How Did You Decide Size?

Jun 23, 2011

    1. My first doll was SD, but then I went on to all different sizes, with the intention of sewing and selling clothes for them. BUT, after awhile I found really enjoyed photographing my dolls, and the MSD and smaller dolls were a lot easier to take along. So, even though I still have my larger dolls, my preference now is for MSD size young adults and YoSD size children.
    2. I decided on SDs because I like to work on bigger things when sewing and I use it for posing references.
    3. Someone actually chose for me, at least the first time around. XD My roommate is the one who found my first doll's sculpt, and he's an MSD, so the remaining ones in the set have been in scale to him. With the YOSDs I have... they honestly came from a whim. That, and FairyLand's irresistible promo pictures of their new (at the time) YO-scale line. It wasn't a scale I planned to get at all, but once I had one in my hands, I was sunk! So the size is now "MSD and smaller;" I can't quite manage the big dolls, but I've tried. But I seem to have a little of almost every scale below, or have something planned.
    4. I never look at the size of the doll i like.
      I look at the face. Everything else i will be able to accept.
    5. At first, I was attracted by the 1/6 size, because it was more similar to the doll I already used to collect and love and I can reuse some of the accessories gathered from my childhood. Then I got a tiny, because it was so cute that my heart melted...and then I fell in love with a MSD.
      I'll try to stay in the Mini range, because I already feel them "big" and probably even a short SD will be too much for me. The Mini size seems to me the right compromise between easy transport and possibility of detailed outfits, and even if there isn't the same choice of sculpt that SD have there are still a lot of choice: actually my wishlist is all made by 1/6 and 1/4 BJDs,
    6. I chose small collection for me, I have a rather small home, and I have to store them in my room because I formerly had a doll, and My family kept complaining that I brought her around the house too much. XD
    7. I am REALLY struggling trying to think of which size I want but only because of the Fairyland Celine Sculpt. I ADORE that sculpt so so much I wish it was in SD size. On the other hand I have LUTS who I like a few of their sculpts a lot but have also seen owner pictures I haven't been too fond of whereas with Celine I love EVERY picture I see of her but I dislike her smaller size....

      *sigh* I am suffering deciding. I think once I have the money saved I am just going to have to jump to a rash decision.
    8. My first doll was a MSD sized doll. They now range from tiny (which I swore I would never buy :sweat) to regular SD size (which I swore I would never buy :sweat). I have not gone above regular/standard SD height though (no super model, super gem, EID stuff or Lushions or Trinity sized dolls). Funny I thought that MSD would be the perfect size though as it is in the middle, however I find that they are the least played with and that I like my tinies and SD sized dolls the best - go figure :?
    9. I started with SD simply because it was love at first sight. but since then I have them in all sizes..My SDs although nice to look at don't pose all that well so I tend to turn to my MSD and YoSds the most. I have smaller but they are also harder to pose.
    10. I didn't) I was just looking for a doll which i liked the most and it happend to be MSD. Although there was also money-concsiousness required as it was a Christmas gift from my mom and i was not a money sucker.
      But now i actually start thinking that the best size for me are SDs and even 70+. The bigger the better. I'm so comfortable handling them. I have one Yo-SD too, she's nice, but bigger dolls just suit me so much better.
    11. My first doll was my Dollshe Hound. I hadn't even seen a BJD in person before him! When I started looking at BJDs online, I had no clue what size I wanted to get. I was checking out Luts for a few days, and was considering the Kid Delfs & Delfs. When I saw Dollshe's Hound though, I knew I had to get him. :D He was just the prettiest, most wonderful thing! I still wasn't prepared for his size even after opening him haha~

      I bought my DC Agatha because I loved the new bodies, and she's got such a great sculpt. Didn't consider the size, although she really is a cute size.

      Soooo I suppose I don't care so much for sizes in comparison to the sculpts themselves? Although I doubt I'll ever own any little littttttle BJDs. My sister's Puki Sugar is the CUTEST but my bad wrists give me problems when I try to work with her. :(
    12. i am just starting out and have gotten a few msd sizes because they were the ones i saw and knew i just HAD to have. i will most likely find some sd size ones that i feel the same way about.
    13. I fell in love with my doll's facial sculpt first, and was happy that she was MSD ^_^ I wanted something not too expensive for my first doll, so an MSD falls right into place ^_^ my next will be SD sized!
    14. My first doll was SD13 because I wanted to order from VOLKS and none of the smaller dolls really appealed to me.
      I found Tira though and instantly fell in love.

      Now that I've had her for longer though I think that smaller dolls would be nicer for their easier portability.
      I didn't put much thought into it though until I stumbled across Minifees from Fairyland.
      They look more mature than the VOLKS MSD which I absolutely love.
    15. My first doll was REEALLY tiny! like, 14cm i think! Then I got a zuzu delf, which i thought was a decent size for me!
      Then I got a YoSD... Im pretty sure that one is my favorite so far! It isnt small that it couldnt really do much like the 14cm and it had a definite presence unlike my other teenytinies.

      But all in all im right now on the verge of getting a pukifee... maybe based on size alone i'll be convinced not to get it :S
    16. I don't think I was really aware of how big the size differences are between the three main sizes (Yo, MSD, SD+) when I bought my first doll. I knew there was a difference but it was hard to visualize just how big or small they would be since I had never seen one in real life before so I didn't really care so much what size I bought. I went with SD because I liked the Migidll Ryu sculpt (: Now I only but SD sizes because I prefer he to anything smaller.
    17. This is an interesting question. For me I always wanted a boy and a girl is both MSD and SD sizes. But I started with my MSD because of price and because he was the only one that appealed to me. My first doll was a Dollzone Hid, he's pretty much my favorite. Then I got my big boy an SD, a Dream of Doll Ducan. He was the reason I got into dolls, my friend had one and he was my favorite of her dolls. I was so excited when I finally got mine. The next one I want is a MSD girl, then maybe an SD girl. Who knows after that. I've only been in the hobby for about 3 years and in that time I've discovered that I like MSDs better. They just feel more comfortable to me.
    18. I bought my girl in a store, so I could see,hold en pose her first. I initially got into the hobby through me best friend, who has an msdayosd. Having handled her dolls and seen all the dolls in the store i decided msd is the right size for me. And I don't regret my choice. The msd size is perfect for me. Not too big, but not too small. I now want an yosd to go with her, and expand my doll family to two dolls. AMD hopefully I woll be able to keep it at two!
    19. I chose my first doll as MSD, first from his looks, I loved his little face and he is still the one special doll for me. I also thought it would be easier to sew for MSD since SD would be too big and tinies too small.
    20. Decide what size doll I wanted? Pfft. I just got them all!