How big is your doll family?

Jul 2, 2017

    1. I currently own 3 SD boys and some floating heads, waiting to sell or share bodies since $$$.

      I am hoping to own about 5-6 of them in total to make my crew, so still got a long way of savings to go...hahahaha
    2. I just counted and - I have 27 (I knew it was around 25...). Hm. I may as well get to 30 now to have a nice round figure, right? :P

      11 SDs (from 55 to 72 cm)
      8 MSDs
      6 YoSDs
      1 pet doll
      1 funny little demon critter doll

      Some of them also have dreaming/OE heads.

      I *am* beginning to feel that this is quite enough :P. I have a 'doll cupboard' but not all of them fit in anymore (though I have to say that is partly because the possibilities for spacing the shelves isn't ideal - I mean, it can't be because I have too many dolls!).

      The trouble is that so many interesting dolls keep coming out, with interesting bodies or other, you know, tempting stuff. My first dolls came home because I was looking to shell certain characters, but I soon realised that I love BJDs as dolls, not just for character reasons, and it is that aspect that makes it difficult not to buy more :/.
    3. Once my two remaining layaways are paid off and a few paid orders finally arrive, I will have a grand total of 35. I'm frankly amazed by that number*_* did this ever happen? It certainly was never my intention to wind up with so many, but yeah...11 years in the hobby and there you go! Like most people I started off by setting arbitrary numerical limits, but that just never worked for me. In the end I finally reached my perfect number by considering the limitations of my space instead. Over the years I built displays wherever I could find room for them in my home, thinking of them in terms of decorative art...creating rooms within rooms, if you will. (My preferred home decorative style is eclectic Bohemian, so this worked out very well in my home and my family loves it!):) What I wound up with is a BJD "neighborhood" of sorts, with various clustered groupings and families...and in the end, a delightful and beloved collection of 35 amazing characters!
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    4. 4 msd sized
      1 soom fairy
      6 yosd
      6 1/12

      That sounds like a lot when I write it out. But it doesn't feel that way. I'm always tempted by new dolls. I don't know how I ever say no.
    5. Current count of full dolls is at:
      58 SDs (ranging from 59cm to 73cm)
      1 YoSD

      On standby, I have 1 floating head awaiting his body, 3 heads and 2 bodies awaiting shipment, plus a bunch of floating heads I'm still trying to figure out what to do with, and 3 floating bodies that may or may not be for the 3 heads awaiting shipment (we'll see how it will work out when those arrive and I see what the proportions are like).

      Two years ago, my resolution was to stop at 50 dolls. Keeping to that resolution hasn't really worked out.
      I just hope I won't reach the triple digits. This hobby is a real money muncher :chomp:
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    6. It's always interesting to see the range of people's collections.
      I don't think there's a right or wrong amount. I think it has to do with an individuals budget, space, what size doll they have, and what they can comfortably maintain.
      I stayed around 4-6 for a long time then hung around 10. For the past few years I stay at 20-25 SD and SD+, currently at 23 plus a couple heads. I will probably have more as space allows but currently don't seem happy once I get past 25 and start selling.
    7. mmm actually I Have 3 completes dolls one SD and two MSD, on the way comes 1 SD more, and 3 SD floatings heads that I intend to complete next year, in addition to buying 3 other SD dolls that I have in my wishlist. :whee:
    8. I counted 38.
    9. My doll family is very tiny! Only two so far... and neither have arrived yet XD
    10. I've currently got 6:

      1 SD17
      1 SD13
      3 YoSDs
      1 Pet Doll

      And I've got a pet doll and another SD17 boy on the way. I hope to eventually have 30+.
    11. I've got 10:

      3 around 70cm
      1 Dollfie Dream
      1 MSD
      2 around Yo-SD size
      3 small animals

      I'd like to get more MSDs and animals. :)
    12. I've been in the hobby for... almost 3 years now? (already?) and I have 5 dolls. They are the solid 5, those who I'll likely never sell (except to reshell) but I have a few more characters I'd like to perma-shell as well. It won't happen for a while tho D: Anyway they're all MSD. One of them I definitely want to reshell as an SD someday tho.
      I feel like I'd have a lot more dolls if I didn't care so much about them being made into a specific character.
    13. I currently have two, one MSD and one YOSD. I want one more, but I need to save up! I'm happy with just my two for now though!
    14. I have 3 MSDs. I was going to stop at two, but... xD;;
    15. .... currently at 24 and hopefully that will be it. :sweat
      1 tiny
      2 YOSD
      7 MSD
      14 SD
    16. I currently have 19 dolls, but about half of them are for sale. My largest is 72cm and my smallest is 25cm.

      At my highest point, I had 43, which was far too many.
    17. I have two dolls right now and I'm always looking at other dolls too. With how many I've mentally collected it feels like I have more than I actually do. and I mean everyone's limit is going to be different but personally I really don't want to end up having a shelf of dolls. IDEALLY yes, I would, but realistically owning about 4-5 at most would be cool lmao and not make me stress out over how much cash I blew out my butthole.
    18. I have two msd, and I'm already saving up for more :whee: I think one of my next dolls will be a SD girl? I've been admiring some, lately. So much more dress making ideas and freedom! And they're so pretty...
      I just think I convinced myself I'll buy one now. Whoops ;)