How Did You Decide Size?

Jun 23, 2011

    1. I currently have four 1/6ths and a tiny...So far it's actually harder for me to upscale rather then downscale...I really want an MSD but the size worries me...I'm hoping Kid Delfs will be in that right price range...Basically I want a model for easy to find patterns and not too worried about loosing on my bed if I doze off when holding during a movie.
    2. I started with a tiny and then a whole bunch of MSDs. But I eventually got rid of almost all of them in favour of SD size. SD dolls can have more detailed face up due to their bigger face while I found myself squinting at a MSD face to see the minor details. Also dressing up SD dolls can be much more fun because their clothes are more detailed and almost life-like. Their sheer size make them more adorable and huggable to me.
    3. Gotta say, my initial mindset was go big big big, especially because "small dolls were barbies" in my mind :P
      So I went with an SD girl and was thrilled. Wonderful. Soon after I thought I'd give MSD a try and got a couple. Thrilled again, and they're a little easier to handle. Now I have another SD ordered.
      And I couldn't resist the cuteness of the little tiny size Pukifees! So I have 2 of those coming too.

      Once you're in the hobby, I think the importance of size kinda goes out the window and you can see special qualities from each. And from there you just pick and choose :XD:
    4. Oh, thats a pretty simple question. I already have characters thought out, that I want to give physical form to by buying a doll that I think would suit them; for example my first doll Keith.
      I invisioned Keith as boy in his preteens. A loner, who prefers the company of computers and gadgets to people. Obviously if my character is a child/preteen a 40cm Msd would be an appropriate size for him.
      I don't chose a size based on how easy it is to maintain, nor do I discriminate from the other sizes because I prefer Msd to yosd. For me, it is whatever suits the character I have envisioned for the doll.
    5. I wanted dolls that could look like adults and that were big! So I bought an SD.
      Seven years later I'm still in the mindset of: "bigger is better." I just like the presence of SD's.
    6. I started out with the MSD due to the size and the price as well, and really appreciate the versatility which they have!~ Depending on face-up, features, wigs, etc, they are able to change from one which looks like they are in their early teens to a petite young adult.

      Although I would have preferred SD dollS as I feel that they are more proportionate and somewhat more "elegant". :>
    7. My first doll was 70cm, and 70-75 is still my favorite size. (Though I've never encountered anything larger in person, so I guess we'll see. o_o)

      When I think back to my earliest in-person BJD memory, I can see a number of them on a table in a hotel lobby at an anime convention. There were several 70cm size dolls standing in the middle above all the others and even though I can't even remember what they looked like now, I can recall that startled feeling, that 'wow' factor, even though I was on my way out the door and didn't even stop to look. For me, they are the perfect balance between what most people figure as 'normal doll size' (Barbie, etc) and the size of a child. I like the body proportions, I like the scale when it comes to making clothes and props, and they feel good and solid in my hands/arms.

      Even now sometimes I phase out for a second when I see my taller guy standing, fully clothed, and think, "Wow. He's big." :XD:
    8. I will most likely have a character in mind that i want to pursue into making a doll. So i always think about age, height, etc compared to other dolls i may want to bring into the family. I started out with an msd because i wanted a childish boy who has a very cute and playful personality. I didn't want him to look too young nor too mature. So msd was perfect. I plan on getting him a sister too. I ended up choosing another msd because i want her to be around the same age but a tad bit shorter, so i just had to find a body that fit~ I don't want her to look too childish :aheartbea But i am just getting into the hobby.. this may change over time when i start wanted every sculpt i see (which is slowly happening) aha!
    9. My preference for my first doll is that she has to be bigger than my 18 inch Magic Attic Doll that I have and adore. I started looking into BJDs because I wanted a big doll that was really poseable. So the SD size seems to be a perfect fit! I don't think I would ever go taller than 68cm, but you don't know what the future holds.
    10. I started with tinies around 12cm, because I was never really a fan of big dolls. Before buying my first doll, I discovered a love for crafting and collecting 1/12 scale miniatures. So I started off in the BJD hobby with the intention of having a person to 'play' with my miniature collection. It's more fun that way. Eventually, for some reason I decided to take the plunge and get a slightly bigger doll, my pukifee. It was love at first sight! <3 For a long time, I thought that PKF was the only size for me, I couldn't possibly go any bigger! The first time I saw a littlefee in person, I thought it was too big for me.
      But somehow, my tastes have evolved, and now I accept bigger dolls, I've gone as big as 35cm. And I think one day in the distant future I may try out an MSD if I find a sculpt that blows me away. I don't know if it will ever compare to my love for pukfiee size, though. They really are my perfect dolls.
    11. I didnt care about size, I cared about the face. Something about a dolls face has to appeal to me and then I gather all the images I can, compare them and decide yes or no. Probably crazy but it works for me.
    12. Vermont Chick, that is a beautiful doll in your logo...can you tell me the name of the sculpt please? I am a newbie and don't recognize many yet. Thanks
    13. I chose SDs because the clothing size seemed more manageable in terms of sewing outfits. I got my first MSD to fit a doll story that sort of came together after I got my third doll. I needed a kid versus an adult. The tiny I have I got because he had antlers and I wanted to name him Ian. He could have been any size. XD
    14. I found a head I loved on a second hand doll who just happened to be a Soom Mega Gem. :)
    15. For me it usually depends on the character. I like all sizes but extremely tiny (under pukifee/lati yellow size) so that's a win-win situation for me xD
    16. I never thought that I would have a preference for size in this hobby. I started out with Kori who is an MSD and a perfect size for me to interact with. I did have a tiny for a while (a month actually) but she was so small, I never thought that would be a deal-breaker for me but I ended up selling her because she only sat on a shelf the entire time she was in my possession.

      I do have an SD (+ a floating head) and he's quite large. I couldn't imagine anything bigger.

      For me personally, I'm planning to stick to SDs for the most part because I like to use them as physical embodiments of my characters and I can't imagine any of them in a smaller mold. Kori is my darling. He doesn't interact with the other boys so I'm not too worried about how they look next to each other.

      I rambled, didn't I? Sorry...
    17. My girl is an MSD (quite a tall one, but still msd!). I chose that size mainly because I knew that I'd want to sew clothes for her, which would be harder with a yo-sd or smaller. It seemed like a nice, in-betweeny sort of size I guess ^_^ I really love SD dolls, but I have no idea where I'd keep one at the moment, and they also seem harder to transport to doll meets from what I've seen.
    18. In the beginning I came across a wonderful doll and it was love at first sight. Turned out that he was an MSD (odd sized one though) He was my first one. I did really like the size and the possabillities. So from that point I only kept looking at/buying MSD's. Now I'm at the point that I have expanded my crew with a smaller doll (LTF) since I wanted to have an actual kid. I have been around SD dolls recently and I'm afraid they just don't do it for me.
      I'm still in love with a couple of sculpts, but they are so big *_*
    19. While all I have right now are MSDs, I actually had originally planned to buy an SD! I still do want an SD, but for my current storage space allowances, MSDs are good. My girls live on my bookshelf, which has just enough space for them to sit. I'm definitely drawn to Yo and tiny, but I just can't see myself owning one. It's strange, they're just too child-like, I suppose.
    20. i seem to be a part of the minority who prefers tinies... 27cm is probably the max for me!
      Simply, i dont have enough space to keep a giant like those 70cm ones... and I prefer it smaller so the doll can be more relatable, i think!