How Did You Decide Size?

Jun 23, 2011

    1. I initially thought that 1/4 was the size I'd like the most because the sheer mass of a 1/3 seemed overwhelming, but then I by chance wound up with one on the taller end of the 1/3 scale and, honestly, I love him. I have no intention of parting ways with the smaller ones, and I don't actually have any more characters I'd be looking to shell in a larger, but if SOOM released a couple of their fantasy Supergem guys again... weeell...~
    2. I went with 1/3 size because that's the size I feel most comfortable creating things for. Anything smaller would get too fiddly and really large dolls would require way too much fabric. It also helps that 1/3 size tends to have the kinds of sculpts that appeal to me since I prefer them on the realistic side. I'm not a fan of huge eyes and prefer mature sculpts. I'd consider getting a 1/4 size doll if the sculpt appealed to me, but I haven't found any that I just had to have yet.
    3. I kind of just did, I love the size of tinies, and if I'd ever get a larger doll it'd probably be a FL Realfee, kind of like an 'older sibling' type of size difference :)
    4. Through a lot of expensive trial and error, LOL. I think I tried every size from very tiny to very big until I finally realized that I only like SD or YoSD size. It was the same with learning that I prefer females over males, human over mythical/anthro, a little more stylized than realistic face sculpts, etc. This hobby is a lot of experimentation because I find that no matter how much you love a doll online, it isn't until it is in your hands that you know whether you will truly bond with it and, if you don't, why.
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    5. Originally, I thought a 1/4 scale doll would be the best to own because of how small they were. Even though I like the look of a 1/3 scale, I felt like they were too big to handle so I never considered them when first buying dolls. I ended up buying a 1/3 scale after I bough a cheap plush doll which was about 1/3 scale and thought to myself if I like the size of this plush, I might like 1/3 scale. I was totally right and now prefer 1/3 to 1/4.
    6. At first, I thought that size doesn't matter to me but after owning several dolls in every size, I found out that I need the presence of an SD scale to be able to bond with a doll. The only exception to this is a chubby MSD sized doll, just like the DearSD from Volks.

      Another very important factor in deciding size was the availability of clothing choices! I like the amount of details and the mature style you get from clothing that is designed to fit a 1/3 sized doll, clothing made for 1/4 and especially 1/6 sized dolls rarely fit my aesthetics...
    7. Would you say there is ever a way to know if you are ready to go up or down from your comfort size?
    8. I collect a lot of action figures, fashion dolls, anime figurines and I love playing with them, but I wanted owning a BJD to feel more special so I already knew I wanted to go bigger than what I was used to. I decided on dolls in the 1/3 range but honestly I wouldn't mind anything between 50-70cm since I'd like my collection to be diverse in what it has to offer. :)
    9. I love that! Great way to put it !
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    10. I started with 1/4 because it wasn't as expensive as 1/3

      I picked up a lot of big dolls because I preferred those faces.

      Though now companies are doing 1/4 things that interest me (big baby and fashion minis) so now I am like hmmmm maybe it is time to go smaller because I am running out of shelf space lol Fashion mini size heads kind of intimidate my ability to paint tiny. it's not 100% impossible, but 1/3 is definitely the most comfortable for me to paint.
    11. :)I never really consider size important surprisingly . If I love a doll it doesn’t matter what size she is personally
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    12. It’s funny for me looking back I started with tinies then yosd... msds... I’ve now ordered my first SD size and am looking forward to box opening day. SD has always intimidated me for being so large, although I have never seen one in person, so this will be an interesting experience for me. It’s seems as time has gone by, my dolls get larger!
    13. personally i started with a pretty small 1/4 doll leaves doll over 2 years ago now, i bought her knowing i'd prefer a 1/3 size but didnt want to commit to a more expensive doll right away. after being fully invested in the hobby for about 3 years now i decided to buy my original grail doll with is a 56cm Doll Zone body. i figured 70cm would be cool too but they just dont come in any sculpts i like. but now i know i want to stay in the 1/3 size!
    14. I've always preferred SDs but have found myself more open to other sizes. I feel like I need some variation in size at the moment. :)
    15. I went through a lot of dolls to figure out what size I preferred. My first doll was an MSD, which I liked a lot at the time, so I got another MSD as my next doll. Then I wanted to try an SD, got one, and found I hated how big it was, so I sold it and bought a 1/8th tiny. Loved that, bought another tiny with more baby like proportions that I discovered I hated, sold 2nd tiny, and bought a YoSD. Realized I loved that size, sold off my two MSDs, took a years long break from the hobby, came back and have since been collecting YoSDs and smaller!
    16. At first I only have eyes for 1/4 dolls, so my first and second dolls are 1/4. But then when I met my hobby friends, I love their 1/3 and 1/6 dolls that I bought a few in those size. Now, I realize 1/4 is still the most suitable size for me. I can never see myself buying 1/2 or 1/8 1/12 dolls as they are too big or way too small :sweat
    17. I started with a 70cm male doll that I loved and stalked for a long time. Once I got him he was overwhelmingly big and I couldn't find any clothing that I liked that fit him. Lets not even talk about wigs for him, ugh. If I can't dress a doll or have them look how I want they don't appeal to me as much, so I sold him. I then thought I would prefer tiny dolls like Lati Yellow and had several but they weren't for me either, but they were super easy to find clothes for, and they were adorable but I wasn't really feeling them. Then I had some that were 10" but chubby and again, super cute but not exactly what I wanted. Now I have 1/6th slender and I find it to be exactly what I wanted. I feel like I went through a lot of trial and error to get here.
      I haven't gotten an MSD size yet, and I have a bunch of shoes for that size that I can't get rid of, so I have been hunting around for an MSD size that fits the bill, but no luck yet. I should probably just enjoy the 1/6th and work harder on selling the shoes lol My brain works in dumb ways that I want to buy a doll JUST so the shoes don't go to waste smh
    18. When I started the hobby in 2006, the greater variety of sculpts that fit the characters I wanted to shell were largely among the SD-sized dolls and that size had a much bigger selection of clothing among each company, so that was my obvious path. As I beheld my first 60cm doll (my Volks Tony! my favorite even today) I fell in love with the carry of it in my arm, the sheer artistry of such a larger scale, and the ease of photographing compared to my MSD-sized doll. I stuck with it strongly, though I did manage to pick up a few YoSD-sized friends along the way. Still just one 40cm though! I have a DollShe and I think just one 70cm doll is my max cap for sizing. Even my 65cm boys are pushing it.
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    19. I am interested in 1:12th or tinies 13 cm and under. It didn't take long for me to decide since I realised if I got them small enough they would fit in any doll house projects I have planned or might make in the future.
      I used to have Barbies and they felt too big for me even though they aren't that big. I just never seemed to get on with that size.
    20. I like being able to 'hide' my dolls so anything 20 cm and smaller is perfect. Although I love the looks and pose ability of the larger dolls...there's no way I'd want to take them out for photos :sweat
      Plus I like being able to add them into the macro world and plants :)