How big is your doll family?

Jul 2, 2017

    1. I have 10 full bjds. Most are Msd. 7 are Fairyland, varying in almost all sizes except the really big or really small XD. One is a Doll Chateau msd, one Dollzone msd, and the last is from Depths dolls. I don't have a family photo lol. I plan to have a couple more fairyland ladies and a few from other companies :D.
    2. Right now I have four full dolls and quite a few floating heads (around seven or eight I think)! Clearly I have not reached my maximum :XD:
    3. I currently have seven complete dolls, two heads awaiting their bodies and one headless body waiting for a head. And at least two dolls more I'm planning to buy. Possibly some more will be desired in future (you never know, right?) Never thought I would have this many, but—
      After all, I know a few people owning more than 40 dolls, so my doll family is not so big in comparison. :XD:
    4. At the current point in time, I have three full dolls and a floating head! I have another floating head on her way to me at the moment in the post and I also have a body and a full doll on layaway from Fairyland at the moment! I'm also hoping to be able to buy my current floating head (a Doll Leaves Ida) a body soon so that she won't be so out of place :) All of my dolls are girls!

      I think as long as you have the room for them and the money to purchase them without having to skip over your bills or other life commitments then there's not necessarily a limit to the number of dolls you should have! Of course if I were to get to doll number 7 and find that I felt I had enough dolls, then I would probably stop collecting. But until that feeling, I think I'll just keep collecting when I have the money spare for a new resin child!
    5. Haha, reading other people's posts about having upwards of 20 or 30 or even 40 dolls makes me feel a bit silly about feeling that my 6 dolls are maybe too much :sweat

      At the moment I have two 70cm boys, two 1/3 ladies, one 1/4, and one 1/6 doll. In addition to those I have one pet doll and one 1/3 head without a body. I'm waiting for another 1/4 doll. There are still a lot of dolls I'd like to get though, so maybe my feelings that 6 is too much will subside.
    6. Right now i have 5 dolls and one floating head. Two are from Luts (one a delf, the other a senior 65 delf), One Crobidoll, A Fairyland Feeple 60 with an event head, and another doll that is not supposed to be discussed on this site. So four BJDs and another doll as well. No plans to collect anymore for now because I have no more space to store any more dolls lol.
    7. 17 with a finished layaway for #18 waiting to come home. I'm at a point where I want to take stock, only buy an extra special doll here or there, my actual 'to buy' doll wishlist is very small and I'm really enjoying concentrating on doing things with my current dolls and not hunting or buying the base dolls much. Things like clothing and accessories and customization plans, I'm really taking stock this year and making a good doll hobby plan to go forward. I may not follow it exactly but it feels good to get a plan together as a guide.

      Only one of my dolls was a full set and many are blank and waiting for their customization. Photographing them all for a portrait to make a nice doll album is a goal, as is finding each their 'just right' eyes and wig. I've enjoyed them blank and changeable for a while, now it's time to get some of them moulded into characters. But every part is fun. I look at larger collections with admiration but I'm reaching close to the limit of my space and attention span for my own collection I think. Maybe a handful more could come home but probably never many more than 25 total.
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    8. Five with one on the way. As far as limiting myself? I never give myself limits when it comes to collecting, I just try to be sure that I don't overspend (or run out of space!). I can see myself having a rather big collection one day, but I hope that it's through a steady, drawn out pace of acquisition.
    9. 31 including 3 off topic dolls-- However that doesn't include the 8 I've set aside to sell, 8 floating heads, 3 bodies waiting for either a head or sale, 3 preorders& 1 on layaway

      I'm at the point where I've become more picky about the dolls that stay with me. I enjoy looking at my dolls, but I also feel like it's getting to be too much. I have tentative plans for more, but I will probably sell a few dolls before then.
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    10. My BJD crew isn't so much a family; it's more of a village :sweat

      It's the result of 12 years of collecting, and being tempted by both new issues and secondary market orphans. Thankfully I'm less and less tempted by the plethora of new companies and what's available on the secondary market, though there's the occasional refugee who slips in ;)

      I've sold a few dolls over the past 12 years that didn't seem to fit in, but now I suspect I'm stuck with most of them, as they're older styles and less desirable, to both younger collectors (who don't like anything old) and older ones (the older collectors are in the same dilemma!).
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    11. This is certainly one of those hobbies where getting one doll leads to the desire to have 50 more!

      That said, I have 9 full dolls (6 SDs, 3 anthos) and 3 floating heads. ....and saving up for another doll! LOL! It's never ending! But a lot of fun. :)
    12. I have six with one more incoming. However, only four (plus the newcomer) are a part of my established world and I find I haven't bonded well with the two who aren't. I am planning to sell them off, making my total when Gunther arrives officially five plus one floating head, with plans to shell one additional character. The only way I could see myself going past seven is if I started some other storyline. There is plenty to do in terms of crafting and storytelling with just five, and I'd like to focus on photostories and making props and furniture and polishing their looks for now.
    13. I only have one but the only limit in my collection is the high cost. By late September or early October I am hoping to order my next though.
    14. I have 16 full dolls & 6 floating heads. Oh and 2 dolls ordered that will hopefully arrive soon.

      I have been collecting for 12 years now (got my first BJD back in 2005), and I have tried to keep my collection sort of small because I live in a tiny rubbish apartment where there's no room for me having too much stuff. Once in a while I re-home some of my dolls in order to get room for new ones.
    15. I've got three at home, a fourth in the mail, and a fifth is in processing limbo. I'll probably have to snag my sixth pretty soon afterwards.

      At this rate I'll probably end up with about ten. And then, hopefully, that'll be it.
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    16. Lol I thought I have 4... but I realized that I bought 2 pet bjd as well. So 6 dolls! I don't think I can manage more than 6 dolls honestly.
      I ordered few dolls already and I am waiting for them. so far I have(will have) Sd17 without a body (planning to get one!!!), sd13, two yosd, two pet bjd (one dog and one bunny).
      But I am also eyeing on one more yosd from napidoll. I have to promise myself to not to get more dolls or I will go broke XD
    17. I have one and I'm saving up for a second one later this year. I'm having a hard time deciding which one I want. I like lots of dolls but none of them stand out as THE one to get yet. I have to save up for a long time so hopefully I will pick one by then. I'm thinking about a Soulkid or maybe Supia but I also like Fairyland Lucywen.
    18. I have my Alexandra, and her new little sister is on the way! I should get her next week, so I'll have two dolls then.
    19. I used to have 3. Sold 2 in the past due to financial problem and now left with one. Honestly, having one doll does not feel enough. I'm grateful to have a doll, but I dont want him to feel lonely. He need some friends. When I have 3 dolls I feel almost complete. I think I will be satisfied to have 4 bjds. I dont like to horde stuff. I like minimalism. And when I buy I go for the ones that I really love. I do believe in quality over quantity.
    20. I have 13 full dolls and 5 floating heads. I'm currently waiting on #14 and a body for one of the floaters.

      I want to say I'll stay at 15 for a while, but I know myself too well for that. ;)