How big is your doll family?

Jul 2, 2017

    1. I own two, one MSD and a YoSD. It's a number that I'm good with at the moment.
    2. I have got one and she is still not complete. I would like to buy as many as my buget will allow :D. Actually I would like to have Doll Chateau bjd, maybe one or two boys and I wish to buy Smart doll.
      Alsoo I´m not collecting only bjd, I love Monster High too. :)
    3. I have been collecting other types of dolls for a while, but after I got my first BJD in November of 2016, I was hooked. It really is hard not to want to collect a bunch, there are so many nice sculpts out there that I love. Other than setting a doll budget for myself, I have a list that I've made of my characters that I want dolls of and I can't add to the list until I have them all assembled.

      Currently, my doll family consists of 2 SDs, 3 MSDs, and 1 floating head. I have a body on layaway for the floating head, and I have an incoming MSD who will be home later this month.
    4. Ha ha, same! The hardest part about collecting is fighting the ambition. I have at LEAST 4 characters I want as dolls right now, but I'm still in the process of paying off my first. It's just so easy to succumb to those beautiful sculpts~
    5. I have one doll and three floating heads. I also have one doll and another floating head incoming.

      I would say my limit would be three. I have what I'm calling a passion project for a group of five based on characters from one of my stories, but I can manage with just the main couple. So that's two. And then there's my yoSD 'meet-up buddy' that I'm waiting on. So realistic limit is three, ideal limit is six.
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    6. I technically have three full dolls and two floating heads (plus one full doll on the way), but one of my full dolls is for sale, and one of the heads isn't really completely floating because he shares a body with my other Kid Delf.

      I don't really think I have a limit for how many dolls I'd have, though I can't see me having a huge amount. I would personally prefer to have a few dolls that I do a lot of stuff with than to have a bunch and have most of them sitting around doing nothing most of the time. I don't really want a "collection" in that sense, where I finish a doll and then it just sits there. So who knows how many I'll have?
    7. 13 -15 I can't actually remember and an unknown number of heads because I keep finding new ones all the time. All of my dolls are from dollzone. I'm not a fan of their new items so I need to find another company to like.
    8. Currently, I have:
      -11 SD17 boys; 2 SD boys (picking up RG Williams at LADP)
      -2 SD16 girls; 8 SDGr girls; 2 SD girls
      -2 SDM boys
      -1 Yosd Girls
      -6 DDs
    9. I have 30 at the moment, plus a box of heads and body parts.
    10. I feel like I'm doing a good job on making smart purchases ( and not just buying everything I like haha). I'm at 9 right now but by the end of the year I'll have 13 (two I'm going to order when preorder opens and a floating head is getting a body).
    11. I'll be at 20 when my newest doll arrives. I feel like I am pretty much at my limit, mainly because the doll would have to be different enough for me to consider purchasing it. Currently I don't have any plans to make any more purchases unless something really catches my eye!
    12. I currently have 4 dolls, and I started collecting in may :P.
      I am however stopping the collecting for now, as it's very expensive. My boyfriend also thinks I have enough for now, and we gotta focus on saving money for finding a new appartment.
      I am really happy with the 4 dolls I have now, so at the moment I am not really craving for more. I know the family will expand eventually, but I think I don't want to have a very very very large collection like some of you. I do like looking at your collections, but I think it would be too much for me and my boyfriend. I would be happy with a family of around 8 dolls max.. or so I say now :)
    13. Currently I only have three with another one on layaway. Two SDs and a MSD (with a pukifee on the way). I don't really have a limit on how many dolls I will have, but right now, space is my biggest issue. Once I have a place I can set my dolls up then I might think of a number to try sticking around. I don't have much money to spend on them so my family will probably stay small for a long time.
      I don't see this as a bad thing because I can take my time with each one, which I personally enjoy.
    14. I'm in the same boat as you - none, at the moment, but I have my first on the way (who is coming with a free event doll, although she is OT for DOA I believe). I'm trying not to set a strict limit for myself in terms of numbers, because realistically, it would probably get broken! I do want to make sure that I only buy dolls I absolutely love and have plans for, though (with the exception of the occasional impulse LE purchase, perhaps). I plan to customise my own dolls and get overwhelmed easily, so would generally prefer a smaller, more manageable collection.
    15. I don't have any yet, but I'm hoping to get one off the secondhand market as there's no way I'll ever be able to afford one first hand :whee:
    16. I've got only 2 bjds and I thought that was enough, but I'm in the process of getting another one. They're all yosds and I might want to get some mature tinies in the future .
    17. Actually, depending on what you want, there are some relatively cheap ones at junkyspot by bobobie. I think those dolls are on topic, right?
    18. I've been in the hobby for 6 years have only ever gotten to 7 dolls. The first 7 I bought have all been sold and the characters re-shelled to suit their character better.
      For me sometimes I wish I only had two dolls, a girl, and a boy. This being so I could give them my full attention instead of having to divide it between seven, which when trying to get things done can take a long time. It takes me so long to complete a doll and even then they are never finished because I want to make so many things for them and have so little time. I look at peoples huge collections and couldn’t bear the thought of mine being so large, not that there is anything wrong with that. I personally couldn’t have a collection so big it would stress me out so I envy those who can. Seven is my limit…. Well until a doll comes along that changes that maybe XD
    19. I had two bjds for a while and thought that three would be the perfect little family. I said oh I can just get one more! But then I saw two sculpts I loved and couldn't decide which one to be my third... so I got both. Now I don't even have a limit, and I'm planning to get even more bjds at this moment.
      I think the limiting factor is definitely space. I had two for a while because I was at university and my dorm room was pretty cramped. When I graduated and got my apartment, I think I went a little crazy since I had a lot more space and money than I did when I was a student haha.
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    20. I have 4 Bjd's, 3 boys and one girl. Still have afew more to get.