How did your 2020 doll plans go?

Nov 17, 2020

  1. Yes, but I'm happy with how it turned out!

  2. Yes, and I'm unhappy about it.

  3. No, my plans did not change/I followed my 2020 doll plan

    1. Hello!!! Last October I posted a thread here for people to post their doll plans for 2020... I don't think any of us expected 2020 to happen the way it did. If you posted in the 2020 Doll Plans thread, how did your year turn out? What dolls did you buy/what didn't you buy? Did you commit to your goals/were your goals changed due to the pandemic?

      My original plans were:
      - Buying an Island Doll Sparkle, a MerryDollRound head, and jointed hands for my SD boy
      - Looking for a sculpt to shell a character from my favorite j-drama
      - Buying more clothes for the aforementioned SD boy, and
      - practicing my faceup skills.

      I had also planned on selling my Unidoll Cupi if I couldn't bond with her.

      My year turned out like this:
      - Didn't buy anything on the list that I'd planned :XD:
      - I purchased several dolls that I'd had no plans to purchase. I got two DiM heads, bought a Dollshe body on layaway, and I got two YOSDs in the last month that I didn't expect (a Black Cherry Brownie and a Dust of Dolls Appi Jama!)
      - I sold the SD boy to a friend
      - I found a sculpt for that character and he arrived in July! A SMTB Dohwee :-)
      - Bonded with my Unidoll Cupi
      - didn't get to practice faceups much at all :sweat

      How did your plans go?
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    2. I didn’t actually have any set plans. Except maybe to buy a body for my poor boy who is only a head right now.

      So instead I put a Dollmore Trinity Kate on a year-long layaway. I do not regret doing this. :XD:
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    3. Hahha. I love this thread idea.
      My plans did not yet exist because I hadn't realized that I needed to care about my love for art very deeply before this year! I went through a few existential conversations with my SO about how I seem to prioritize everything other than my own creative side, and committed to making a change.

      Soon I realized how much I love dolls and remembered BJDs from some of my internet research in my teen years!

      I quickly went from zero to two ordered... then one more.. and when the waiting times were unbearable, ordered a couple MORE with shorter waiting times.

      Finally a couple are in transit as we speak! The last ones I ordered will arrive first :XD:
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    4. Well... My plan was not to have any dolls :lol: I had no intention of getting a BJD, but I did plan on ogling them some more :D
      So yes it changed from no doll to 4 on order and 2 more in the plans... The change had noting to do with pandemic, thou.
      It may sound strange to some but I barely notice the quarantine - it turns out I'm "self isolated" most of my life anyway - I work from home and have a tight socialization circle - a lot of my friends live abroad this days, when I meet up with someone I prefer one on one communication.
      The plans changed due to some work stress - necessary one, that turned out for the better in the long run, but was hard to get through at the moment, so I decided to reward myself for pulling it off :)
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    5. I feel that I met most of my 2020 plans. Mine were;
      • Reshell one of my SD, which I did! She ended up being a different sculpt and color than I initially planned but I love her even more now.
      • Shell my triplets, also achieved! They turned out exactly like I envisioned them too!
      • Get a body for a head I've had for 2 years, also achieved. Again it ended up not being the body I initially wanted but it's good enough and I'm just happy to have him as a full doll now.
      • Faceups, faceups, faceups! Everyone but 2 have gotten faceups so I consider this one mostly achieved.
      • Reshell an older sculpt into a new version of the same sculpt! The old one I had was bought secondhand and very yellowed so I sold him and have thus far got a new head for him. Still need to get a new body.
      • And the only one I didn't do was getting a Luts Delf Ju Hee.
      Other than those I didn't have plans. During this year I decided to shell more tinies and I've done 4 of them since then, get a DD (which is on it's way), and next I really want to try trading one of my SD bodies since it's just too big for my tastes and I feel that selling it to buy a different one is going to be a hassle. :sigh

      My dolly plans change often. :sweat
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    6. I didn’t stick to my plans, but it had very little to do with the pandemic and more about my own personal unrelated situation. Though I’m also really bad at making doll plans and sticking to them, so maybe it was just me being my usual indecisive self. :XD:
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    7. My plan was to not have any doll to have ordered an uncle and 3 SDs lol (2 out of 4 dolls have arrived xD). I only got into BJD because I was looking into getting a body kun and body chan for drawing purpose. I am into art but not pursuing it yet... and then, I got reminded of an old housemate of mine, who was gifted a BJD. My brain immediately thought of getting a BJD for myself lol

      So far, I have a SD girl and an uncle in my apartment. 2 SD boys are coming next year xD I hope I am not buying any for next year cause I intend to go back to grad school. But, well, let's see how it goes... BJDs bring me too much joy :)
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    8. I didn't expect to get back into the doll hobby this year at all, but I sure did! I sold a doll that wasn't working for me, and I bought one that will hopefully do better.

      Can't wait to see what 2021 will bring!
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    9. I held off a few doll purchases this year because of the unstable postal situation... but honestly I think even next year I will avoid big doll spending because I think things will still be iffy in many parts of the world.

      I wanted to start sending out some heads for faceups next year, and I will try to stay within the U.S and Canada now purely because of my worries about shipping... I like many overseas artists but things just seem too unpredictable while Covid is everywhere.
    10. i planned to get a dc baby body and find a head to hybridize it with - that went well! i purchased the body back in april and waiting a few months was already expected with doll chateau, so i didn't feel like i was waiting all that much longer with quarantine. it arrived in september which is about what i expected anyways.

      what i did not plan didn't have anything to do with the pandemic:
      -finding a really good deal on the marketplace for a mature 1/8 girl (DL laura) to be roommates with my dz eugenia
      -stumbling across an event right as it was ending for a grail doll of mine (soom leepy) and feeling equally lucky and bad about having bought 3 whole dolls this year XD
    11. My plan was to shell all of my remaining oc’s. It was honestly going great except I had a little bit of a disappointing transaction here on DOA. Sure I’ve only ever bought 3 items from here and since the first 2 transactions I've had have been absolutely wonderful because the sellers were so nice, I thought it was the default on DOA. So yes, I regret even changing my doll plans, I could've just stuck with an llt roderich or a goohwa and maybe save myself from the stress of having to have dealt with a very rude, condescending seller here.
    12. All my 2020 goals boiled down to "Finish dolls you own before buying new ones."

      ... So anyway, I have not finished any dolls and I have three more en-route...
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    13. I had planned to get two bodies; one for a head that is sadly no longer with me, and another for one that I do still have but will probably not get a body for until maybe even late 2021 now depending on how life goes! I definitely missed out on a few doll releases I wanted to take part in, Soom's Goodbye Summer event was one of them. One day, Leepy, one day.:(

      Here's hoping next year will be wonderful for all of our doll plans! :chibi
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    14. I had planned to purchase two dolls, one in January and one in February...which I did, since at that point there was no pandemic yet (or at most just talking about some thing going on in China...but that's so far away from home, right?:abambi:).
      In March things then exploded and I just couldn't help but curse myself a little. But it's alright, money-wise I am still in a good position and both these dolls arrived safe and sound.

      Otherwise I had no doll plans, since my actual plan was to finally travel more this year :sweat
      Since that didn't happen, and I had more interest in my dolls again compared to last years, I actually put in some money into finishing them up more. Got/am waiting for a lot of angora wigs and beautiful new urethane eyes, changed a body that I always hated to a different one, commissioned some clothes I had been wanting to get for some time now, sold heads/dolls I didn't play with anymore.
      Also bought a bunch of Nendoroids and pieces to make customs there as well, and two Furbies I customized too and gifted to friends. Had a lot of time on my hands :lol:
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    15. XD I can’t believe I followed my plan to not get new dolls and work on my current ones!!!! There were so many times that I almost gave in to so many temptations hahaha

      Wait..... I think I did get a new doll and a head back in like January which I kind of still counted as 2019 lol
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    16. I intended only 5 dolls this year on my list.... but nooooo... I ended up with 30 dolls, sold some of them because they didnt work out. But hey I’m happy. My wallet-kun isnt. Lol.
      I plan to stick with my plan starting 2021- not to buy any more dolls and get that embroidery machine I got to pay for itself!
    17. My 2020 doll plans were simple: no new dolls (well, maybe one). I ended up buying five. Oh, well maybe next year!
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    18. My plans as of that thread were:
      1. Cast my own hand-sculpted head
      2. Paint my blank dolls
      3. Do NOT buy more dolls
      ... well, I got 1/3.

      I did NOT cast my head... instead I ended up starting on 2 new ones and prioritizing work on those instead. :sigh On the bright side, now I have 2 heads that are basically 100% ready for junk casting... That I am still not casting because the whole process is very nerve-wracking. OTL

      I DID paint a ton of previously blank dolls. I did ABOUT 17 faceups this year. That doesn't sound like a lot, but it certainly feels like it to me. :sweat I was generally very productive this year with doll crafting.

      And I..... definitely DID buy more dolls. I went kinda crazy this year. I'm an "essential worker" and work was kicked into overdrive, so I think the increased income combined with depression/hopelessness/burnout/etc meant a lot more retail therapy. I'm very lucky to be in that situation but... yeah, I was weak.

      I also mentioned briefly that I was planning to get a particular 60+cm doll body and... lol, nope. I actually have more or less sworn off large dolls over the course of this year. I've taken up collecting tinies again instead. That's good, though... saves me room and money.
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    19. Nothing went according to my plan, as usual. Idk why I ever bother making set plans or rules for myself with BJD’s, because 9 times out of 10, I break them.

      Maybe I will try to not make any plans next year, and see how that goes! :lol:

      I am happy with my current collection with this years additions, though! I just also feel like an idiot for telling everyone I’m doing one thing, and then end up doing entirely something else. It makes me look like a complete flake. :sweat
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    20. Hi :)
      -I planned on buying 2 or 3 new dolls, then changed my mind and decided to go after a doll i had always wanted.
      -I stumbled upon his then owners Instagram and couldn't keep my eyes off him.
      -4 weeks later I almost passed out...he was up for sale and even though it was 3am I instantly messaged and closed the deal.
      -Then waiting began lol damn pandemic. Shipping was incredibly stressful from US to my country over 3 months in transit.
      Luckily nothing was broken or damaged.
      -We are bonding really well but finding a name is not going well.
      -I have been making a lot more cloths but would have wanted to try some face ups and wigs.
      -Bjd goals crushed this year turned out better then I expected :)
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