How Did You Decide Size?

Jun 23, 2011

    1. Faces and body types decided size for me. The first dolls I fell for when I discovered the hobby were all SD-sized, so that's what I first bought. It turned out to be the ideal size for me - That 58-62cm range is really the 'sweet spot' for me.

      I've dabbled in other sizes but I'm not a fan of chubby childish faces, bodies, or hands, so it generally doesn't work out long-term for standard types of mini/tiny, and event mature examples are hit and miss.

      The mini I've liked best is basically a 40cm SD, but he's impossible to work with because of his incredibly weird size that means absolutely nothing fits him out of the box, the second most successful mini his face works, and his body isn't too horrible, but his chubby baby hands hurt my soul. FIDs miiight work but the eye selection at that size doesn't work with my preferences for eyes. XD;

      Tinies don't work either unless they're mature tinies. I've had a lack of offense at Dollfie/Dollfie Plus, which are easier to deal with because barbie clothing mostly works. I've got a 1/12 scale doll who's also a mature adult and she works out well as a doll for my SDs rofl.
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    2. Very expensive trial and error my first round of collecting. Till I finally got to go to a meet up and saw tinies in person. Then it clicked what size I prefered.
      I've got 3 standard tinies, 2 Pukipukis, and one 50cm obitsu body girl. The 50cm is pretty, but she's going to be a self baby. I have so much more fun photographing and creating for the little ones!
    3. I started with 1/4 dolls because I figured they would be perfect for me. They are bigger then the Barbies I collect, but not too huge. I got smaller siblings and tinies to go with them...

      That didn't work out. I bought a 1/3 bjd, then another then another. I've shelved the smaller ones, I can still look at them and admire them, and even make them clothes, but it's all about the 1/3 dolls.

      I didn't choose the 1/3 dolls, they chose me... :whee:
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    4. I decided right off that I wanted to go with the bigger dolls so that I would be able to shell the child characters as well. I have an army of 70 cm dolls and no regrets. I love their size and weight, and the smaller ones work well as child characters next to them (though finding correctly proportioned 40-50cm range bodies to shell the children isn't as easy as I had originally hoped - I've made it work anyway.)

      I have a couple of dolls that aren't part of my storylines or one that exists in a different universe entirely, and I don't worry about matching them to the others.
    5. Error and trial. First I bought a mature MSD, then figured he felt too small and barbie-like for me. I bought a few SDs and bought one over 70 cm that had a lot of muscles, and he was definitely too buff and big for me. Now I've bought a child-like MSD doll that goes together with my SDs, and I like her much better than my initial experience with MSDs. So it seems that mature dolls ranging from 58 to 70 cm and MSD size child dolls are the best for me.
    6. I never thinking about smaller than 1/3. But I had two 70cm dolls, and it's the ideal size for me. At least in boys. Now I Am waiting for my first 60cm girl. I envy those who like fashion doll size, so much easier to make them a diorama. But they seems for me like too exepensive Barbie dolls.For me the bigger the better.
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    7. It was trial and error for me. My first doll was an MSDs and I was very happy with her dressed her up and had no issues. I bought a mature MSD and things went south from there. I finally handled a SD and everything was too small lol.

      Now I have 5 SD girls in various sizes and a 70cm Guy. I still have the MSDs but they are shelved and one I want to sell.
    8. I always knew that I would only collect SD sized dolls. My first doll ended up being 70CM+ and I love how big he is. My current crew are all in the 70CM+ range and all the sculpts I happen to like are on the taller side. On occasion, I do see dolls on the shorter side of the SD scale in the 60-63CM range that I like but I end up not getting them because I just prefer taller dolls.
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    9. To be honest, I don't care about size LOL. When I see a doll that is beautiful and I want to own it, size is the last thing to be considered.
    10. I collect mostly tiny BJD dolls, I love their portable size, detailed sculpts, and fairy-like size. I would love to adopt a slightly larger sized doll (like a FL Realfee) to be their older sister! Can't wait to have the funds to do so.... baby fever much?? :aheartbea
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    11. I love the portability of the small YoSD size. Travel sized! But I don’t like a lot of the YoSD sculpts and they wouldn't fit any of my characters xD

      Most of the sculpts I like are in the SD range. I just love that Bishie look :celebrate
    12. your comment made me smile, because that's pretty much what I think deep in my heart :D yes, to me the realistic 1/6 scale also seems like overpriced Barbies, but these dolls have options that Barbs do not: changeable wigs, eyes and easily changeable makeup. Still, I'd just rather have Barbs for the small scale and big dolls in my resin collection. Both groups are realistic, but now my dolls can have their own dolls xD

      Within the realm of resin BJDs, I decided to collect only SD and only girls (with the exception for one petite SD boy body I'm drooling over and would surely buy the moment I learnt it's going to be discontinued :D What's cool about that boy body is that it's simply an sd girl with different genitalia and without curves. Other than this, he'd be able to share the wardrobe with my girls, so it's awesome :D).

      The standard SD girls have the largest variety of high heel shoes and since I'm really crazy about all doll shoes, I decided to keep this size. I have a limited space and owning too many things makes me overwhelmed/anxious. And yet for every size I need a separate box for shoes, wigs and clothes. So, when I had different sizes, the amount of accessory boxes mean 3x each size. I therefore decided to keep only one size.

      Also, I prefer small-breasted girls, so that they can easily share their wardrobe too :)

      I have a small issue with wigs, since I have two girls that have large heads (10 inch) and three that can wear MSD sized wigs for 8 inch. Still, I can easily recognise them when redressing my dolls, so I'm happy with all the dolls that I keep with myself :D

      Overall, deciding upon the size is difficult. I had a tough time parting with my MSDs and I sitll miss my YoSDs due to their cuteness and weight - they're charmful no matter what and they're so awesome to travel with. Still, I had to make some sacrifices.
    13. I prefer SD Size, because of the mature look. But sometimes I like MSD Dolls too. I think it depends on the sculp. All Sizes have their advantages and disadvantages.
    14. As a brand new newbie to the hobby I was worried about how to find the right size doll for my first. I asked in another forum if people could post pictures of their dolls with human beings and tell me how big the dolls were so I could get a better sense of size. After seeing a lot of pictures I knew I wanted a doll about 45-50cm.

      Then after searching all over to find exactly which doll I wanted, I ended up falling in love with a girl who is 66cm tall and that's who I ordered. I'm a little worried her size is going to seem "very big" to me, but in the end she's the one I couldn't get out of my head! I'll know when she arrives :) <3
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    15. DollZone was having a sale on certain sculpts and I wanted something larger than a Yosd size so I've settled for MSD sizes since then :XD:
    16. I'm nervous about buying a 1/3 resin BJD because I'm a little clumsy but I know for sure that's the size I want. I've heard a bit about the fragility; combined with the prices for some 1/3 dolls I'm a little hesitant. I kind of want to go smaller to start, but the body/face I like the most which are closest to being affordable are 1/3 scale. I've always been into big dolls, the bigger the better, so for me a 1/3 BJD is what I really desire.
    17. For me it really came down to what size ended up fitting in my diorama. Any doll that's less than 21cm fits pretty well, so that's my 'system' as my husband keeps referring to it. :XD:
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    18. I don't really know why but, I am incredibly picky about size. Yosd only, and only mature ones at that. Why am I like this!? I see a lot of other sizes that have really beautiful sculpts, but then I see it's like a 60cm doll and I'm like "eew! ugly!" Like I could find the perfect doll, love everything about it, but if its 40cm or over I won't even consider it. Like it just doesn't sound fun to own a doll over 37cm, again I don't know why I'm like this. I really like to admire other peoples bigger dolls, I would just never get one.
    19. My personal favourite size is MSD/Slim MSD! I find them big (since I grew up accustomed to Barbies), but light enough to handle easily at the same time. I am weak physically so SD dolls and bigger are a bit heavy for me.

      Still, I have some SD dolls and I am in love with them too! (I just move them arround less xD). For the rest, as long as the sculpt is beautiful to me, size doesn't matter. Although, I have to admit I fantasize very often with those very big 1/2 dolls some companies offer, but if I had one I'd pronably have to have it only for display for being too heavy to handle.
    20. I've dolls of all size, but i prefer SD, i thinks likes more mature dolls and clothes.