for the MSDs...

      raewhitewolf, could you please show us pictures of the doll on your Leeds horses taken at more level so the angle doesn't obscure the scale? Thank you so much!

      There has to be a way to make this: but larger!

      I can't help but want to sculpt a good 28-30 inch (at the head height) horse, something big enough for even the EIDs, and then maybe have it duplicated by injection molding in plastic. Hollow plastic would be a lot lighter than resin or something else, and it could be made with no mane and a stump to attach a tail so that it can be customized. A Horse Blank, if you will.
    11. Oh cool! your black horse sounds BEAUTIFUL! I'd love to see some piccies of your boys on their new steed.
      That wooden horse in your link would probably be good for a base to put a "fur suit" over, I think it would work well for that, but at $150 for a 14" horse that's a pretty pricey model.
      The big horse I have at 34inches would probably be big enough for the huge dolls, I have seen some of those for sale on the link Tamsen gave, I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it would be to put together a huge sculpted jointed horse, I don't know what you'd have to do to hold such a thing together and make it stable, but if you could work it out, a blank customizable horse would be amazing. I think till then though I'll just be happy with my plushies.

      I took some pictures of the 22inch horses with a doll on for scale I took them from pretty much level side on so they're a pretty true indication, I've put them with a small saddle to help them sit in a better position, more realistic to a person actually riding a horse. The saddle is made from polymer clay and leather, and is quite easy, if someone wants I can make a tutorial for it, just let me know if you're interested.
      With Isabelle, a 60cm Obitsu riding.....
      And with my 68cm Bobobie Lian......
      With the dolls standing in front of the horse, Lian is slightly taller than the horse standing, but she looks quite good riding it.
      Please excuse lian's nightie, she was busy having a snoozle in the corner of the couch when I snatched her up for an extra size comparison.:)

      I hope this helps give you a better idea of scale for the 22" horses.
    12. Oh, would LOVE a saddle tutorial! Pretty please!
    13. Oh yes Raewhitewolf, a tutorial for the saddle would be fantastic!
      I'd like to share my first finished model for SD size dolls. He's 27" high and truly a big horse for our dolls, hope to share doll comparison shots soon.
      He has a synthetic fiber mane and tale and is painted with oils. I've named him "Palam".
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    14. Absolutely Gorgeous! You've captured that 'look' totally! Now I want to see him in full desert gear, tassels and all...
    15. Wow he's lovely, and HUGE!
      I am actually procrastinating on finishing an outfit for a tutorial at the moment, so I'll finish that first and then put together a saddle tutorial for you guys.
    16. OMG he's GORGEOUS!!! When are you going into mass production??

    17. Thanks for the pics, Raewhitewolf!! Those are perfect! I can't wait for my black horse to get here!
      Shulamite, that arabian is gorgeous!! Have you thought about having the sculpt duplicated in molded/blown plastics? It'd be hollow and much lighter/easier to ship than resin.
    18. I saw Sheri's horse in person this weekend...OMG OMG OMG...he is sooooooooooooooooo beautiful....I highly recommend owning one!